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Think of Winter's Avatar Think of Winter 10:16 PM 12-30-2009
Can anyone recommend a good bike for my ds's 6th bday? He's a good rider (doesn't need training wheels), and I'd like to get one that will last for a few years.

We've been to some bike shops, but I'm not sure I want to spend $200+ without reading any reviews first (I'm such an internet shopper.) I'd like to spend under $200, preferably under $150, since our budget for his entire bday is $200.

I think I want a bmx style, since there's a track he can use and he seems interested. He didn't like the cruisers we looked at. He fit a few of the 20" bikes we tried, but not all of them.


34me's Avatar 34me 11:11 PM 12-30-2009
I think it makes a huge differrence whether there are other kids to pass the bike down to. I have three kids each spaced perfectly for the handing down of bikes . I have spent about $200 for each bike but up until last year when DS#1 grew taller than dd, she was the only one to have gotten a new bike. They have been through the ringer (2 have been in accidents) and they still work and look great.
flight's Avatar flight 03:37 PM 12-31-2009
In my experience, even the "cheap" bikes at Canadian Tire and Zellers last fairly well. (These are chain stores in Canada if you live elsewhere.) I've bought mid-range bikes, around CDN$100, at both of these stores and not had an issue. Of course we only had the first bike for 2 years, and the 2nd bike (20" tires) is going into its second year now, and he's almost grown out of it. He also doesn't use the bike 6 months of the year because of the snow.

Re: BMX biking. If you have a BMX club & "official" track in your town, like we do, and this is something your DS might get into, be aware that the club may have certain requirements for the type of bicycle. A BMX-style bike from a department store won't do. The club where I live requires an actual BMX bike - the shape of the frame is different to allow the riders' bodies to move around and balance while they race, and they are equipped with rear brakes only.

Of course if he's just gonna go there to play, a regular bike is fine.
LynnS6's Avatar LynnS6 10:49 PM 12-31-2009
We got a cheap bike from Target, and it's held up well for 2 years. I think it cost us $25. Since we weren't sure how long ds was going to use it or how much he was going to use it, we went cheap. For his next bike, we'll spend some more money, but I think I'll get him a good used one, rather than a new one. I can't see spending $200 on a bike that will get outgrown quickly.
ramama's Avatar ramama 10:53 PM 12-31-2009
I can't really recommend brands and such, since I have girls, but did want to throw out there that some bikes are now coming in 18" size, which was perfect for my almost-6yo, as the 14" looked small on her and the 20" was way too big.
pigpokey's Avatar pigpokey 12:06 AM 01-01-2010
I will recommend the Specialized Hotrock. It also holds value well.

If he is going to race he will need a racing bike, or modifications to the street bike that may not be particularly suited to the street. For example, the BMX track may not allow chain guards, which means he will have to worry about his pants leg if he goes to pop down the street to a friend's house. I'd just worry about the street bike and get him and expensive racing bike later. Both can be bought used and resold.
octobermom's Avatar octobermom 05:02 AM 01-02-2010
We recently did two (yea two) bike purchases for my 7 year old DD.. Thinking ohh she is jsut seven and at first required training wheels but doesn't currently I thought I didn't need to buy anything big or pricy cause she'd out grow it in due time anyways... SO our first choice was to take her to Toys R us and let her pick she choose this one and loved it but first the streamers fell off with in the first oh 4 mintues (not a biggie) then the plastic around the back wheel area cracked off (annoying), the break pads came off (dangerous) the handle bars kept colplasing (extreme danger)and with in a month the bike that my DD was NOT at ALL rough with just feel apart and we were out the $100 for it (with tax and we payed for assembly)

After that and thanks to the generousity of my mother who helped us repalce the bike I went through a local bike shop.. In the end my DD choose this one. its this one except hers is an 18 inch model...while almost twice the cost it comes with a full warrently complete free adjsutment after 45 days of use the frame has a life time warrently and all parts up to I think 4 years. They made sure the height breaks handlbars ect were perfectly adjsuted for my DD size they allowed her to ride the bike in there open parking lot area to check for any needed adjustments they fitted a kick stand for the bike totally free of charge for me. Its been about 2 months so its still pretty new but its looks as prestine as the day it was bought she is now a champion rider so this one has gotten a LOT more riding than her puppy bike ever did. Its really popular with her friends who are often seen riding it the style will grow with her as well. We have NO regrets in the second purchase HUGE with the first.

DaughterOfKali's Avatar DaughterOfKali 11:32 AM 01-02-2010
I recommend taking your child to a bicycle shop. They will make sure that the bike is the right size, etc. You just tell them your budget and say you want the best/safest/reliable bike in that budget.
Justice2's Avatar Justice2 11:12 AM 01-09-2010
Originally Posted by DaughterOfKali View Post
I recommend taking your child to a bicycle shop. They will make sure that the bike is the right size, etc. You just tell them your budget and say you want the best/safest/reliable bike in that budget.
I agree. I am a big biker (going as far as 60-70 miles on Saturdays when it is warm!). A bike shop is the best place to buy a bike! We just bought a 20" (my guy is pretty tall!) Jr. Viper for our (almost) 7 yo ds. He LOVES it!
wanderinggypsy's Avatar wanderinggypsy 11:14 AM 01-09-2010
I second the specialized hotrock. It's worth every penny and then some.