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cagirlintexas's Avatar cagirlintexas 12:10 AM 02-28-2010
looking for some audio books. We currently have Farmyard Tales which we love but would love some others

homefrontgirl's Avatar homefrontgirl 12:51 AM 02-28-2010
My 3.5 year-old loves Zin Zin A Violin the most. However we don't own it. We usually go to the library weekly and let him pick out two from the selection there. He usually picks some pretty good stuff. Henry and Mudge stories are also a favorite. HTH!
Katielady's Avatar Katielady 01:16 AM 02-28-2010
-Frog and Toad Are Friends
-Stone Soup
-the Magic Treehouse series (aimed at older kids, but I don't find it to be too scary and DS loves them, but may not be for all 3yos.)
-Freddy the Pig series (borrowed one so far from the library and it was a big hit)
KathinJapan's Avatar KathinJapan 09:14 PM 03-23-2010
Mine likes the Velveteen Rabbit. It has George Winston playing piano
Also the Magic Tree House and the Frances collection. BUT in Francess they talk about spanking. I use it as an opener to talk about things with my older DD.
MamaMonica's Avatar MamaMonica 09:39 PM 03-24-2010
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limabean's Avatar limabean 09:43 PM 03-24-2010
My DS liked Curious George and Thomas the Tank Engine audio books at that age. Also, there's a free podcast called Story Nory on iTunes that has lots of stories available for download.
LuckyMommaToo's Avatar LuckyMommaToo 02:51 AM 03-25-2010
Jim Weiss is an amazing storyteller. At 3, DS loved Uncle Wiggly and Tell Me a Story.
They were fantastic investments for us! (Amazon often sells them as well.)
MidnightCommando's Avatar MidnightCommando 01:08 PM 03-25-2010
Frog and Toad are Friends
The Complete Winnie the Pooh (the pre-disney version I think)
Beatrix Potters Works