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Gift opening at a Chuck E. Cheese party?

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We usually open birthday gifts at the party -- I know a lot of kids really enjoy seeing the birthday kid open their gift. But this year DS wants a Chuck E. Cheese party, and I think the rental is only for 2 hours, and I'm sure the kids would rather spend the time having pizza/cake and playing rather than watching DS open presents. But it will feel really odd for me to just collect presents and take them home.

How do you guys handle this when your kids want their birthdays at an event place?
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Around here, the party places usually have a person who bags up all the presents and puts them in a cart to go out to the car. Opening that at the location doesn't seem to even be an option.
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I don't know....I would do it right after cake (As we usually do). I personally, find it rude to take the gifts and run. I enjoy seeing the reactions to gifts etc...a lot of thought usually goes into the perfect gift so I want the child to learn to appreciate that.
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Don't know if I would be much help since my 1st and only experience with the giant mouse (also known as Migraine Hut) will hopefully be my last.

Maybe encourage your child to rip open the package quickly like a contest. Keep handing the presents and say "Ooh what's next!!". Just have to make sure it comes off as eagerness not rushing lol. Sneaky but might work.
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We never open gifts durring the party.

Its what Im used to, as my sister and I, plus everyone we knew did it this way growing up - I never even knew people opened them DURRING the party until I had ds and started going to b-day parties here!
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At parties held at outside venues like Chuck E. Cheese (actually never held one there), e.g. movie theatre, skating rinks, gymnastics etc., we've usually opened presents at the venue after cake or we've done it at home afterward (rarely). Since the whole point of a party at a venue is to avoid having everyone in the house, the latter isn't my preference. We just keep an eye on the clock and squeeze in the gift-opening. Our parties typically numbered less than 10 children (and often just 5 or 6) though, so it doesn't take that long. If you've got 20 or 30 presents to open, then maybe you should think about skipping the gift opening.

It's fairly common here for people to skip the gift opening. The idea is to minimize that aspect of the birthday party and to avoid comparisons between gifts - which I think is laudable. The focus of the party should be on the fun and celebration and being together.
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waht i've seen done is that the bday child opens while the kids eat ice cream/cake. I would suggest that you have a helper with a large trashbag who bags them upon opening and gathers the paper so you can focus on handing them the gifts and getting it done since time is clicking away. Even though the party *ends* in 2 hrs dosent mean the kids cant hang out around still enjoying themselves in fact I have never been to a party at similar places end on time the tables are vacated for the other parties but guests seem to linger about.
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We've had a CEC birthday party and gifts were open there, and we've also been to many CEC parties where they also opened gifts there. I know the time period is pretty short - but I guess it's always worked out to still open presents IME. I suppose it depends on how many guest are invited - so how lengthy the gift openeing process takes. Either way is fine, though, it's just a matter of preference. I know a lot of people like seeing what they brought opened up - but I do think they will be more understanding at a destination party such as CEC.
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Hmm I don't know I seem to remember my 5 year old ripped thru several presents in like 2 minutes flat.

The biggest thing is to keep them curious as to what's next and if you have some idea of what the gifts are, keep the really cool ones till last so they aren't too distracted to open more.

In my experience I do think it would've offended people not to open the presents there.
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While the time limit for the CEC party is 2 hours, they don't kick you out at the end of the two hours - that's just how long the big group table and dedicated party employees are reserved for. So I'd include the gift opening during the two hours at the table when everyone is at the same table (and the kids who don't care will be off playing any way) and then after the two hours are up (and the presents are safely in the car) any family that hasn't had their fill of loud noise, flashing lights, and general chaos can move to various tables in the main dining room and the kids can continue to play, run wild, and cause general mischief and havoc
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ds just attended a party at chuck e. cheese & it was a neighbor across the street who had everyone over to their house afterward for grilling and opening presents. it worked out great. i wouldn't have been offended if i hadn't gotten to watch the present opening because i've seen sooooo many kids rip through 50 presents in 2 minutes flat. the only thing that would offend me in this situation would be not getting a thank-you for the gift.
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We've had parties at places similar to Chuck E Cheese. 2 hours is more than enough time for them to play, have cake, eat(pizza, hotdogs, etc) & open presents. Once the presents are all done the kids would go & play again until the parents arrived.
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Chuck E. Cheese gives you 1.5 hours. 45 minutes is for playing, and then they tell you to call the kids back for pizza, and then you have cake, and then the presents are opened. They have it all organized. The timing is very good and after 45 minutes the kids seem ready to get on with things.
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We've always opened presents either during or after the cake. It's never been an issue.
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Thanks for the replies -- sounds like it won't be a problem for us to open gifts at CEC.
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I've never seen a child open a gift at a party venue.

At home parties are different, about half the families open gifts, half wait.

The kids at CEC want to play, they don't want to watch gifts get opened. Take along a few big plastic trash bags, have someone bag them up and take them to the car as suggested.

You won't be the only people at CEC and you don't want the gifts disappearing.
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