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View Poll Results: which of the following self care tasks can your 9 year old do?
Wash their own hair 92 100.00%
Clip their own nails 59 100.00%
Tie their shoes 88 100.00%
Make a sandwich (peanut butter or presliced meat) 94 100.00%
Heat up a can of soup 54 100.00%
Make their own lunch for school 60 100.00%
Dish up their own ice cream 79 100.00%
Make their own bed 83 100.00%
Put on and buckle their own belt 85 100.00%
Button or snap jeans 97 100.00%
Put on their watch 70 100.00%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 11. You may not vote on this poll

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I'm positive my daughter CAN do all of those -- we don't eat a lot of canned soup, her dad packs her lunch so she's never done it herself, and we don't enforce bed-making so I believe she's never made a bed! I don't know about the nail-clipping -- she can file her own nails and do polish when she feels like it, but I usually do her clipping. I'm not sure her hand is strong enough to operate the clipper.

DD can make her own lunch at home, but whines and moans about having to do it, so she usually gets it made for her.
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I didn't vote because my oldest is 5.5

But the ones I would 'push' would be ability to button/snap own pants--ds can do this on some of his pants, depends on how tight they are I think.

And independent hair-washing. I 'check' ds to make sure he soaped his whole head and then got it all rinsed. I would think that since we're working on this now (and he *wants* to do it) I probably won't have to check him anymore by 9. Though I remember my parents buying one of those handheld showerheads when I was about 9-10 because a hairstylist told them she could tell I wasn't getting it all out.

I think they need *reminders* to actually do this stuff for quite awhile.

I would also think a 9/yo could probably pack a lunch for school, if you gave them sort of a 'system' (sandwich or other approved 'main item'--this may or may not be something you have to help with. And then choose one thing from a couple other categories--like veggie and/or fruit and 'snack item'. (that way you know and they know they can't just pack like some chips and a dessert. )

I know I did not learn to tie my shoes til I was 9, and I remember it took my 3rd grade teacher keeping me in from recess one day to get it done. I guess either A) that was the teacher who was willing to take the time or B) she decided that this was something I 'should have' mastered a long time ago?

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My 7-year-old does all those things, although I'm not sure if she could use the can opener.
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Originally Posted by *jeanine* View Post
His bed is a loft bed, and *I* can barely make it. What a PITA.
For a while we had a loft bed and bunk beds for the kids. I wanted the extra floor space under the loft bed and sleeping space for friends with the bunk beds. I didn't realize how difficult they were to make up, and how much it would interfere with the kids' independence in keeping their rooms tidy. Because if the bed isn't made, then I find a tendency to let the rest of the room get messy too.

Give me futons for young children anyday.

A large part of nurturing independence is making sure that the home environment is conducive to it. Shelves and storage should be accessible so they can tidy up on their own, beds easy to make, stepstools to reach sinks and counters, brooms with shortened handles so they are easier to use.....
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My 7 year old can do all those except the watch (she doesn't wear one).

I don't let her light the stove, because we have propane and I'm scared of it, but I would let her use an electric stove and at nine, she will be lighting our gas stove, too.

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My 8 yo girl can do all those, well except the hair. Her hair is very very thick and very very curly and she's not toogreat at maintaining it yet. But then again, her hair's even hard for me to do. heh.

Otherwise she can do all that.

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My 9 year old does all of the above and has for a few years now. He's incredibly self reliant though, especially compared to his peers. I was on bedrest when he was 4-almost 5 so he took on a lot of responsibility then. But really he just sort of came that way, from birth.
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My 9yo does all of them except:

clipping her nails(haven't tried to get her to do them herself)

heat up a can of soup(she could as long as the can was open already)

wash her hair(she has a MASSIVE amount of hair & when she has tried cannot get it clean underneath
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My 7 yr. old does all of those except clip his nails, which he bites.
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DS is 8 1/2 and can do all of the above except clip his nails (I don't think he's ever tried, I always do all the kids at once) and put on a watch (he doesn't have one).

~~Kristina~~ Mama to DS(10/30/01), DD1(VBAC 3/28/04) and DD2(HBAC 5/21/06)
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My 9 yo can do all, but I didn't vote "heat up a can of soup" because I don't want her to do that--even though she can. If I'm not right there to supervise, I don't want her using the stove at all. And we don't own a microwave.

She prefers to do the body care things herself, and is very willing to do the food prep herself (and for her little brother) whenever I am sick. She's a big help!
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Having my 7 & 8 year olds start packing their own lunch this year was the best idea! I don't have to hear any complaining about them not liking something and it gives them a little control.

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I asked my sister what my nephews can do at that age and voted that. The only they can't/don't do is clip their own nails.
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My eight year old son can do all of them except tie his shoes, buckle a belt, and put on a watch, and cut his nails. He has some serious fine motor skills issues. He can heat up soup and other foods in the microwave. The last time I was sick he made me canned chicken soup for lunch.

I'm not sure if can clip his nails because he bits them. He can wash his hair since he had it buzzed. We've pushed him to have self help skilled because he has ADHD, SPD, and dysgraphia. The stuff he can't do like tie his shoes and buckle his belt, we make sure he has shoes and pants that he can put on his self, so he is as independent as possible.
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