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andromedajulie's Avatar andromedajulie 08:24 AM 11-03-2011

this is funny, because my 9 yo was an amazing early speaker and I rarely corrected her. one that somehow slipped through was 'everything' which she pronounces 'etherything'. she's in the fourth grade and refuses to acknowledge my corrections now. i'm not encouraging rabid correction of early speakers but i wish somehow i'd gotten through when she was little!!

CI Mama's Avatar CI Mama 08:27 AM 11-03-2011

Originally Posted by MusicianDad View Post

Just so you know, correcting doesn't mean you won't ever hear it again. DD used to say sammich, instead of sandwich, she was corrected and said it properly for a while but now she just prefers sammich.

Also our whole family calls grilled cheese, girled cheese. So DD calls them girled cheese sammiches.

My dad is from Kentucky and has said "sammich" his whole life.


DD just turned 3 and called all her birthday presents "birthday presidents." ROTFLMAO.gif


mami2f3's Avatar mami2f3 06:57 AM 11-04-2011

3 yo says 'willn't' instead of 'won't'. Its really hard to understand if she's saying 'will' or 'willnt' but when I told the older bros about it and they tried to teach her 'won't' i realized i'd be sad to see 'willn't' go. It's pretty much her last mispronunciation (maybe more to come?). 


however, my 10 year old and his best friend have always called pokemon evolutions as 'evulsions'. I asked him about it recently, becuase I don' tknow all that poke-speak and he said it is 'evlusions.' I looked it up in a 'poke-book' and it is written 'evolution' but he insisted in poke it is pronounced 'evulsions.' Um, ok. then I kinda regretted pointing it out because at 10 there aren't so many kiddie qualities still around. 

mami2f3's Avatar mami2f3 07:02 AM 11-04-2011

Originally Posted by pianojazzgirl View Post

According to my 4yo ds a caterpillar builds a "raccoon" and later comes out a butterfly!  It cracks me up every time...


He also says that his "tummy has a head-egg" (headache) if he has a tummy ache.


Oh yes and cucumbers are "cu-ca-mumbers".


ETA.. oooh.. I remembered another one.  Vampires are "vam-pirates".



twins.gif My kids had tummy-eggs!


Mummoth's Avatar Mummoth 02:16 PM 11-04-2011

My DD called woodpeckers "knock-knock crows"... and shortly after she invented that, crows became "black no-knock-knock crows" LOL!


DS had one recently that was pretty funny... he's 9 and rarely mispronounces anything anymore. They were playing Little Big Planet and it has tutorials for setting up you own level. He was telling me about the 'terratorals' and I asked what that was. He explained that its instructions on how to do something and I said "Oh, you mean tutorials" and he said "Yeah, terratorals." So I asked him if they had one on pronunciation (he didn't get it)

majoie's Avatar majoie 07:40 PM 11-04-2011

DS2 was telling me something about "Daddy's wince-pit." After many questions he finally said "Daddy's bwew wince-pit" I realized then he was saying "blue rinse-spit," meaning mouthwash. DS3 (his twin) calls instructions "the constructions." They both say build-dozer instead of bulldozer. Makes sense to me.


Monkey Keeper's Avatar Monkey Keeper 11:48 AM 11-05-2011

Originally Posted by Purple*Lotus View Post

My friends little girl says "canamel" instead of camel, and that is the most adorable thing ever, I think.

Are you my friend IRL???  Because I *just* came here to post this!  My DD is 5 and still says "canimal". Which I love because she never went through the cute pronunciation phase but rather talked like a kindergartner by the time she was two.  


Funny sayings in our house:


- popsicles are both actual popsicles AND lollipops


- DD1 (5) uses 'otherwise' instead of 'anyway'


- DD2's favorite restaurant food:  macamowee and beanies



My niece called popsicles "fuckoles" for a very long time. Talk about laughing until you pee your pants!

tropicana's Avatar tropicana 01:49 AM 09-03-2013

camuger (computer)

tropicana's Avatar tropicana 09:55 AM 09-03-2013

poo-partment (apartment)

kblackstone444's Avatar kblackstone444 10:12 AM 09-03-2013

fowler (flower)


umputer (computer)


rainging (raining)


saleep (sleep)


uncle (ankle)


Jimz (his name- James)


dot (dark)


and my favorites-


yus (yes- must be said in a strong, butler-type tone)


moi-bay (maybe)

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