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I looked for an old thread of this, but came up empty, so I wanted to start one. The other day we were taking a walk as we do often. My 7 yo dd said, "It's like the same day but different clothes and different time." I thought this to be profound. Rather like living in the moment...

She has said many things through the years that are highly insightful.... I have alas forgotten most of them, hence this thread.... so we can record them as they happen.

I mean, she used to go on and on about her different mommy and daddy and house when she was 2, 3, 4, 5... I believe she was describing past life experiences. As I think of or hear more, I will post...Some of you have things like I mean this thread to be about in your sig lines I have seen.

To begin to save the world, we must first nurture the children. Read "The Continuum Concept: In Search of Happiness Lost"    saynovax.gifgoorganic.jpgintactlact.gifMe-hippie.gifreading.gifhelp.gif10.5 yo dd1- nut.gifreading.gifblahblah.gif ; 5 yo dd2- angel.gifhearts.gifbouncy.gif
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My DS (5yrs old) often says things that are pretty neat.
He was asking me about how lightning gets in the sky.
I was thinking of a way to explain electricity and he said,
"Nevermind, it must be the energy from all of us living creatures".
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5yo Ds often tells me that he thinks life is just one big long dream.
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My 2.5 year old said to me today "Sharks can bite you"

Scarlett bfinfant.gif , DH Boris geek.gif , DS 1/29/08 Julian kid.gif DD2 6/7/12 babygirl.gif missing our DD 1/06/06 Sonja angel3.gif and MC @ 9 wks 11/18/06 Satchel  angel.gif

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My 4 year old daughter has been finding creative ways of telling me that she loves me for a long time now. "I love you more than [fill in the blank]" but the fill in the blank comments are silly jokes for a kid, like "I love you more than a sandwich in your ear!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Did you like that, Mama?!!!"

Well, one day about a week ago, she says "Mama, do you know why I like to make I love you jokes?" I say why and she says "Because it decorates our love!"

My little poet.

Perpetually exhausted single mother by choice to one little girl (2/06)
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When talking to my 9 1/2 yo DD recently about how women have only had the right to vote less than a 100 years & how African Americans haven't been able to much longer & other equality issues, she just responded: "That's just insane!"
Yes, I told her, yes it is.


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The minister who took my mother's funeral made time to chat to dd1 at the planning meeting and, on finding out she sings in the church choir, invited her to choose a hymn. She chose "Make me a Channel of Your Peace."

My siblings and I were fairly stressed with one another over the planning process and it was a very perfect and profound choice.
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When DS was about eighteen months old, he woke me out of a sound sleep to tell me:

"I picked YOU, Mama!"
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We were watching a history show about England and when they came to a part about all the people that were hung because of the religious reformation my son said, "That's such a waste of people, isn't it? How will anybody ever know how talented they were....and talent comes from god so it's just silly somebody killed them because of what was in their heart.

It just came out of him so solidly and passionatly.

Of course, it was followed shortly after by, "Take a whif. Smells like my fart, huh?" ...queue uproarious 6yo laughter.

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My 3 year old DD blew me away yesterday with this one: She's been asking a lot of questions lately about death, expressing dismay about the fact that she and I (along with all living things) will eventually die, and basically trying to sort it all out. She started asking a few more questions yesterday and was trying to puzzle out what EXACTLY "alive" meant. After we talked a bit, I said to her, "You're really trying to figure out the whole "alive" thing, huh?" And she says to me, "No, I'm trying to figure out dying. I don't understand that at all". All I had was "Me neither". I thought I was going to have a couple more years before this chat.

Mama to DD (06/30/07).
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oh i love reading threads like this, thanks for starting one!

my step-son at 3: "That boy's mom left him in the sun too long!" (seeing a black kid for the first time and assuming he didn't get SPF like he did, giggles!)

my girl:

"Mother Earth is the mother of all mothers"

"the night sky is dark so we can see we are in space"

"grass and trees are green 'cuz green is the color of love" (green is actually the color of the heart chakra!)

my girl's understanding of being part of the whole human race, as well as her spiritual understanding, has always amazed me and makes my heart sing. she's wicked funny, too. me: "What comes after W?" her: "Cookie Monster!" (@ 16 months)

treehugger.gif Willow (6) says: "Mother Earth is the mother of all mothers"

angel1.gif Phoenix (6/2011) ♥      print-n-color mandalas >photosmile3.gif

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Recently DH caught a raccoon in the act of trying to eat one of our chickens. He chased the coon away and saved the chicken! Afterwards the three of us were standing outside in the dark with flashlights watching the raccoon that was way up in a tree next to the chicken coop watching us. We were discussing different options for dealing with the situation. Later, in bed, DD (4) wanted to talk about how we are part of nature and we have to share our food and if we don't want raccoons to eat our chickens, maybe we shouldn't have chickens. Then she decided she really likes having chickens and that we should just be really good at taking care of and protecting them.

When she was 3 she once said, "In July Jerome (our cat) will die. He will turn all dark." Luckily her prophecy did not come true!
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My 3 yo told me the other day "Here's your nose, here's your's your whole body! Your body is in yourself!"

I think the most profound thing any of my kids has said was when my oldest was learning about the Bible passage (In the book of James) that talks about how dangerous the tongue can be. I don't remember his exact words, but I was completely blown away and humbled by his immediate grasp of the idea that our words can have a devastating impact on others if we are not careful.
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I don't know if this counts as profound, but it shows a certain awareness of aging... completely out of the blue the other day, while DD (4) and I were waiting in the car for my sister, she (DD) said "Mama, I know what you will look like when you're grandma's age. You'll have white hair, and a beautiful face, and your boobies will reach down to your legs." And probably true, that last part!

Postpartum doula & certified breastfeeding educator, mama to an amazing girl (11/05) and a wee little boy (3/13).

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These are fantastic!! Thank you all for sharing.

Three from my DD

(age 3ish): Her Great Grandfather had passed away about 6months ago; she went to his funeral and was well versed in his death and what went on afterwards. Out of the blue, standing in the grocery store, an older man asked her who her heroes were, and then he suggested Barbie? Dora The Explorer? (People my DD had no idea about); I saw DD think a bit and then answer, "Great Nanny. Because she did so well after Grandpa Paul died." I nearly dropped my groceries.

(age 4ish): Snuggling w/ me at bedtime. "Mama, what is your favorite part of being alive?" I stammered, "Oh, being your mama." She basically rolled her eyes and said, "Something different. Your second favorite part then." I answered having emotions, feeling things. DD, what is your favorite part of being alive?" She simply answered, "Watching butterflies." Then she rolled over and went to sleep. I love that moment.

(age 4ish): We were in the process of moving from the only home DD had ever know to a home in upstate NY, away from the beach she had basically grown up on to a farm very far away from any beach. In preparation, we went to the beach and gathered many rocks, shells, etc to decorate our new home. We had all the rocks and shells spread out on the porch and talked about which ones would go where. In picking the ones out for her room, DD commented, "Yes, but I will forget all this and then just have a bunch of old rocks in my room." So true. so true.

thanks for giving me this opportunity to share.
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When whe was 3 yo, dd asked me if I knew why we have nostrils. She told me it was so to keep the squirrels away from our boogers.

Profound? Rude? Illinformed? Who knows?
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My Sister's oldest boy (3) at the time was standing at the toilet (on a step-up) peeing, as I walked by he turned his head sharply at me and said; "Ahh yeah, just like my Grand Dad did it", his Grandfathers passed before either my Sister or I were  My Father told me before he died, I was 12 at that time that when I was 3 years old and he was in his room speaking in "tongues" I listened for a while and interrupted him and said boldly; "You shouldn't do that in front of people Dad"

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My dd has said many profound things, mostly to her dad and most of which I forgot to write down and although not so profound one of my favorite quotes


age 2 1/2 while hiking with her dad "I think I am going to pee in these charming woods!"

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"I'm going to keep you in my heart when we are not together." - to  a friend who was about to commence traveling


Alternatively, she said a few times this week: "Mommy you are out of my heart."

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