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snoopy5386's Avatar snoopy5386 01:38 AM 09-26-2010
So this year DD1 who is 4.5 was all set on being a witch, which was fine with us. Every time you asked her what she wanted to be for halloween she said a witch.
Then she saw her friend's costume - this flying horse thing at Target:

And she is now totally set on that, BUT I think it is a really impractical costume. You can't hold a candy bucket while wearing it because you have to hold the horses reins. It seems really easy to trip over, especially on stairs. The horse's feet are going to get filthy trick or treating and at preschool. We've asked her several times now what she wants to be and she keeps saying a flying pony.....I asked her what would happen if the store didn't have any more flying pony costumes and she said she'd go back to being a witch.

So, do I lie and tell her they were out of costumes so she goes back to the more practical witch costume or do I let her be the pony?

ramama's Avatar ramama 01:50 AM 09-26-2010
Um....I'd lie That is a horribly impractical costume. I am picturing my own 4.5 yo DD and knowing that I could explain and explain until I was blue in the face, and she would still refuse to budge. I also know that she would ultimately be desperately unhappy with the costume and regret not going with her original choice.
claras_mom's Avatar claras_mom 03:00 AM 09-26-2010
She's 4.5? Maybe...um....it doesn't come in her size?
BellaClaudia's Avatar BellaClaudia 03:18 AM 09-26-2010
I hear your

here we have been back and fort between being Witch and others but Witch is coming back as a strong one as this somehow was ment to be next, other ideas come and go but witch juuuuuuust keep coming back.

As to the horse, I would say it is impractical for the reasons stated by you and PP.

However if your little one has her heart set on it then I personally would not discourage her from this as I feel that this is her right to be what she feels strong about - in our case at least.

If you feel strong about her not being it you certainly can "inspire" her or
redirect gently and successfully..

I think the best bet would be just to buy this outfit form Target as they have very linient return policy as long as you return it before Halloween
and let your child to put it on and sit in it for half an hour or so every day,
as long as it is indoors and she wont damage it it..

she might realise by herself two things: that this is not really so easy to trick and treat with it.. you might set up fake around the house stations as she will go and you and other famly members will be giving her fake treats..

what might come out of it : she might get happy she got a fill of this costume and she might be bored with it before you will know and she might go back to the witch..

or she will like it and you will get used to it just the same and that will grow on you

on a positive note about horse: you might solve the holding rains issue by attaching them somehow
to your child's arms sort of imagine carrying backpack in front of you instead of the back but on really long handles .. if you know what I mean.

she might be really worm and cozy if your temperatures are cold and the day is just not as friendly .. other kids will be freezing and she won't

there are few such a cute witch costumes out there that we are just melting down looking, and my kiddo just can't decide:


this costume we tried in person and it is so elegantly made and so well proportioned that it just looks smashing, but it is bit on cold side comes to cold day:

or green version:


this was just so terrible on 5 year old, it is totally baggy all over the place despite the correct size, terrible terrible...

butterfly_mommy's Avatar butterfly_mommy 03:21 AM 09-26-2010
I would probably just say "I don't feel that costume is safe to wear, you could trip over the horse legs and it would not be nice to get hurt" then I would say "maybe we can think of a way to make a flying pony costume that is safer" (a horse bodysuit costume bought or home made with fairy wings?) or a really cool witch costume.
nextcommercial's Avatar nextcommercial 03:41 AM 09-26-2010
It's really adorable, and so bright. I can understand why she wants that!

But, I would just explain that it's going to be so hard to wear that and have fun too. Give her an opportunity to try to figure out how she will hold it up while trick or treating. (btw, it looks like it holds it'self up with suspenders.. and, I bet it's lightweight)

If, after that she still really wants it, I'd say "Ok, lets go see if they have it in your size.". I'd let her have it if it's what she really wants. Some lessons are better learned first hand. This is a pretty inexpensive learning experience.
JL83's Avatar JL83 03:53 AM 09-26-2010
I'd get both costumes... We use Halloween costumes all year as dress-up clothes. My kids get alot of use out of them. So I would just buy both. Then she could be a flying pony at home and a witch for the actual trick or treating.
pianojazzgirl's Avatar pianojazzgirl 11:49 AM 09-26-2010
You could do what we do and say that at our house we make all of our costumes (can't afford to buy them). Though then, of course, you'd actually have to make one, lol. Another thought: what if you say the horse one is too impractical for trick-or-treating so you aren't prepared to buy it for her for that purpose, however you would consider buying it to use as a dress-up costume.

Good luck mama! I can see my own dd falling in love with that one.. I would have too as a young child...
daytripper75's Avatar daytripper75 03:37 PM 09-26-2010
Say no. A witch is a great costume and her friend is going to be the horse already. She might be disappointed but it won't ruin Halloween for her.
One_Girl's Avatar One_Girl 05:51 PM 09-26-2010
I would tell her the truth as you laid it out here and encourage her to look at all of the costumes then choose one. There are warm animal costumes that kids can get that are a little more practical and that may also be a direction to go in. If you can get both and let the horse be an at home costume then that would be awesome for dress up. We usually get a couple costumes and my dd uses them throughout the year.