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~*max*~'s Avatar ~*max*~ 05:06 PM 01-22-2011

Hey all! So good to hear from you. Thank you all for asking about dh's new business & keeping us in your thoughts/prayers. I truly appreciate it. Things are starting to pick up & we are really starting to feel optimistic.  


Big hugs to all you mamas who are sick or have sick kiddos. I hope everyone feels better real soon!


Sydnee -28 degrees! I cannot even imagine how cold that must feel. (Somewhere Alaskaberry is laughing, saying "that's nothing!") It is supposed to get below zero here next week with more snow coming.


Be back soon. :blowkiss

alaskaberry's Avatar alaskaberry 02:26 PM 01-28-2011

It's above 0 here...Finally!! It's been -40 cold.giffor the past two weeks. It was -50 for a week while I was still in VT. Never more grateful for wind and wet snow dumping everywhere! It's snowed a bit here recently but not enough to really matter. I'm going to take the kids for a walk to the mailbox a little later today, it's brilliantly sunny out and they've been stuck in the house for soooo long! No one sick here (yet...only a matter of time imho). Orion is looking forward to school next year and keeps asking me when he's going to be able to go. His dad wants me to do home preschool with him (teach him to write his own name and to sit still for longer than 20 min) but I'd rather just play with him and read books. He doesn't like to sit still for very long, he always has to be doing something. And he *loves* to be loud and make music, make noise ROTFLMAO.gif<--like that. :D Not much else going on  here...we're pretty boring right now I'm afraid!

ecoteat's Avatar ecoteat 01:21 PM 01-29-2011

We are finally on the other end of the nastiest flu I've ever experienced. We have never been so sick in our lives. But now we're just a little more tired and a little more congested, so back to reality!


Phoebe, how do you manage that cold?! It was recently around -10 for a few days, and we hunker down and block of drafts and stuff, but it was really hard. It was hard making sure the chickens were not frozen! (The live ones, not the ones in the freezer! We want those to be frozen!) Then when the cold snap breaks and we are up to 20 degrees, I always think about how the difference between -10 and 20 is as significant as between 20 and 50. NEGATIVE 50 is totally beyond my conception!


I'm worried today--a former student and the son of a friend had an MRI yesterday because he's been having vision problems and they found a 5 cm brain tumor that they suspect may be cancerous. He'll have another higher-res MRI at a bigger hospital Monday. He's 15. If it's cancerous that probably means brain surgery followed by chemo and/or radiation. If it isn't, I don't know how they'll treat it, but I guess there's always a possiblity that benign brain tumors become malignant. I haven't talked to my friend yet (they just found out today), but I can't imagine how she must be feeling. She's had such a hard year. :(

Mamabeakley's Avatar Mamabeakley 10:44 AM 01-30-2011

Oh, Ecoteat, I hope your friend's son will be okay.  That's hard.


Alaskaberry, DS2 recently learned to write his first name . . . but it was all his idea.  I just helped him when he asked for help.  I would bet that you are helping your DS1 learn anything he's interested in learning, and that's much more important in the long run than "readiness training", IMNSHO.


Max, I hope you're still enjoying the snow :-)


I have a new nephew!  My brother & his wife had their second boy on Friday.  I am going up to visit with them tonight or tomorrow - I can 'count' it as a birth for my BFW certification if I visit in the first 5 days of baby's life, which since I have no idea how I'm going to make it to the other required births this year, is something I feel I have to do.  And I have a private class to teach this week - more birth work than I've done in 6 months!


Speaking of which . . . I need to go prep for that class!  BBL.

~*max*~'s Avatar ~*max*~ 11:25 AM 01-30-2011

Hi all. It's balmy here today - close to 40 degrees! More snow in a few days though it seems. And yes, we're still enjoying it! The nice thing about dh working from home is that on a snow day there is no stress of travelling anywhere.


Amy, I am so sorry to hear about your friend's son. I cannot even imagine how terrifying that must be for all involved.

I am glad to hear you & Phoebe are feeling better. That was a long time you were battling that illness! And btw, how DO you take care of chickens in the winter? I have often wondered about that. If we didn't go away camping so often in the summer I would definitely get some chickens, and a miniature donkey! (I am a farmer at heart.)


Mamab, congrats on your new nephew! That is wonderful news.


Phoebe, glad it's warming up enough for you to get out some. It sounds like Orion will enjoy have some playtime at preschool.


I cannot believe LO will be going to kindergarten next year!!! I am more worried about puttin her on the bus than the actual school day though. At least she'll have her two big sisters with her. They are excellent helpers and always look out for her.


Sydnee, hope all is well with you & your family my friend.


Mary, are you still following along? I think of you often too & hope you are doing well.


ecoteat's Avatar ecoteat 01:46 PM 01-30-2011

MamaBeakley, congrats on your new nephew! And that's great that you can count your visit for professional purposes too.


Max, the chickens don't need much--as long as they have shelter, water, and food. They are in a little house and they don't like going out in the snow, so they huddle together a lot this time of year. The water freezes every day, so we used to run an extension cord out there with a water heater, but it kept shorting out and we never got around to fixing it, so we just swap out the waterer every day. There's always one with water in the chicken house and another thawing in the basement sink. A donkey sounds fun! Our next door neighbors have one. But we are both on many acres (us: 80, them: 40), so it's about a 10 minute walk to their house, but we can still hear him sometimes. He's really sweet.


I'm also in total disbelief about kindergarten. I think we've finally decided that Phoebe will go to my school, so we'll just go together every day. When I have staff meetings dh will come get her or she'll get a ride home with our neighbor. But I can't even wrap my head around how she's going to get through the day and not be completely exhausted. She really wants to do Girl Scouts, but I just can't see her having the stamina for an after school activity. When will we get to spend time together if she's at school all day, comes home exhasuted, eats dinner, and goes to bed? Lately she's been sleeping 12-13 hours a day. If she has to get up at 6:30, she'll have to go to bed at 6:30! That doesn't leave much time for family! I know I've been totally overthinking this, and this is certainly not a problem that is unique to us. But how do people adjust?


I'm still feeling run down from the flu, so I don't have the motivation to do the lesson planning I need to do. Blah. But I have to do it now while Phoebe's napping! Must focus...

~*max*~'s Avatar ~*max*~ 10:54 AM 01-31-2011

Thanks for the chicken info Amy. Some day...


About kindergarten, all of mine have attended full day kindergarten (against my preferenec, but we do not have a half day option around here). They start the year out pretty tired. I never did any extra activities until they were at least half way through the year, if not longer. It just takes their little selves quite a while to adjust to the new schedule. I found that time before school and after to be very valuable - getting them ready, sharing snacks and meals, reconnecting after the day apart. You will also have some special time together driving to & from school. (BTW I think it is great that she will be at your school.) Just take the school year slow, don't over schedule yourselves, and enjoy every minute you can - it goes so darn quick.

ecoteat's Avatar ecoteat 07:40 PM 01-31-2011

We just found out my friend's son's prognosis is not good at all. He has a inoperable cancerous tumor in his brain stem. I don't know how they are going to get through this. Tomorrow they meet with the oncologist to see what type of treatment they could try. He's a freshman in high school; he may not make it until graduation. gloomy.gif

Sydnee's Avatar Sydnee 05:33 AM 02-01-2011

Amy-  I am so, so sorry to hear about your friends son.  I can't even imagine how horrible this must be for their family right now.  I am putting him on my prayer list right now, what is his first name?


Max-  Yay for warm temps!!  I am patiently waiting for them here, lol...


Mamabeakely-  Congrats on the birth of a new nephew!


We are well here, thankfully we haven't been horribley sick this year (yet).  We had a week of fevers, and thats about it.  Although one of my daycare kids has strep throat, and she was here all day yesterday!


ecoteat's Avatar ecoteat 07:55 AM 02-01-2011

Thanks, Syndee. His name is Brandon. I guess there are people praying for him all over the world--even Africa and Vietnam! They are about to meet with the oncologist in a few minutes. Everyone here at school is so anxious waiting to hear what will happen next.

TxMominCT's Avatar TxMominCT 08:45 PM 02-15-2011

I found y'all!! It's been too long! I'm glad everyone is doing pretty well. We are doing well too, trying not to freak out about school, etc. Plus we are expecting another baby (probably another girl!) in August!!

~*max*~'s Avatar ~*max*~ 12:52 PM 02-16-2011

Yay again to see you TxMominCt! Such wonderful news about the baby. luxlove.gif I'd love to hear how you & your family have been. How is your nursing job going? And you are back in Tx, right?


We are all well here. Dh's business is really starting to take off. (And I continually thank you all for your support in this.) To help in the meantime, I am picking up some hours w/the agency I do some work for.  (PM me if you want more info. I'm happy to share, but just not on a public forum.)  I'll be working about 8 hours a week. It doesn't sound like much, but having been a full-time SAHM all this time, I am a bit worried about the juggling act. I am hoping to do as much as I can while LO is in preschool & the other 3 are in their school. We are also actively involved in our new church now and really finding it such a benefit to our lives. It has been an amazing Christian journey for us.


And how are all the rest of the May Mamas? I hope everyone is happy, healthy, and enjoying the end (???) of winter.

Mamabeakley's Avatar Mamabeakley 03:07 PM 02-17-2011

Hi, everyone - I'm glad things are going so well for you, Max :-) You deserve it!


Congrats, TXMominCT! That's exciting news.


Ecoteat, I hope Brandon's prognosis is improving - or at least that he's getting the very best care he can.


We are enjoying a day of spring here (!)  I'm feeling tired out by the commute in general, somehow worse now that nobody's been sick for a few weeks and DH has been able to do it with us rather than in a separate car and me being at my mom's with the kids alone for a day a week.  I guess my stamina is down?  I don't know.  I do know I want it to be over, and also that I have approximately -0- control over it.  Trying to stay focused on what I can do - and enjoy our week when we don't have to drive (this weekend.)


Stay well and enjoy the warmth if you've got it!

Marylizah's Avatar Marylizah 01:15 AM 02-20-2011

Hey mamas! Long time no chat.


TXMom! Good to hear from you and CONGRATULATIONS!! on number 3! How exciting!


Max, I'm so glad to hear your DH's business is going well. What awesome news! And how exciting about getting back into your job (although I can completely relate to the juggling anxiety-- I struggle with that, too.)


Ecoteat, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. He's in my prayers, too.


MamaB, what a bummer that your commute situation hasn't improved at all. I hope you are able to sell that house soon.


Sydnee, sounds like you all have been through a rough patch with sickness recently. Boy can I relate! Hope everyone is feeling better by now.


And speaking of sickness, we've had an incredibly rough go of it here since Christmas. Multiple ear infections for both boys, bronchiolitis for the baby (one more bout of it and he's considered ASTHMATIC! Not coping well with that idea) and pneumonia for DS1. DS1 will be getting tubes in his ears in March-- for the last year his ears have been filled with liquid, his hearing has been impacted (depending on how sick he is) and of course he's much more susceptible to ear infections. We're crossing our fingers that the tubes help all those issues.


So it's been tough. And I haven't been on Mothering as much recently-- sometimes I get on and feel like I just can't relate to people here anymore. Maybe I'm less crunchy that I used to be, or just a bit done with the glamorization of AP / natural living and the holier-than-thou attitude that I see all over the place here. Anyway, since being here makes me feel more and more inadequate I've been on less than I used to be. AP and NFL were easy when I just had one active boy. With two it's a much tougher journey.


Anyway. I gotta be frank, winter is kicking my butt this year. I need sunshine. I need warm weather. I need to see the sky. I know I'm struggling with some depression. I hope it gets better when the weather improves. Between the crap weather and everyone being sick constantly, I'm just really down.


Another thing: I think DS1 is really struggling with some anxiety these days. I don't know if it's a phase, if he's picking up on my feeling down, or what, but it's starting to worry me. He focuses on random things and has major freak-outs. Recently they've included things like: being convinced he's eaten part of the foil top of his yogurt, being convinced that he's broken a bone (tailbone, arm), being sure that he's gotten his brother's germs and is going to die (!!!). I don't know how to help him other than to listen and try to reassure. Any advice?


Boy, I came in and livened up this thread, didn't I??? Lol! Sorry to be such a bummer. I hope you are all well. Lots of love to the May mamas and kiddos.

~*max*~'s Avatar ~*max*~ 12:13 PM 02-20-2011

(((((Mary))))). I am so sorry you are going through such a tough time hon. With everything you have on your plate right now, you certainly have a right to feel down. My niece had very similar issues with her ears & illnesses. She had tubes put in & has been a completely different healthy child since. I will keep your ds1 in my prayers that the tubes are as helpful for him. I wonder if there could be a connection between his ongoing ear infections, etc. and his anxiety? Have you ever brought that up to your doctors? It will be interesting to see if once he is feeling better, the anxiety outbursts decrease. We all know how hard it is to cope when we are feeling really bad for a really long time. And I am with you on MDC - I only come on to our threads now. Take good care of yourself mama. 

Sydnee's Avatar Sydnee 11:40 AM 02-24-2011

Hi mamas!  Glad to see some posting again, I miss my ladies:)  We are doing well here (knock on wood), no sicknesses since....well....last week, I had a sinus infection, haha!  Ugh, hopefulyl we are all in the clear now also!  I enjoyed a weekend away with my girlfriends for a scrapbooking retreat, and had SO much fun!  And maybe a little too much wine....I was very thankful to have this time away.


ecoteat-  Still praying for Brandon, how are things with him?  Are you all staying healthy??


Max-  I am SO happy to hear that things are picking up!  I think (and pray) of you often...You will do great with getting some hours in, I'm sure it will be an adjustment, but also good for you to get back into something your enjoy:)


Txmominct-  CONGRATS mama!!  How is your family doing?


Marylizah-  Mama, I am 100% with you on that post!  I feel bad that I only come on once every two weeks or so, but I feel the same.  As my girls getolder, things change, and my opinions change.  I am still completely happy with the way I parent, and have raised them, but I'm sure some of that wouldn't be very "accepted" on here, lol!  I just look at how different all of our situations are, and that helps when I am not feeling "good enough" for MDC.


Alright, better hit the aerobics tape, I need some stree relief!

TxMominCT's Avatar TxMominCT 06:18 PM 02-24-2011

   Marylizah- sorry you are having a hard time! DD1 has some anxiety issues sometimes, I notice it especially when I am depressed or stressed, it reallly seems like if I can spend some good reassuring quality time with her it gets a lot better. At least that's how it works in our house! She is very sensitive to pick up on the things I am stressed out about! 


MammaBeakley- Hope the commute works out better soon! 


Syndee- I am so jealous of your scrapbooking weekend! I haven't scrapbooked since our May 06 babies were born! 


Hi everyone else!! 


I am with y'all on MDC, my views I guess have changed a lot, especially on birth etc working in such a high risk hospital, I've seen scary bad things, that are real threats, even to low risk people, so I get upset at some of the birth stories I used to love! I know hospitals are risky too, believe me I see the storm of interventions, but at the same time it sure is nice to be near an OR, or have an excellent NICU when you need it unexpectedely! (I still like homebirths under good circumstances, but some people really NEED to be in a hospital!) 


I'm not sure if I ever updated y'all, but we bought a house this summer! Very exciting, we did a lot of work to it, and are still working actually! I am still enjoying my job, although we are praying for funding to come through so I can work exclusively in the lactation office, I am getting burned out of L&D,  just too much bad with all the good wonderful births! Being pregnant makes me worry too, I worry about all the complications I have seen instead of remembering how rare they are, and trusting my body. I have a great hospital, honestly, high VBAC rates, low C/section rates, even though we are THE high risk hospital, and I have a wonderful MD and back up MD. I also feel strange about delivering at the place I work, I went to the hospital accross the street with Anna, so I didn't have to be where I worked! In other news, Dan is still teaching online, but is ready for a change, I've enjoyed him being home! We'll see what happens. I can't believe our babies are going to be 5!! What are y'all doing for school? I had thought we were going to homeschool, but that's just not possible with how much I need to work, but we live in and AWESOME school district, so that's good. The little one is being 2 and very trying. She is so different than Clara, many times, I've questioned my no spanking beliefs! She is stubborn, but sweet, and a little spoiled. I think being the baby, and not as verbal as Clara, we let her get away with a lot, so now we have some catching up to do. Well love to you all! Hope you are all doing great! 


Mamabeakley's Avatar Mamabeakley 10:00 AM 02-26-2011

Hi, Mamas!


I suspect that none of us have really become "less crunchy" or "less natural" parents.  I think that we all are learning and growing (although sometimes it might feel like constriction, I know the shift from one kid to two kids was one of the hardest times I've ever had in my life) as parents and I know you mamas are not giving up some ideal which is unattainable but seeking the best way *for your own families*.  Which is what natural family living is really about, IMNSHO.  Anyway.  I, too, am not spending much time on MDC these days but I think I've always been really selective about where I spent my time on it, anyway.  I don't like being judged or being suckered into passing judgement.  So I don't engage in "judgy" threads, which, let's face it, is sort of what any kind of message board tends to be about.


TXMom, congrats on the house!  And good luck with moving into lactation-only :-)  I think L&D is really stressful if there is any doubt in your soul that the way it's done is right, and it sounds like you see both the good and the bad in "the way it's done."


Marylizah, all I can say is that after winter, must come spring.


My May boy has had a much too exciting couple of weeks.  He and his dad and brother were walking on the river beach near our house and a large Rottweiler puppy jumped him, tearing big holes in his pants and knocking him over.  Our dog counterattacked and DH helped DS2 up.  At first they thought DS2 had not had his skin broken at all but later on we realized that he had a couple of possible scratches.  So I took him to the ER for evaluation for rabies risk.  DS2 was terrified during the attack, I think, and then had to be scared out of his wits again about the shots he might need . . . they called the sheriff's department and a very nice deputy came to interview him about the attack so they could try to find the dog. After all that, the doctor came in and looked at his leg and said that there was no risk of rabies infection and we could go home.  Yay!  Whew, that was an amazing relief.


That was a Friday night and then there was a holiday Monday and then on Tuesday the health department called me and was freaking out that they hadn't decided to treat him in the ER!  They told me I had to get a second opinion from our family doctor, which was ridiculous, since if we had gone to them in the first place, they would have sent us to the ER because they aren't trained in treating animal bites/scratches.  Bah.  I did reach the family doctor's office, who confirmed what I thought, and then DH had the brilliant idea to tell the health department to call the ER doctor.  And they haven't called me back since, which I am very grateful for.  If there had been any doubt in that doctor's voice or manner at all I would have said to give him the shots.  But there was none.  Grrr.


And now he has a cold.  And DS1's birthday was this week (7!  Oi!) which was fun for him, but also a little stressful since he didn't get presents and calls and money etc.  That's hard when you're 4!  Poor kid.


Otherwise we're okay, though :-)

ecoteat's Avatar ecoteat 11:58 AM 02-26-2011

I'm in a sleep-deprived haze at the moment. We were in PA all week visiting family and we left there around 4:30 pm to drive home. The roads were surprisingly clear after a big storm, so we kept going, and going, until we got home at about 4:30 am! We all slept until about 10 this morning, which was good, but I'm zonked. It was a good trip--we got to see lots of extended family. It was hard, though, because it was the first time I've been home with dh and dd since I lost 3 grandparents. I spent a lot of time thinking and talking about my relationships with my grandparents and Phoebe's relationships with hers.


As far as my friend Brandon goes, it's not good. The doctors are expecting he'll live about 18 months or so. All they can do is radiation therapy in hopes of slowing the growth of his tumor. But there have been some good things too--Make a Wish sent his family to LA last weekend for the NBA All-Star Game. And it was amazing. They were treated like superstars the whole time and Brandon got to meet some of his favorite players. I am totally amazed and impressed with Make a Wish. I knew they did lots of good things for kids, but this was completely over the top!


Kathryn, how exciting that you bought a house! When my sister was pregnant and in nursing school she said the same things about birth--even though she totally trusted her body, it was hard to forget about all the complications she had been learning about in school. She did go on to have a beautiful home birth, though!


Mary, I agree with Max--I wouldn't be surprised if he is processing his discomfort from illness and hearing issues and upcoming ear tubes in a way that makes him anxious. I'd be willing to bet that once the tubes are in and he's feeling better physically that he'll be feeling better emotionally too.


Mamabeakley, how awful about the dog thing! How does ds feel about it? Is he more cautious or afraid of dogs now?


I go through phases in how I relate to MDC. I check in every few days lately. I'll see if anyone's updated this thread, I might scan the childhood years and/or TAO, and I might post a question somewhere else. Sometimes I let myself get sucked into a contentious thread just for my own entertainment! I loved the magazine when Phoebe was tiny because I had SO much to learn and there was a lot of great info there. But then I found it was less relevant as she got older and I got more confident. Maybe I'm feeling like that about MDC a little too. But here there are other things that are relevant to specific things that I do want more info on, and I can control the content to some degree, which you can't do with a magazine, so I keep coming back.


We are so off schedule here today. It's 2:00 and Phoebe just came to remind me we should have lunch. We had breakfast at 11:00, so I wasn't even thinking about eating again! When we visit family we eat way too much, so I don't even really want to think about food, and we have no fresh groceries in the house, so our options are limited. Might be a good afternoon for ramen noodles!

alaskaberry's Avatar alaskaberry 12:21 AM 02-28-2011

Hey everyone!


First, I'd like to say that I'm glad we still update this thread. This is pretty much the only subscription I have that I actually keep up with  on MDC (although I'm doing the treasure map thingy this year, since I couldn't find anything similar on Ravelry, which I am absolutely *addicted* to :lol).


Biggest update is that I split up w/ Orion's dad. We'll be staying in the house, he'll be staying in the other house until it gets finished. We will try to stay friends for the sake of the kids. We wrote a contract up about everything and signed it... when he gets back next time we'll get it notarized and all that. We just weren't good together, but we have some wonderful children, so we're trying to keep things pleasant.


I can't believe our May babies are almost 5!!

~*max*~'s Avatar ~*max*~ 04:59 AM 02-28-2011

Phoebe, big hugs to you mama. I hope you are doing OK & have lots of support during this time. It sounds like the two of you are handling this well. I hope it all continues to go smoothly for you. We are here for you any time you want to talk.

Mamabeakley's Avatar Mamabeakley 12:41 PM 02-28-2011

Hi, everybody!


Phoebe, I'm sorry to hear about your separation.  No matter if it's a good thing for everybody in the long run - in the short run it's got to be a big stressor.  How are the kids doing with it?


Ecoteat, I'm holding Brandon in my thoughts and prayers today.  And his family.  That Make A Wish trip does sound amazing!


My May boy doesn't seem to be bothered any more about dogs than he ever was.  He's always been a little skittish about them, but not really freaked out.  I think he knows that the dog probably thought it was trying to play and didn't know it was scaring/hurting him.  It was a big puppy from what he and DH said.  We have a dog, of course, and he's not scared of our dog at all (and our dog has actually bit other people - yikes! - in a 'protect my space and kids' kind of way, fortunately not causing any major injuries and we are very careful about how we introduce him to people now.)


We all have a cold again.  Or at least, I'm fighting it off and DS1 & DS2 have it and DD is sort of fighting it off, too.


Got to get back to work!


Marylizah's Avatar Marylizah 01:09 AM 03-01-2011

Phoebe, thinking of you in this difficult time. It sounds like you are doing a great job keeping things calm for the kids. I know it will all work out in the end, in the meantime I am sending you wishes of peace and happiness. Hugs to all the May mamas.






~*max*~'s Avatar ~*max*~ 05:35 PM 05-04-2011

http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1310017/may-2006-mamas  New thread started by Sydnee here. C'mon over. joy.gif

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