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D_McG's Avatar D_McG 01:55 PM 01-14-2011

My picky 4 year old isn't getting any better and it's time to get help.  I am going to meet/talk with an OT acquaintance this weekend but in the meantime was wondering if anyone could share their experience.  I mention his age because it means he is not in the 'early intervention' category and maybe of note.. he doesn't have any weight gain issues.  Although I can attribute that to my indulging his pickiness out of desperation.  


The basic issue as I see it is he is completely terrified to try something new (a 45 minute hysterical, gagging stand off this morning due to the fact that he could 'see' butter on his toast).


Thanks for any input.

Mosaic's Avatar Mosaic 02:23 PM 01-14-2011
hug.gif I'm sorry I don't have any advice, but I had to give you props and encouragement for getting your son (and yourself!) some help. We went to a speech language pathologist for my infant daughter's feeding issues and learned a bit from her about the feeding challenges that they see in older children and can help with. I do know that weight is not necessarily an indication of the severity of a problem: some kids with oral aversions are overweight, some are underweight. You're absolutely right that there are professionals who can help with this sort of problem; there's no reason why you should deal with this alone.

My SLP had some great info on her website but it's under construction now and I can't find it for you. When it's back up, I'll try to come back and post it. Good luck!

D_McG's Avatar D_McG 02:37 PM 01-14-2011

Thank you!  the problem with the weight is that the pedi just hasn't taken me seriously when she sees him.  They look at his chart.. see that he's healthy and then move on.  I hear that a 'good' weight also makes it harder to get the school district to cover services.  IDK.  I guess I'll figure all this out!


I appreciate the encouragement!

LynnS6's Avatar LynnS6 05:09 PM 01-14-2011

I know there are a couple of parents over on the Special Needs board who've had kids in feeding therapy. You might want to try to cross-post there.


Curlyfry7's Avatar Curlyfry7 10:50 AM 01-28-2011

subbing to see if there are any more responses as I am considering hvaing my son do through feeding therapy again. He had pretty severe oral aversions as a baby/toddler, most likely due to his severe reflux, improved greatly with some very non-pressuring feeding therapy, but over the last 6 months or so I've noticed his "pickiness" increasing again, and the issues tend to revolve around texture. I can handle some pickiness, but more and more things are becoming "too mushy",even things that he previously liked. It can be had to determine if it is more of a control issue or is there is actual aversion/issues. It is becoming more and more difficult to figure out what to make for dinner etc that he will enjoy. At least SOMETHING from the dinner.

Oh yeah, he turned 4 in October.

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rugbymom's Avatar rugbymom 04:25 AM 02-07-2011

This will be our third week of feeding therapy, so we are still new to it.  In December, we met had a interdepartmental feeding clinic evaluation.  We met with an OT, speech, physician, psychologist and one other specialist that I can't remember right now for some reason.  It was a 2 hour appointment and they assessed his needs and who best could help him.  Now, we are doing weekly meetings with the OT and psychologist in a combined appointment.


My son has texture issues and also is picky.  They got him to eat a new food in our second appointment.  We are also getting some good 'homework' assignments in things to try at home and I'm really enjoying it.  They are pushing me out of my comfort zone too, and I think it's great, because change was definately needed. 


I am glad we are doing it.  My son's issues weren't severe.  He is at the bottom of the chart, but he's not falling off.  But, I felt like his diet was not balanced at all and I had no idea how to help him.  He is low energy and I think part of it is due to not getting all the right nutrients.  I think it will help and it is worth it to me.  They are also evaluating him for sensory issues, so it is also helping him get help in other areas that I don't think anyone would have figured out if we hadn't done this.

rugbymom's Avatar rugbymom 04:26 AM 02-07-2011

Oh, and my son is 3.5

D_McG's Avatar D_McG 05:41 AM 02-07-2011

Thank you!


I did meet with an OT (informally, an aquaintance) and we are doing exercises at home.  It's also pushing me and him out of our comfort zones!  Reinforcing for both of us that I am the one in control.  We've had good days and bad but overall things are getting better.  I regret not looking for help earlier.  Thanks for everyone's input!

USAmma's Avatar USAmma 10:53 AM 02-07-2011

I'm glad you found some resources to help you. I was going to suggest that you should get a feeding eval first and then go from there. My dd had a feeding tube and no foods for a long time, and is now a healthy 7 year old who is tube-free. Still has a few texture issues but is growing well. :-)