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lucyem's Avatar lucyem 04:32 PM 05-25-2011

My 9 yr old DS has been complaining his legs hurt when he runs.  We have noticed he tends to toe in a lot when he walks and more so with his Sketchers sneakers then with his crocs.  Also the Sketchers wear funny which makes it worse.  When he started complaining he admitted his feet hurt less in crocs.  Which would make sense if he is not toeing in so much with the crocs.  We have an appointment scheduled with his doctor for the end of June for a physical and we will address this with him.  But in the meantime I want to try and buy him a better pair of sneakers.  Something with some arch support to see if it makes a difference.  Does anyone have any tips?  Either a sneaker or a sport sandal type sneaker for the summer.  I know my Keens have good arch support - anyone know about the kids Keens?  Thanks!

34me's Avatar 34me 05:20 PM 05-25-2011

I have a pair of kids Keens that I wear and they are much less supportive than my adult pairs. Are his feet wide/average/narrow?  I also toe in and found that I do it less in a cross trainer.  But those tend to be heavy and bulky for the summer.  My new pair of Chacos are amazing but $$$

LynnS6's Avatar LynnS6 12:04 AM 05-26-2011

We've had good luck with Adidas and New Balance for our son (who toes in a lot). They have to be tie shoes and not slip ons, and slip on shoes don't give him enough support.


What size is he?  I think a lot of kids' shoes aren't that well constructed. If he's got a size 3 1/2 in Youth or above, he might be able to get some shoes in the Women's department that are better constructed (and the colors are such that no one will know they're women's if that would bother him).

Amanda1's Avatar Amanda1 01:50 AM 05-26-2011

I worked as a shoe fitter in a childrens shoe store in Europe a few years ago. A great shoe for boys that age were geox. They were supportive and looked "cool" which is very important    :)

karne's Avatar karne 06:11 AM 05-27-2011

I don't think kids sneakers are as supportive as adults.  My extremely flat footed kids always did well in the European brands (Geoxx, as mentioned above, Primigi).  We bought standard running sneakers for outdoor play and put innersoles in them.  They both also wore, and continue to wear, Birkenstocks.  Very pricey, but the footbed is worth it.  For my younger I get the ones that are waterproof for the summer.  My preteen loves them, and most of the "cool" stores sell knock offs anyway.

pigpokey's Avatar pigpokey 05:58 AM 05-28-2011

Feet hurt when he runs or legs hurt when he runs?


Toeing in somewhat does not usually affect athletic performance -- is slightly associated with better performance actually.  So I'm thinking that in and of itself is probably not causing pain.


If it's heel pain, you can look up Sever's Disease and see if that might apply ... he's about the age when that might start if he's very active.

lucyem's Avatar lucyem 06:25 AM 05-28-2011

Thanks for the ideas!  We took him out and bought a pair of Keen sandal/sneaker hybrids for now.  Kind of limited locally but I wanted to get him out of those sneakers asap.  He wore the Keens and said his heels did not hurt in them.  He also did not toe in so extreme in these as he does in his sneakers.  I think he tends to toe in and the sneakers wear funny which accentuates the toeing in.  He loves those Sketchers sneakers but it says something that he did not bat en eye when I tossed them.  Granted a brand new pair of neon yellow Keens are pretty cool :)


I looked up Sever's and that seems to really fit, wow.  Especially when he sat in his new shoes saying his heels did not hurt in them.  He had not been so specific before in what hurt.  While he is not super active in sports the other descriptions fit - pronated foot, high arch.  I am keeping a list of the brands you have all mentioned, thank you again and keep them coming!  I want to speak to the doctor and see where we go next before buying anything else.  The Sever's disease info talked about orthotics for his situation which would change the sizes we might need etc.  Then I can place an order online for better shoes.