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acupuncturemomma's Avatar acupuncturemomma 09:27 AM 06-17-2011

We'll be camping for four nights at a music festival with DD (4.5 yo) and DS (21 months). We've done it once before, so are not total newbies, but would love any tips on what to bring or camping with kids in general. Oh--and snack/food ideas too. We will have a cooler, but no way to cook.


Thanks, mamas!


Here's what we are planning on bringing for them to play with:


- cardboard playhouse for them to decorate and play in (a HUGE hit with all the kids last time!)

- markers, crayons

- rocket balloons

- glowsicks





zuleicamoon's Avatar zuleicamoon 03:20 PM 06-17-2011

Definitely "sand" toys...shovels, pails, etc.  Fabric streamers to dance with.  Other than, that, we found that they were plenty entertained by the vendors, music and people watching.  Not ideas for food...we always have at least a small camp stove to cook noodles, etc.  But have fun!!!  (and don't forget earplugs for the littles winky.gif )

tbone_kneegrabber's Avatar tbone_kneegrabber 08:41 PM 06-17-2011
Stomp rockets
Glow bracelets/necklaces/glow balls
We usually bring ds' balance bike when we camp

mamayogibear's Avatar mamayogibear 12:32 AM 06-18-2011

What festival are you going to mama? Lots can be lots of fun:)

acupuncturemomma's Avatar acupuncturemomma 08:55 AM 06-18-2011

Sand toys--great idea! And yes, we have peltor earmuffs for both kids. :)


Balance bike would be awesome, DD would love to bring hers, but we are flying cross-country to get there!


We are going to the Phish festivsl (Super Ball) in NY state.


Thanks to all of you for the input.

deditus's Avatar deditus 02:01 PM 06-18-2011

Make sure you take bug spray that works on ticks, and a tick removal kit.

mizzoh's Avatar mizzoh 05:30 PM 06-18-2011

i agree that the other people there will provide tons of entertainment.  other suggestions that haven't been mentioned:



coloring/activity books

stuff to make smores






granola bars



freeze-dried fruit, raisins


mammamo's Avatar mammamo 12:54 PM 06-29-2011

We are doing this in about a month too, flying from OH to Seattle and camping when we get there. My grandmother is driving, so she is taking all our camping gear (so nice!) and we are trying to pack as little as possible Also, we are going to a family reunion and our hosts are making food, so we only have to get drinks, snacks, etc. One of the moms on another board suggested a flashlight for everyone, so there's no fighting.  And our flight home is an overnight (yikes!) so I am going to take some melatonin, rescuse remedy, and some Vitamin C gummies for the kids....

mammamo's Avatar mammamo 12:55 PM 06-29-2011

Also, mine are still small for hard candy and gum, so my coworker suggested twizzlers for the plane ride to decrease the ear popping.