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crazyrunningmama's Avatar crazyrunningmama 06:16 PM 06-30-2011

Hi there!

My DD's are 5 and 1 and I would like to invest in a yoga for kids DVD that is engaging and clear, easy to follow.  My plan would be for us all to do it together (1 year old already does a good downward facing dog, too bad she usually tries to do it while she's nursing!).  Please advise!


puffingirl's Avatar puffingirl 07:48 PM 06-30-2011

We have YogaKids, Storytime Yoga: The Peddler's Dream and Family Yoga with Rodney Yee (and family!).  DD is 4 and has liked them all but seems to like the last one best now--it has kids and parents together doing yoga. 


SweetSilver's Avatar SweetSilver 10:38 PM 06-30-2011

YogaKids ABC is a great one: I feel straight and tall at the end and happily integrate it into my (occasional) yoga "routine".  Family Yoga, yes.  Also, my girls love "Yoga Trance Dance", an adult video that has some fun free-form dancing as part of the practice.  I am forever amazed at how much they love to do what we call "Mama Yoga Videos".  My oldest also loves to lead us through "number yoga": the "home practice" pages in Yoga Journal magazine.  Yoga cards can be fun, too.  I know the last two aren't videos, but they are a fun addition to family yoga practice.

Caterina's Avatar Caterina 11:09 PM 06-30-2011

We have YogaKids and one my daughter loves called Yoga By the Dozen. She's only 2.5 and she loves yoga...though not actually while watching the DVDs. She just watches them, checking out all the poses and then incorporates her yoga moves into her life literally all the time, while dancing, playing and out at the park or walking down the street. I love the sounds of the Yoga Trance Dance, SweetSilver, that sounds like something we'd both enjoy!

RasJi7's Avatar RasJi7 10:45 PM 07-02-2011

We love Snatam Kaur's DVD (and CD), Shanti the mountaun yogi or adventure of shanti, can't remember.