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Pen_esque 03:13 PM 07-31-2011

I haven't been here in ages, mainly as the forum no longer works for me on my phone greensad.gif, but I'm at the end of my tether with my DD around sleep and I'm looking for some relief.


Has anyone used any hypnosis type CD's to help their LOs to sleep? Any recommendations?


I won't go into all the details as it would take ages, but the basics are:


She's almost 3, cosleeping, and nurses to sleep. Although it can take, um, hours. I've tried everything gentle that I can think of (so no CIO or bludgeoningorngtongue.gif) and it just takes her forever most nights. The constant nursing (then dry nursing) is making me crazy and seeing my 'free' time slip away every night is spirit crushing. She has a variety of strategies to keep herself awake, even though she is clearly exhausted. The flailing, holding a toy in her hand that will fall on her if she drifts and thus wake her up, suddenly getting really interested in her pillow being the 'right' way, needing a drink....again...etc. And then there's the 3 am party time, but never mind that for now.


She is a sensitive, brilliant, gorgeous little person who I love more than life, but by hour 2 of the nipple mauling I am working hard to keep it together.