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Judy Arnall's Avatar Judy Arnall 07:04 AM 02-29-2012

Hi Parents:


When I had my first son, I brought him to our local Mom and Baby class and wondered why he cried the whole time.  All the other babies would sit nicely and he cried and cried, no matter what I did to try and soothe him.  A year later, I learned about temperament.  When I had my second son, he was pretty well opposite.  He laughed and laughed, no matter what!  I learned that temperament is the "how much" of personality and affects so much about living with babies and toddlers - sleep, eating patterns, regularity, and mood.

With teens in the house, we are managing our temperaments better, but distinct quirks still are evident. 


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If you have any questions related to temperament, please post them here!