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Do you leave your holiday-themed children's books (Halloween, Easter, Passover, Christmas, Hannukah, etc) on your kids' bookshelves year-round? Or do you put them away with each holiday's supplies"and bring them out at the "appropriate" time of year? Whatever your choice, tell me why, and if it's worked well for you. I argue this one in both directions inside my own head. :-)
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I store our winter books with our winter decorations and those are really the only seasonal books we have that I'm not interested in reading mid-summer or other random times of the year. My children are quite excited about the books when we open the boxes and I do enjoy seeing them after a ten or eleven month break.

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I agree with pp.  It makes them special and associated with that holiday more.  

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we have with our holiday decoration, same tote (Halloween, Easter, Valentine's day too) and we also have seasons- they come out on the equinox/solstice (ex. spring books on garden, summer books on hiking, winter books on skiing, etc) and go get backed away at the next, we have a birthday tote and we have a few birthday related books in there as well


general holiday books with more than one do stay out year round (ex. a Babar collection book as a Christmas story in it)


we like the change and look forward to the books- generally on the first of the month of the holiday the books come out with the decoration   

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We leave all our books on our bookshelves but only read the holiday-themed books on the appropriate holidays. They are shelved separately, near our religious and cultural reference materials, and not amongst the "regular" storybooks or fiction.


I can understand the attraction in packing them up. It never occurred to me to do it. Possibly because most of our homes have had limited storage and packing up books would take up a fair amount of space. 

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Ours stay on the shelf.


I like to have them up there year round because when it's Christmas time here, it's summer.




We won't be doing much sitting 'by the fire' and reading during summer, but we sure as heck do a lot of that in winter (which is June/July/August here). We also watch Christmas movies in winter! My kids have my christmas gene and love everything Christmas all of the time, so we don't get tire of them easily. Our collection of 35 or so Christmas books makes up less than 10% of our full collection of childrens books, so they are easily lost in the crowd even when up there all year round.


This may sound odd but I also find that if we bring out everything Christmas for four short weeks in December, then it's like Christmas overdrive. The low (once everything is packed/taken down) that follows the high at the beginning (when everything is unpacked), can be just as strong. By having snippets of Christmas throughout the year, we're able to retain the Christmas joy without it going into overdrive.


Whatever you choose to do will be great anyway - Books rock!

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I pack most away and only leave a couple favorites out. 

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We pack ours away with the appropriate decorations (Christmas, Valentine's day, Easter, Halloween) and it is always a treat to have "special" books to read for the holiday.  Some of the books are for younger children and DD would never read them if they were always available.    And it is like getting new books!  Taking the boxes of decorations down for each holiday is always something we look forward to and enjoy, and the books add to that excitement.


We also pack away any holiday-themed coloring books she was given.  We have one Christmas coloring book that has been colored in for 4 years now, and we love to look at the progression of her artistic abilities!

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I pack away the christmas themed books; 3 are tree decoration books and the others are stored else where. This is to help with an overflowing bookshelf - the themed books sit on the table over christmas. (We have one easter themed book that remains on the bookshelf all round).

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Ours are packed away in each holiday's box. It works nicely because then they are more special when we get them back out, and also frees up shelf space throughout the year which is a big deal in our tiny home.

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I say there's no harm in leaving them out all year round.

I can recall looking at Christmas books in the middle of summer when I was a child. Sometimes it's nice to think of what's coming up on the opposite end of the year!

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We leave ours out all year round.  I do defer on reading holiday stuff in the middle of the summer sometimes. LOL

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We absolutely keep them on the shelf year round and the kids enjoy reading them year round. I can't imagine why someone would put them away.

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They are on the bookshelves year-round but only get read in Dec., usually. I don't put them with the decorations because they're not decorations.

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I generally store them with the decorations so that they only come out for a bit every year. There are a few general seasonal books that don't get put away but get taken off the most used shelves.

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We have all books on bookshelves year-around, but our daughter (6.5 and 4) don't read them out of their particular season. I never gave thought about it before. We have even Christmas songs in car year-around and we do sing them and listen to.

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