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momma2beaugirls's Avatar momma2beaugirls 02:36 PM 07-24-2012

Do your kids collect anything? We have an eraser collection!

QueenOfTheMeadow's Avatar QueenOfTheMeadow 03:58 PM 07-25-2012

My youngest son collects stuffed animal puppets.  We have a ball making up puppet shows!

mkksmom's Avatar mkksmom 05:49 PM 07-26-2012
I feel like my dd collects everything that comes into her possession! LOL! But seriously, shells, rocks, and my oldest used to collect rubber duckies.
Red Pajama's Avatar Red Pajama 08:25 PM 07-26-2012

One boy collects stuffed sheep. He has a flock that goes with him any time we spend the night away from home.


The others just have toys. Nothing yet that has settled as collectible.