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What is your five year old doing? What kind of activities are you able to do with your 5 year old and for how long? I appreciate your responses!

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My current 5yo (she'll be 6 in December) has two older brothers to watch, learn from, tagalong with and emulate. Hence my experience with her -- and her experience of being 5 -- is quite different than what her brothers experienced.


For example, she watched her brothers (and papa) play Wii games. She tried a few, she played with papa more than anyone, she played with friends when they visited. Now she is the undisputed expert at a few of the Wii games, especially Kirby's Epic Yarn. thumb.gif


She watches what the boys play on the computers and learns and then asks me to take her to that site or install that disk so that she can try it out. 


Other than this, her own *thing* is usually art/crafting. She LOVES to craft. She has to make something, draw something, paint something everyday. Glue sticks, hole punches and glitter glue are her daily friends. love.gif


This is something that the boys have NO interest in -- so it is all hers.

Mostly my role is to facilitate. I set up her crafting station -- so that everything she uses is right at her fingertips -- and get out of the way. I help tidy the space so that she can keep creating. I enjoy her creations -- asking questions, discussing color and placement choices, etc.


She builds, creates, plays, creates more, experiments with dress up clothes combinations, watches favorite shows (My Little Pony or Tintin currently) and then dances off to do it all again and again.


Sometimes she'll play board games -- with whomever is willing.

Mostly she just wants the freedom to dance and create throughout her day.


She's never known loneliness. She's always had someone to cuddle with, chat with, play with, create with. 


What an awesome life. joy.gif


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My 5 1/2 yr old started reading when she turned 5. Usually, I just happen to read her the book at sleep time and then she reads it over and over again, usually in the bathroom. But she will also read them without my help. She loves to draw and color regularly. So, she'll usually draw hearts and rainbows or humans (mom & dad)  and other such stuff and give them to us. She also wants to write and constantly asks me for spellings. We go to the park every day in summer. She started doing the monkey bars ealier this year. I know it's hard to do because it is q. high from the ground and a couple of moms (strangers) have been surprised she can do them. There are some her age who can't and at least one kid a year younger that we know who can do it. She is always pushing herself if she can't do something and a kid she knows or even a kid she just met at the park can. I was not at all as competitive. She wants to swim but I can't. I take her and she moves around in the water with a swim vest on. But, she isin't desperate to get it because she hasn't yet seen kids her age swimming. One of the things I assign her to do is put grocery away when we buy stuff like small water bottles, juice packs etc. She also helps with putting things away in the lower parts of the fridge.


And yes, lots of pretend play. She didn't do it in the younger years when I thought she would, like at 2. So since around 4 she is making good use of her soft toys. We were lazy and didn't make her practice without the training wheels. Next year for sure. She is v. ready for that. She has joined soccer and not much has happened yet; just v. little practice. Finally, started to shower by herself. Just needs help with me supervising if she has got shampoo on all her below shoulder length hair. And to get her out of the bath tub after she's done.


Your question asks what we moms can do with them. Most of this she does herself or with little help. I can't join her in much as I am doing house work, mostly cooking. Then we go to a park for 2 hrs every day. I read or just take a break and get some sun. She can't do much by herself for a few minutes at home. Every 15 minutes she needs me unless she is in front of a screen.

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Tyr turns 6 in Nov.  He loves to read (been reading well since late 3 early 4).  His fave is Geronimo Stilton-he is so excited beause he just got the brand new hardcover "The Dragon Prophecy" http://www.amazon.com/Geronimo-Stilton-Kingdom-Fantasy-Prophecy/dp/0545393515

He is also a video game master (he's been playing since 18m).  He loves puzzle/world building games etc....he has most game systems (from Leapster to Xbox 360).  He also loves board and tabletop games (Carcassone, Wobbly, Uno Tippo, Sorry-just learning chess etc)

He also loves science-the elements, biology, doing experiments.

He is still learning how to swim (isn't confident without a floaty). 

He loves to play outside-playgrounds (getting more confident climbing high), is getting quite good with hitting a ball (softball).

We have game night with friends every couple weeks and play games together often.  We go to the park together.  He enjoys when I pull out the crafts.  He loves to help cook and bake (I just wish I had a bigger kitchen).  We go as a family to the Science Centre often as we have season passes.

He starts grade 1 on Tuesday so family activities will be even more cherished.

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My 5 year old loves to tumble around the house doing handstands and cartwheels. She is also really into imaginative play - she plays in her room with her dolls or playmobil for up to 2 hours.  This level of independent play is new in the past 6 months.  We're reading much more involved stories together and she follows the storyline much better in the last 6 months.  We read for about an hour every night.  She's just learning to read on her own, but she doesn't like to show it off and I haven't seen her sit down and read herself a book yet.  She's very into friends and enjoys playdates.  Her self care is also really developing.  She can wash her own hair in the bath and brush her hair and teeth well by herself.  I feel much less needed these days!

-Ecstatic mommy to amazing DD, 2/07 :
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Aidan turned 5 in July.  He LOVES to ride his bike without training wheels and learned how about 9 months ago.  He also loves to swim and can swim without floaties for the past year.  He also got the gene for video games(like my husband!) and can really play the Wii and DSi.  Loves to build with Legos and Lincoln logs though he does have some trouble figuring out how to build what he wants.  Aidan has a great attention span(unlike my ADHD 7 yr old) and can sit for a long time.  He likes to be read to, knows his phonics for the most part, but could care less to learn to read and isn't picking up very well on that yet(maybe by the end of kindergarten, maybe!).  We are starting him in Karate this year and at the trial class last month, he did really well at paying attention and behaving, unlike my 7 yr old that had tons of trouble focusing. 


Aidan really likes a lot of things and can do a lot of things, but he doesn't care much for "learning" and unlike many other people I hear from, I do not expect him to start reading for another 18-24 mths, he is just not there yet.

Cassie, mom to Alex(7), Aidan(5), Andrew(4)

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DS turned 5 two months ago.


We are tv-free and maybe ten minutes of looking at pictures or something on the ipad a week. No games or other media.


He is read to about two hours every day. His drawing skills are quite good and makes and illustrates books all the time, laboriously spelling out each word and do the illustrations. In his own voice of course. He likes a few other art things (at his Reggio preschool they do a lot of natural clay, wire work, woodwork, make their own pigments, etc.) He likes acting and telling stories and in storyplays. He can work on an art project for upwards of two hours without a break. He likes activity books, sticker books where you match up the picture, and maze books. He is quite good with puzzles and used to play with a lot but rarely does anymore.


He has loved duplos for a long time, now lego, and also playmobil. He can get them out and 2-3 hours without coming up for air. He enjoys playing with other people too but is content by himself, especially in the morning. I think the maximum was almost five hours straight one time. He is wildly creative with just about anything if his favorites aren't available i.e. a packet of sugar packets at a restaurant or just a single straw.


He loves to ride his scooter and swims pretty well now. He still can't ride a trike. His coordination and overall athleticism really improved this year. He is pretty lazy/passive when it comes to self care. He will happily have his teeth brushed, clothes picked out, and although he can do a lot of things he often won't unless forced.


He loves dress up and role playing (pirates, knights) but not really other imaginative play like kitchen or dolls.


If anything, eyeroll, his attention span has decreased in the last year. He has always been very focused.


He starts K in two days.

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Really interesting to see all of the different stages kids are in...

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Cute thread! My 5.5 yo dd loves to play with mud. She makes mud pies, mud soup, mud everything, and sells it to us for play money.

She is just learning to read and tries to sound out everything.

DD loves anything to do with nature - bugs, snake skin, animal bones, old wasp nests- everything.

Her newest thing is swimming with no floatation device, it's been awesome!
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She will be six in a few weeks, but she is a brilliant, adventurous, tomboy who loves dresses. biggrinbounce.gif


She likes to climb, swing from ropes, read short books, draw, play on the computer, calculate and tell us the sums of numbers, repeat lines from movies, cook, etc...Oh, she loves the water.

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My L just turned 5 today!!! She is writing her name and will copy any word or sentence onto paper that she sees..She can write her numbers and can add simple 1 digit numbers with help from her fingers:) She loves to sing and dance(although we do no formal lessons for these)..She was very into sports for the YMCA where we lived but we just moved a few weeks ago and I haven't gotten the lowdown on soccer for around here yet...She is riding her two-wheeler with training wheels and has just learned to swim but still needs tons of practice...she loves to do arts and crafts and plays a mean game of Candyland..Very competitive:)) She has really just started to voice her own styles for clothes(loves purple and wearing skirts)and is a total DIVA...Oh and she is wiggling teeth that aren't loose yet in the hopes that someday soon it will be her pillow the Toothefairy will visit and leave her lots of doller bills and coins...:)) She likes money and can tell you what each coin is...


Oh and she just started Kindergarden yesterday and thinks she is going to Highschool next year:))

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My five year old loves to read. Her favorite series are the Little House on the Prairie books (currently reading the Rose Years) and The Magic Tree House. She loves books with adventure (especially pioneer books) and fantasy, but she also still scares easily (and finds Harry Potter too scary). She often reads alone in her room for hours. I have trouble getting her to go to bed at night, because I keep finding her in her room with her nose in a book. She likes to write (or rather type stories on the computer). She likes movies, though I try to keep the movies to a miniumum.. She is writing what I would consider Magic Tree House fanfiction. She likes to climb: she will climb on top of swing sets, up 20 feet in the air in trees...it can be sort of terrifying and amazeballs all at once. She likes to play board games: mancala, chess, and Gobblet are her favorites. She likes dolls. She especially likes to pretend to mother babies that she wears in a sling. She also likes to pretend she is her younger brother's mother. She likes to help take care of him, and they finally play pretty nicely together, most often playing trains, blocks, or store, though she still will hit and push him sometimes. She still has invisible friends and likes playdates as long as they aren't at our house. She will ride her bike up to 10 miles (no training wheels) and is learning how to skateboard. She likes math and is very good at it. She understands concepts like regrouping for addition and subtraction, how to add and subtract negative numbers, how to multiply small numbers, etc... She loves to wear dresses and skirts. Her favorite color is blue. She's still a very picky eater and a veggie resister, but her palate has started to expand. She likes to finger knit, and we have started working on knitting with needles. She likes craft projects but generally doesn't initiate any art or craft stuff on her own. We do a lot of it anyway. In the last few days, we've made apple dolls, mud painting, and apple painting. Currently, she does not attend school, but she says she'd like to go after we move.

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