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Hey mamas,


Okay, so this is the deal.....


My son is 5 years old and just started kindergarten last week.  On Friday morning when I was taking him to school he said he had a headache, but he didnt really make a big deal of it so we went about our day and I dropped him at school. When I picked him up I saw that he was kinda glassy eyed and a little subdued and I felt his head and noted he had a fever. I checked his fever and it was around 101. That night it got up to around 103 and broke. In the morning when he woke up he was achy, said he had a headache, and the snot was running out of him ( its clear colored). So Saturday he didnt have much of an appetite, I didnt want to force him to eat anything. He nibbled a little bit. He said his throat hurt. I checked in his throat and he had red inflamed tonsils and some white patches on them. I have been desperately trying to get him to stay hydrated but he refuses. I get creative and make him take sips every 5-10 min. So, Sunday his fever got up to 104.5 axillary and I started to get nervous. I gave him some tylenol when he was completely miserable and achey.  I dont like to give him tylenol and most that I have researched about it said that parents over react about fevers and that a fever will usually not get over 105.. and supressing fevers can be unwise. ect. Sunday night his fever broke and he was cool as a cucumber the next morning until the afternoon when he started running a low grade fever again. Still having all the symptoms of the flu... I forgot to mention he also got diahrea. I thought that he most likely had tonsillitus, as most of his symtoms matched, including the high fever. Monday morning I called the dr. and asked her if we should come in for a strep test just incase. I was at work, so DH brought him in to the dr... it was a last minute apt so he was shuffled to a dr. that we have never seen. Apparently my son would not cooperate with her when she was doing the strep test and she was really flustered and rude to my DH and my son. So, basically she told DH that i was crazy for letting his temperature get that high and I could give him brain damage. She said we should give tylenol for anything over 102. Basically that means I would be giving him tylenol at the max does for the last 3+ days if I followed her recomendation. So, she said "well do you just want to take some antibiotics? because its probably strep and he will not cooperate with the exam". Also she said she was very worried about his airway and prescribes prednazone.


Is this not bad practice? Is it a good idea to give antibiotics for something when you dont even know if its bacterial? Anyway, at this point DH called me and I am freaking out. I have given him his first dose of amoxicillian but I have not given him the prednazone, I am scared of that stuff, it has awful side effects from what I have seen and he seems to be breathing okay.


He is still acting playful most of the time, he is sick and tired and miserable. He still plays blocks and legos and drives his little bcar around the house. He is laying down taking it easy most of the time. But he does still try to push his boundries... and that to me is a good indication that he can't be too sick? right?


I dont know. This is the first time he has been this sick, or run such a high temp. It has been scary and the dr. giving us a hard time made me lose confidence a bit.


Whats your opinion? Does this seem like the flu? How long does it last? We are going on day 4 and its been rough on everyone :) especially my poor little guy.


Thanks <3

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That sounds scary.  It's hard you don't know what's wrong with your child and then the doctor is doing a sub-par job. 


If he's playing, it sounds like he's doing okay, but if I were you, I'd want to know if he actually had strep throat or not, especially since you're giving him antibiotics.  Since you started the antibiotics, I think you have to finish them, regardless if he actually has strep or not, but I'm no doctor.  If I were you, I'd try and get him to your regular doctor, get a strep test, and ask about the antibiotics.


To me, it doesn't sound like the flus that my kids have been through.  Usually they don't come with patchy, sore throats and the fevers aren't quite so high or persistent.  But I'm not sure. 


One thing that helps when my kids won't drink, is giving them ice chips.  They are a little easier to have in your mouth when your throat hurts.


I hope your little one feels better soon!

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The docs my kids have seen have not been upset about temps around 102-103 except to make sure they are hydrated. Also, in my experience, if the illness required antibiotics, the antibiotics kick in fairly quickly (3-4 hours), and you feel much better having taken them. I am not a doctor, though, and I wouldn't hesitate to make another appointment with a different doctor if you don't think the advice you got was sound. Hope your son feels better soon!

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I would get a second opinion from another doctor. I do give my kids and myself meds if our symptoms are heavy and we are unable to rest. Also you can ask the new doctor about the white patches, I asked ours once and she told me how to ID patches from a virus.


I usually don't take my kids in until day 7+ for an illness because it is usually a virus. If they are not getting better or getting worse then I will take them. Kindy is the year of illness for alot of kids. Bummer but it is part of going to school.

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I would try for a second opinion, and try to have a strep test done again, if the first doctor was not successful. I had strep all the time as I child, and I always presented with high fevers and white patches on my tonsils, as well as a headache. 


I will say, one time I was hospitalized with a fever of 104.7. But I also passed out at my pediatrician's office, which partially prompted the admission, combined with the fever and a swollen throat. But your DS's fever was very high. Our household stance is that anything that is 104 or higher will prompt a call to the after-hours call service (and DH is a doctor, so I am lucky that I have an in-house consultant). smile.gif


I typically will only give a fever-reducer if DD's temp goes above 102.5. Thankfully, she does not seem to have inherited my knack at contracting respiratory illnesses (particularly strep), she has yet to have strep throat, even when it ran rampant in her preschool last year. But I am a strong believer that fever reducers like ibuprofen and tylenol are important. Temps under 102....not so much. 104+...definitely.


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I hope your little man is feeling better.  I'm very prone to strep, and with it I get a fever that comes and goes.  Most of the time when I have strep I feel fine, except for a terribly sore throat.  So he could have it and feel well enough to play.  It is a serious illness as if left untreated as it can lead to blood poisening.  The first time I got it I was 18, living away from my parents for the first time, and I left the strep so long before seeking treatment that I had to be hospitalised!


You have probably got your second opinion now and all, but if you haven't yet I would continue with the antibiotics.  If it is strep it will clear rapidly with the antib's.

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Dd's got the strep as we speak. It's not a good idea for them to give the antibiotics without knowing but most of the time they can see and recognize the infection.


Last time, dd's swab came back as negative. She was asked to be put on antibiotics anyway since her throat was v. red and inflamed. In the mean time they sent the throat swab culture to a lab for further tests. The results were negative but the doctor had found it neccessary to give the antibiotic anyway and to do all 10 days of it.

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Originally Posted by kyndfolk View Post


Whats your opinion? Does this seem like the flu? How long does it last? We are going on day 4 and its been rough on everyone :) especially my poor little guy.


Thanks <3

It doesn't sound like the flu.  It does sound more like strep than anything.  


Honestly, though, I'd have been giving tylenol and motrin for the fever and discomfort.  I wouldn't suffer through the pain myself, I wouldn't expect my child to either.


On the other hand, I grew up in the early 70s, and we didn't go to the doctor, or have tylenol or motrin.  (that I am aware of) we had asprin, and whisky.  (seriously)  I survived, and I can only remember a few times I was so sick that I wish someone had taken  me to a doctor or hospital or something.   So, I think we do recover from most things on our own.

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Hi, sorry that your son feels sick! I am not a doctor but my daughter who is the same age suffered from a virus a couple of weeks ago which our doctor said it was called hand foot mouth disease. Actually my 15 month old got it first. It is highly contagious between children. Both of my kids had high fevers. My 5 yr old symptoms sound very much like your child's. Up and down fevers, play a bit, rest a bit and over all just miserable. She also had white blisters in her mouth / throat. Complained when she ate, etc. Her symptoms started with a headache and glassy eyes also. The story goes is that they have blisters in their mouth's and can break out in a rash on their hands and feet. My daughter did not have the rash on her hands and feet, but her eczema patches flaired extremely bad!!!! My baby that had it first did have the rash that came on around day 4-5 after the initial start of symptoms. It took over a week for both of them to start feeling better. You may want to look into it and compare symptoms. Or ask a doctor. I am no doctor, but they do sound similar. My son picked up this virus from daycare. It also can be contagious for 10 days and can stay active in a child's bowel movements for up to 6 months. Our doctor 's advice was give tylenol and motin as needed and let it run it's course and he prescribed a mouthwash to ease her throat pain. I hope this is some help to you. It was a very miserable time for us!!!!!!
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Doesn't sound like the flu to me either. It does sound like strep, and step is the one thing I take seriously and give anti-biotics for. I have to agree on the second opinion. Also, make sure you are giving pro-biotics between the anti-biotics.

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Hey Everyone!


Thanks for all your kind words and advice. Thankfully he is feeling 100% better now.  I opted to give him the amoxicillian and negate the prednazone. He came around fairly quickly after that, so I think there is a really good chance it was strep. I got it frequently as a kid so he might too. I am all about giving him some tylenol if he looks miserable, but I am afraid of all the stories I have heard about liver damage, etc. So I only really use it if I think its completely neccasary. He even ended up making one day of school last week :) The teacher reports that he is now the least sick kid in the class, runny noses are rampant. Welcome to Kindergarten, lol.


Thanks again

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glad to hear he is feeling better my kids caught alot of things at beginning of kindergarten cause they were around new kids and new germs if you know what i mean but glad he is feeling better. 

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