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adinal's Avatar adinal 09:35 PM 01-30-2013
I'll admit up front, I'm kind of bad at hand washing. I often forget to do it right when we get home or after wiping one if the kids noses. bag.gif

But of course I want my 6 yo to wash her hands a lot during the cold and flu season. She is, as a lot of kids are, slightly less enthusiastic about the idea.

How do you get your kids ( and remember yourself) to wash their hands?

BellinghamCrunchie's Avatar BellinghamCrunchie 11:54 PM 01-30-2013

Foam soap worked well for DD, plus me being there with her to do it with her.

serenbat's Avatar serenbat 09:56 AM 01-31-2013

all together as well


you come home -shoes go right off, coat and everyone goes into the bathroom


you are eating- not until you wash your hands


you want to help in the kitchen, no wash-NO helping!


you go to the bathroom, you know to wash because it's been done for as long as you can remember

SweetSilver's Avatar SweetSilver 12:09 PM 01-31-2013

I struggle with this as well, but having been in the nanny business before, I am in the habit of washing hands myself.  I do forget to insist oftentimes, and they frequently protest (except getting dressed and ready for gym-- I just wish they did it without a fight after).


My method when they refuse and I think they should?  I take a page from dear old Grandpa and scare the daylights out of them by telling them that is almost always how they get sick.  We don't get sick very often (we homeschool--that helps a tiny bit, having less contact with dozens of kids everyday) and they hate being sick with a passion.  


Now, if only I can remember to remind them, especially before eating.......

tropicana's Avatar tropicana 09:35 PM 01-31-2013

how do you get yourself and your children to wash your hands frequently?


you get compulsive about doing it. take it seriously, and be THANKFUL that you live in an time and place where you even CAN wash your hands many multiple times a day. 


this seriously does prevent illness...

adinal's Avatar adinal 11:20 AM 02-01-2013

All great advice. I think I'm going to put a note by the coat rack to remind me. With getting everyone in the house and the baby settled, I often just forget.  I need a reminder.

adinal's Avatar adinal 03:08 PM 02-03-2013

Alright!  the note helps!!!


Any fun soaps that help encourage your kids?