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hcoombridge's Avatar hcoombridge 10:18 PM 03-14-2013

My eight year old son has always been rather messy when peeing, it frequently seems to end up on the rim or on the floor, which I am getting very tired of! I have spoken with him about it often and he's promised to be careful, but he says sometimes it's hard to control the direction.


I'm a single mom, but I spoke to my sister about it and she said her two boys and husband occasionally have poor 'aim', but she said it's infrequent, and just something that happens with males.


I have been wondering whether my son's problem has something to do with him being uncircumcised. I know my nephews are both circumcised, and they don't seem to have any problem.


Should I have taught my son to pull back his foreskin to pee? I don't recall reading or being told anything about this. His foreskin started to retract when he was about 4 I think, but I only ever taught him to do it in the shower.


Any help would be appreciated!

tbone_kneegrabber's Avatar tbone_kneegrabber 08:09 AM 03-15-2013

My son's urologist (he had an undescended testicle at birth) and his ped told me and ds that as soon as his foreskin retracts (which is did around 4-ish) that he should retract when peeing.  I don't think he actually does (he's 5.5) but aim only seems to be an issue when he's not paying attention so I didn't think of that as the reasoning.


Some other ideas: asking him to sit when he pees and point his penis downward (sitting to pee is common in many places around the world).


Putting Cherrios in the toilet for him to practice aiming at.


Making him clean the bathroom. (at 8 this is totally doable.  I think I was cleaning the bathroom by 8.  You can always do it together if that seems like a big leap for him.  You do the shower/tub and floor, he does the sink and toilet).