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We have recently rearranged the rooms in our house to allow for a better home office space for dh. There are two bedrooms on the first floor now, me in a small one and the boys (6 and 8) in the other.  I will not sleep in the bedroom upstairs because 1) ds2 still joins me in bed halfway throught he night on most nights - doesn't wake me, I'm fine with this, and 2) I still want to be able to hear and help right away when a child vomits in the middle of the night, or has a nightmare, etc.  Dh camps upstairs still, not willing to change bedrooms because he thinks we should be able to enjoy the master bedroom upstairs and not worry about being on a separate floor from the kids.  Anyway, would you sleep on a separate floor as kids of this age?  How old would you be comfortable with? 

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My youngest was 5 when we moved to a house where the upstairs had all the kids' rooms and ours was downstairs. My biggest fear was someone falling down the stairs! If someone is sick and needs me, her yelling has always woken up(or alerted someone still awake) someone else who then came to get me.


In a few months the oldest is moving out, then the other two will move rooms and then there will be a room for me to turn into the toddler's room, but she is solely sleeping in our bed still. The bottom of the stairs is gated, also.

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Honestly, when they stop needing me in the middle of the night.  Both my 9yo & 4yo STILL do (although the 9yo it's less common these days).  I long for the day (I don't mind them coming in to my bed--but it's seriously limiting our housing choices and we've been looking for almost 3 years due to relocation... blech)

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All 4 of our kids are on the main floor while we are on a different floor.  Dh and I moved to the main floor when ds1 was born 10 years ago and stayed there until our youngest ones were about 3 years.  At that age they were ready to transistion to their own bed (instead of cosleeping) so we moved back downstairs.  I did worry about the stairs if they needed us in the middle of the night but it's been 2 years now and there hasn't been an issue.  2-3 mornings a week we wake up with someone else in our bed so they can handle the stairs.  We leave a small light on in the kitchen so they can see.  We also still use a baby monitor in the twins room so we can hear them.  Ds1 will let us know if he needs us, as he is not particularly quiet when he needs something eyesroll.gif.  If we were still upstairs we would have 6 of us crammed into the 3 small bedrooms which I guess would be do-able but not entirely comfortable. 

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Ds has since he was almost 5.  We coslept when we moved here, not thinking that someday he would move out of our room.  He had a bedroom all set up for 3 years, but didn't move in there until crying baby dd woke him up one too many times :)  Then he decided he couldn't take it anymore and left.  The kids don't mind and while I can't hear them unless they are really loud, we haven't had a problem in 7 years.  A few times dd has gone to her brother's room with a nightmare, but he just pulls her in his bed rather than coming to get one of us.  We leave a brighter light on so they can get up the stairs just fine.

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I'd need them to be an age where they don't just scream for me to get them when they feel sick or have nightmares but either go back to sleep by themselves or come get me in my room.
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