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mama amie's Avatar mama amie 02:59 PM 07-31-2013
I've just recently stumbled upon the secular humanist and freethinker philosophies, and I really jive with them. I wonder if anyone has book recommendations that would lean in this direction for young kids. Chapter books and picture books are fine. Thanks!

momasana's Avatar momasana 12:49 AM 08-01-2013

I don't know of any secular humanist books geared directly towards children but would love to hear what others might know of.


A parenting book that we've enjoyed is "Parenting Beyond Belief: On Raising Ethical, Caring Kids Without Religion"

womenswisdom's Avatar womenswisdom 07:55 AM 08-01-2013
Maybe not so much for really young kids, but The Magic of Reality by Richard Dawkins is good.
mama amie's Avatar mama amie 12:35 PM 08-01-2013
I've read a bit of Parenting Beyond Belief, which lead me to 'Raising Freethinkers', which are my intros to those philosophies (or that they have names). I plan to buy Raising Freethinkers, since it has such great activities and resources for all age groups.

I am interested in the Dawkins book, too. I'll see if the library has that one. Thanks!
mamarhu's Avatar mamarhu 11:28 AM 08-18-2013

Slightly different topic, but For Every Child a Better World by Kermit the Frog is about International Human Rights, and a great starting point for discussions.


I am interested to see what suggestions come up here!

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