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Thank goodness my 6th grader is able to wear juniors sizes this year. The last two years she was in charter school and they wore uniforms that consisted of white shirts and khaki or navy pants. But this year she is in private school and dresses/skirts are only allowed. We had the hardest time at first finding clothing for her. All of it was so flashy and childish looking. Actually, I wouldn't even put these clothes on my 4 year old. But the stores like Target, Walmart, even Old Navy, Sears and other big stores all sold clothing with glitter, flowers, peace signs etc on them. We could find no plain skirts or tops anywhere. Then I found out she could wear size XS in juniors clothing and we found peace. Has anyone else noticed the selection of clothing for preteen girls really stinks right now?

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I can't find much I like for my 6 year old daughter. She's too big for the "toddler" section, but so much of the big girl stuff is just really not my taste. Not all of it, of course, but most of it is so old looking. I don't like that they are the same styles I see when I'm shopping for myself. So yes! I agree. I usually thrift shop, but her size is thin in those, too.

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I can't stand all the see through clothing but it seems like a trend that is here to stay. My DD loves the glitter and frills and was sad to have to switch up to juniors clothing this year. She can still wear kid shirts but pants and dresses are out due to height. She did finally find some clothes she likes.
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Try Lands End.

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Yes! I can't stand the selection of clothes at those places. Luckily my nine year old doesn't like them either... And still wants me picking out all her clothes. We get most of her clothing from 2nd hand stores or hand me downs.
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Uuugh. Pretty much all girls clothes stink, and have for the last 5-7 years. Everything either looks like the god of sparkles threw up, has bratty sayings or logs, or is garish pink with ruffles, lace, and frills everywhere.


What ever happened to blue jeans and solid color t-shirts for girls? When did they have to look like prancing princesses all day, every day?


Actually, all boys' clothes from department stores stink too. I can't find anything that's not blue, grey or rust-orange. Or covered in logos, sports patterns, or bratty sayings.


I might just be Land's End's biggest customer. Hanna Andersson for my younger kids too. Once in a while I like Gymboree but their quality doesn't stand up enough for me to justify buying it often.


I also just found Mini Boden and Jonny B last year. Where has this company been all my life!? I find their stuff high quality, well-made, tasteful and age-appropriate. It's like a dream come true. They're pricey, but so worth it because like Hannas, they hold up forever and never go that far out of style, because they're classic rather than trendy for the most part.

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