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lauranhc's Avatar lauranhc 07:57 AM 11-26-2013

Hi all,


My 4 year old DD has croup. Came out of nowhere. She was a little under the weather yesterday but her overall demeanor did not change until last night at bedtime. She fell asleep fine but woke up with an extremely barky cough--sounds like croup. I ran the steamy shower, sat with her in there a few times throughout the night which helped. This morning the barkiness of the cough is gone but there's still a cough so I'm assuming the barkiness will be back tonight. 


Any recommendations for natural remedies? Has anyone tried black elderberry syrup and had success? She also has bad asthma so we have an emergency nebulizer but I'm not sure how much that would help in this case because her symptoms are much different than when she has an asthma flare-up.  



grethel's Avatar grethel 12:33 PM 11-26-2013

I don't know anything about elderberry, but my 4 year old has croup too! Same symptoms almost exactly - came out of nowhere night before last with fever, barking cough and wheezing all night. Then yesterday she was fine but for a bit of coughing, and last night another night of barking cough.

I'm glad the steamy shower seemed to help - our doctor actually recommended the opposite, that we take her out into the cold night air when she's having a coughing fit. Apparently the wheezing and barking cough are due to inflammation of the area around the vocal cords, so cold air can help. I have no idea how that would jibe with asthma, though. And that is assuming you live somewhere where it's feasible - where we live the night temp is in the 30s-40s right now.


I hope your little one feels better today.

lauranhc's Avatar lauranhc 12:36 PM 11-26-2013

Thanks! I've heard either for the cough--steamy or cold air. We're in the northern part of the US so cold air is an option but at 2am I didn't feel like dragging myself outside! :) 


Hope your little one feels better today too--never fun when they are sick! 

100%mom's Avatar 100%mom 01:05 PM 11-26-2013
I've given elderberry for coughs. Pretty sure I did for my son who has asthma too. He has had that barking cough so many times.
A&A's Avatar A&A 07:37 PM 12-03-2013

Elderberry can cause a cytokine storm and make the coughing worse.

lauranhc's Avatar lauranhc 02:14 PM 12-09-2013

Thank you!