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rainbownurse's Avatar rainbownurse 05:37 PM 05-26-2014
Originally Posted by HandsandHearts View Post

No, I would have to agree with 3LilChunks on this one. Children will be children and love to explore everything around them, but as a parent, it's our job to guide our children to what's right and what's wrong. Just because a child wants something and we don't give it to them, doesn't mean it will be damaging to them. Sure, you may have little boys that prefer the color pink, and like to play with girl toys more than boy toys, but dressing them in dresses and high heels is setting them up for confusion later on. I may be the only one here with this perspective, but as a Christian I feel as though gender roles are already defined, and not something that can be chosen. Not saying that little girls can't play in the mud, or little boys can't play house, (some of my favorite childhood memories were made playing outside and getting dirty! :) but it's important to show them certain things pertaining to their gender are not acceptable. I think it's wonderful to foster the character your son is becoming (I've met a couple boys like this and they always seem to be more caring and gentle) :) But I think dressing up like a girl is crossing the line a bit.

If OP was dressing her little boy up in dresses and high heels I would agree with you. But she's not, she's allowing her son to chose his clothes and how he presents himself to the world. She;s allowing her son to explore who he is, all while knowing that his parents love him  no matter what. This is an incredibly important lesson for children to learn.
Gender roles are constantly being re-defined. Not so long ago, pink and high heels were considered very masculine. 

blessedwithboys's Avatar blessedwithboys 07:03 PM 05-26-2014
Originally Posted by emma goldman View Post

 He is interested in boy things (legos) 


What makes Legos a "boy" toy?

EnviroBecca's Avatar EnviroBecca 02:45 PM 06-05-2014
Related to EarthRootsStarSoul's experience with the pink cup: My partner's grandfather is 98 and has found that his age allows him to ask any question and get a respectful answer. So when he was waiting to be seated at a restaurant and the people ahead of him asked for a highchair and the hostess said, "Is your baby a boy or girl?", when she came back he asked her why that matters. She said it was not about the high chair but about what color DRINKING STRAW the baby would get!! (I don't like the idea of a baby young enough for a highchair using a straw, any color--they are kind of sharp on the end and can scrape the mouth.) Grandpa has been telling everyone this story for months, marveling that anyone thinks a boy can't use a pink STRAW for gosh sakes!
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