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Hi! my niece Anna-Maria has a video player in her room. I don't know how to make a poll so here's my fruitless effort: Would you ever consider letting your child have a video player in his/her room? if so at what age?

  • No way!!!!! never no matter what!!!!!
  • Yes I would let them have one as soon as they were 4-6
  • yes I would consider it as soon as they were 7-9
  • yes at 10-13
  • Yes at 14-15
  • Maybe when they move out but definitely not now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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We have one t.v. in the entire house. In my humble opinion t.v.'s do not belong in the bedroom
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Not in my house. Screens in the bedroom easily lead to staying up too late, falling asleep watching it, staying away from the family to watch it, possibly watching things not allowed. No tv in my bedroom either, never ever. Portable ones like the tablet are ok if it is far from bedtime and I know what is playing.

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We have one tv in our living room which is hooked up to a computer, not cable, though we watch shows for free off and Right now my kids are 2 and 4 and I have no intention of letting them have a tv in their room ever, though I might cave at some point. I'm also considering getting an ipad for restaurants, long car rides, etc., but I haven't done it yet, because I'm worried I'll be weak and let them use it a lot more than that.

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We don't have TV but we do have Netflix and my dd has a laptop she mostly uses to watch music on YouTube. She is very responsible with it so I don't limit it.
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I have one tv in the living room..It is hooked up to a DVD/VHS player..No cable...I won't have it in the bedroom..We rarely watch tv but when we do it isnt at bedtime..So no tv in her bedroom anytime soon...
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Nope... that's obsolete technology. We have kindles/IPADS/smartphones. They can watch shows in any room of the house. smile.gif

Video media really isn't consumed in the same way it was when we were young. Sometimes DD takes a cell phone, and puts on a show/utube video for the dolls in her dollhouse. Sometimes she turns on a movie(musical) and dances to the music. Sometimes both kids sit down and watch a whole show together. By the time my kids are teenagers, I don't anticipate anyone really owning or using a VHS/DVD player. Tv's will be a hybrid of smart tv's/tablets/computers. They will be used for researching homework while watching an improvement video for their chosen sport or hobby, and possible video-chatting with a friend from school. This technology will be prevalant and persistant in all school, work, and home.

That being said, I don't ever limit, 'screen time', food, or anything else. They are both very actively involved in extracuricular activities outside of the house, so for the few hours a week we are home, they get to do whatever they want. smile.gif

" rel="">familybed2.gif  DD1 12/05, DD2 12/08

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I certainly would not install a video player, or even just a TV, in a child's bedroom at any age because it implies that it's okay to watch TV/videos alone and/or at bedtime.


When I was 15-16, a small "spare" TV set was stored in my room.  I sometimes plugged it in and could get good enough reception to watch two channels.  However, my parents strongly discouraged this, and when I did watch something in there they would check up on me to see what I was watching.  I think that was appropriate.


Now that we have the option of watching videos on iPad, I sometimes allow my son to do this alone, and in theory he could do it in his bedroom--I can't recall that he ever has, but once we have a baby who isn't supposed to have any screentime, he'll likely be doing that.  However, I've always made very clear that it is MY iPad, he needs permission to use it every time, and he needs to be above-board about what he's going to do.  The few times I have come upon him doing something different (for example, he asked to use it for a moment to check the weather forecast; half an hour later I found him playing a game) I have been very firm about how that's not trustworthy behavior.  I'm also concerned about watching videos from YouTube unsupervised (as opposed to watching purchased video stored on the iPad) because it's so easy to stumble upon something inappropriate--for example, one time when he and I were watching train videos together, a link came up that turned out to be security camera footage of an accident in which a baby in a stroller fell onto the tracks and was hit by a train; she turned out to be miraculously fine, but it was still upsetting to see, so I'm glad I was there to talk about it.

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Originally Posted by marilyn612 View Post

We have one t.v. in the entire house. In my humble opinion t.v.'s do not belong in the bedroom

Same here.

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My girls aren't old enough yet, but I think maybe at age 8-9 with these rules: 1) no watching without asking me.

                                                                                                                          2) I must know they are watching at all times.

                                                                                                                          3) they may not watch it after 5:00 p.m.

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