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Hello there!  I have two great kids DD is 8.5 and DS is turning 6 next week.  They are both typically developing kids, doing very well at school and they have normal and happy, well adjusted social lives.  They both wet the bed every night.  They are both still in pull-ups.  I've been basically ignoring it.  I've heard that lots of kids simply need to wear pull-ups until they reach a certain age and then they won't need them anymore.  I, myself, was one of these kids.  No big deal.  But BOTH of them??


But I'm wondering, is it something I'm doing wrong?  I've tried waking them up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, but they are both such deep sleepers. Ultimately, I have bigger things to worry about, I suppose.  They both do sleepovers and simply bring their pull-ups.  So far, their friends haven't made fun of them or anything... it's just one of those things.


My DD's teachers are appalled that she's still in pull-ups at night and have told me that I need to worry about her social standing in the school.  I should also say that my DD kind of "leaks" at school sometimes, which is why the issue came up with her teachers (they noticed she kinda smells like pee a little bit).  So far, she has had no negative reactions from friends or anything regarding that issue either.  It's something the teachers notice, but I don't think the kids do very much.  Again, this is something I experienced in childhood and I remember it basically going away around age 10 or so. 


I've talked to the ped about it.  He didn't give me much info, but didn't seem worried, said it's pretty normal.  He said we could work on giving her a more fiber-rich diet.


What do you guys think?  It would be great to get them out of pull-ups.

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I would strongly recommend getting a bedwetting alarm, it worked extremely well for us. Bedwetting is more of a sleep issue rather than a bladder issue.  The alarm deals with the sleep issue.  The one I bought was about $70, way cheaper than constantly buying pull-ups.

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Bedwetting can be caused by all sorts of things, so a statement like "it's more of a sleep issue than a bladder issue" just isn't true. It can be either or both. If you go to the doctor for bedwetting, they will test your bladder in case it's an issue.


There is a hormone that is secreted by most people during sleep that makes them slow urine production all night. Many bedwetters are missing this hormone. I wet the bed until I was about 13, and that was my problem. I learned to wake up with the peeing impulse and still need to get up to pee in the middle of the night most nights.


OP, you say you also wet the bed. Until how old? It is likely genetic and inherited from you.

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Thanks Gillibean and Michelle.


I did wet the bed until age 10 ish, maybe a bit older.  I don't remember.  I remember my mom was at her wit's end about it and had me all kinds of invasive tests at the doctor.  I even had to see a psychiatrist who tried to convince me that my bedwetting was a way of "getting back at my mother."  It was all so traumatizing!


I've thought about getting bedwetting alarms, but my kids will sleep through anything!  One night, a whole row kitchen cabinets (filled with all our dishes and glasses) came loose and fell down with a crash so loud I thought a truck had crashed into the house.  They slept though that.  They even slept through my screams of bloody murder because I thought the world was coming to and end, LOL!


One night, my dog got skunked in the face and came running into the house foaming at the mouth.  The skunk smell was so strong, DH and I were gagging, our eyes were burning, we couldn't breathe and we were carrying on wildly about the whole commotion.  They slept through that too.  


So I suppose it's a combination of a sleep issue and a bladder issue.  When they were little I was able to carry them to the bathroom at night and sit them down on the potty.  But now they are so big!  My DD is getting to be almost as tall as me!


I've tried just having them not wear pull-ups to see if they will figure it out on their own.  The only thing that does seem to wake them up at night is discovering themselves in amid wet bedsheets.  But it was too much of the pain in the butt to keep chaining the sheets in the middle of the night!  So, back to pull-ups.



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I think I might consider a second opinion from a doctor for your dd's situation because she has some issues during the day as well. Plus, I think it will ease your mind if they agree with the pediatrician. I would ask for an apt with a pediatric urologist.

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I wouldn't be very worried about nighttime bed wetting at this point, but I would be concerned about your daughter's dribbling of urine during the day. Have you talked with the pediatrician about that?
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