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superbeans 07-29-2014 10:38 AM

Eating too much/not eating enough
So I have two children with very different food relationships. My daughter who is 6 loves to eat. She will eat anything anytime in copious amounts. She will not stop when she is full (she has eaten so much she has thrown up before). She does not have a fast metabolism.

My son also loves to eat. He will also eat many foods in copious amounts. He WILL stop when he is full. He DOES have a fast metabolism.

So we are having issues with food because of these differing characteristics. I absolutely do not want to stress weight, but my daughter does have a tendency to put it on easily (whereas my son with the quick metabolism does not). Everywhere we go people are always surprised by how much they can eat. I have never seen another child eat as much as them. Because my daughter is not small people tend to judge her/me when they see her eating what they consider to be too much.

At dinner it got to the point that both of our kids were eating TONS. Like twice as much as my husband and 3 times as much as me. Most nights they would only stop eating because the food ran out.

So we instituted a new rule that you could only have seconds on vegetables. Now nobody wants seconds, but everyone complains all night that they are still hungry. So this doesn't really seem to be working either. Plus I'm worried I might give them food issues with all this limiting.

I would love some ideas on how to handle it. My son with the fast metabolism seems to actually need more, but I can't just let him have more and not let her have more.

sierramtngirl 07-29-2014 12:57 PM

Hi mama- just chiming in as a dietitian/nutritionist who has a background in peds.
You are spot on with your new rule for seconds on veggies. The other thing I think you might consider is making just enough of the other food items at the meal so that everyone can have only healthy serving, no extras. And (not saying you are filling your kiddos up with junk) only purchasing items that are healthy & having them as options is a big help - like fruits and veggies. Of course they will be exposed to junk outside your home (we've been at my parents all week & would not believe the crap DD has been eating. She was literally "bouncing off the walls" last night from ice cream that grandpa gave her) but if healthy choices are all that is available then that really takes the worry out of it. In other words if DD wants to overeat apples & celery, well, so be it. I would just try to keep her active & she will likely grow into her weight as she gets older. You are also right about not wanting to make a big deal about it & not wanting her to have a negative relationship with food. I wouldn't worry about DS as much as he is fully aware of hunger and fullness. Hope this helps!!

meemee 07-30-2014 12:00 AM

your dd is 6. she is old enough to help you in the kitchen.

instead of only involving her with the end result, why not start from the beginning.

involve her in the shopping, and the preparation. teach her knife skills when you think she is ready so she can help chop. you'd be surprised by how much they can munch on what they cut. esp. if they see u doing it. try also making food look cute. ants on a log.

and as pp said, keep proccessed food to a minimum.

look at different recipes. if its not too much trouble do ethnic recipes. study a country and then make some of their dishes. just to make it interesting for your dd.

also have you brought this to your pediatrician? it could point to something - like type 1 diabetes.

does your dd always eat a lot or is it just during some times. even at 6 you'll find her eating going way up a month or two before her growth spurt.

superbeans 08-01-2014 01:17 PM

Thanks ladies :) she does always eat a lot. Though it does seem higher when she's having a growth spurt, it's always a lot. It seems like when I'm not around she'll just go nuts. Like for example at camp they have a "share bin". She'll take multiple snacks from the share bin. I've told her that isn't good sharing, and that she should only take 1. She can't really put anything in as she has a bento box lunchbox and nothing is contained in a baggie. Also it's like she solicits food from others. Like for example a friend of hers came up to me all proud and announced "I brought 4 oreos today because N loves to eat them and I'm going to share with her!"

She loves all things to do with food and is a great help in the kitchen meemee :smile:

We've had several pediatricians give different opinions: 1) She's fine. Although she is well above 100% for weight she is also well above 100% for height so don't worry about it. 2) She is obese. We need to put her in more sports, cut what she eats, and make her drink non fat milk (she's in sports every day, we don't buy junk food, and she drinks 1% or 2% if the store is sold out)

meemee 08-02-2014 10:25 AM

has she been tested for juvenile diabetes?

another question. i'll try to be tactful as much as i can. i see you did foster care adoption.

if she is your foster child could something be up with that? something with her past? that is why she eats so much?

i mean there has to be something up. either medically or otherwise.

depending on what you think is going on - i would insist on doctors taking you more seriously.

she cannot go on like this. you've got to figure out something with someone's help otherwise she possibly is going to have a HARD time with body issues and social issues and teasing by the time she is 10 or hits middle school.

perhaps keep a food journal for a week and then show that to your ped so that they can literally see how much your dd is eating.

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