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I need advice help a.s.a.p

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Hello I run a daycare and a 9 year old boy had hit a 7 year old girl in her nose in front of her mom this boy is also her neighbor I do daycare for both kids well two hours later this boy hits my 3 yr old disabled son in his nose I confronted his mother and she thought it was funny and she had told me she'd call me when she got home and we discuss it I waited two hours and tried calling her and her phone was shut off so I sent the girls mom the photo saying look what the boy done to my son's nose too I said I can't get hold of his mom will you have her call me and befor I knew it the lady went to cps with my photo and said there's no way my son done thi turned it around and said i hit my son and cps is now doing an assessment I have nothing to hide I am cooperating 100% they even spoken with my kids but.. now they temporary suspended my provider license and are questioning my daycare parents and there kids and of course there all defending me wouldn't dhs have pulled my kids from my home a long time ago if they thought I was abusing my kids?? The assessment started Aug 19th it's still going on and it's already Aug 27th
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