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brandywine's Avatar brandywine 08:38 PM 06-08-2004
I've been a wicked mother today...sigh. I'm under so much pressure these next few months with lots of family and financial stuff going on, and I've had to get up at 4 am the past few days because of schedule juggling. Yet, I can't convince my body to go to sleep any earlier at night. My kids are really irritating. Not really, I know it's me-I'm irritable. Still, I wish they would go away for a few days so I could cherish them anew.

"Goblin King Goblin King, wherever you may be, take this child(ren) of mine far away from me!"-Sarah, from "Labyrinth"

mtn. mama's Avatar mtn. mama 01:21 AM 06-09-2004
Our own stress does make it hard to fully appreciate our kiddos at times. But it is just for a time. Remember, lots of DEEEEEEEEP Breathes. Maybe a little Bach's Rescue Remedy? Blessings
brandywine's Avatar brandywine 01:20 PM 06-09-2004
Feeling sooooo much better, cheated the schedule and SLEPT IN!! WHoooohooooo!
mountain's Avatar mountain 03:18 PM 06-09-2004
Sleep is of the essence. I got none last night. I was up at 3 am listening to my dog bark for no reason whatsoever & road construction on the next road over. If I can get through this day...
Brandywine, now that I know that chant, I fear I may use it...will the goblins bring them back after I've had a nap?