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Nankay's Avatar Nankay 12:19 PM 08-23-2002
My DD is 7 and my DS is 4 and 2 kids couldn't be more different. I am amazed every single day.

DD: long and lean
DS: built like a fire hydrant

DD Dark hair
DS: Blond!

DD: will talk to anyone anytime
DS: hides behind my legs when meeting someone new

DD: nudist
DS: refuses to take his shirt off in front of others

DD: light and airy fairy voice
DS: sounds like a foghorn

DD: Born on due date
DS: Two Weeks late

DD: walked at 14 months
DS: walked at 9 months

DD: requires no sleep
DS: loves to sleep

DD: rarely (if ever) cries/cried
DS: wears his heart on his sleeve

The list goes on and on....

stayinghome's Avatar stayinghome 12:24 PM 08-23-2002
Boy oh boy I hear ya! I've got two mellows, and in between my firecracker Lily. She's... spirited?? A Handful? An explosion waiting to happen? I think it's her way, as the middle child, to make sure she's not lost in the shuffle! Your kids sound darling, Nankay. How do they get along with each other? Warmly, H.E.
onehipmomma's Avatar onehipmomma 12:25 PM 08-23-2002
So far I only have one bunchkin, but you could be describing my siblings and I to a tee!

It really is amazing how different we all are!
Nankay's Avatar Nankay 12:31 PM 08-23-2002
My 2 are best friends and worst enemies..if you know what I mean... DD started 1st grade..gone ALL day and DS is lost. At the 3 hr mark he asks, "When's Livvy coming home??" DD has gone toe-to-toe with much bigger kids (and one pediatric nurse) when she sensed them picking on DS. However, she has been known to pummel DS (verbally and physically) when he really gets her goat.:
Missgrl's Avatar Missgrl 04:59 PM 08-23-2002
Moving this to Childhood years for ya!

for the record:My boys are 4 and 2 and are like night and day......yet the same in many ways! Comes with the territory!