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charmarty's Avatar charmarty 06:19 PM 04-05-2005
Underwear is not an issue in our house. If they want to wear them, they wear them. If they don't then they don't. We have not come across the issue of skirts and such yet. My kids arent all that into dresses. They are much like thier mom was!

Personally for me, I wear undies when I need to, an don't when I don't KWIM? Commando is DEFinately my first choice. I like to let my Yoni BREATH!

lauraess's Avatar lauraess 01:39 AM 04-06-2005
Originally Posted by levar
One reason for girls, ladies, women to wear an "under-garment" is that you CAN wash undies in HOT water and dry them in HOT air to kill the bacteria that builds up. Cool water and cool dry (that you would use with, for example, demim pants) DO NOT kill the bacteria, for example, that causes yeast infection (in vagina as well as anus, same meds etc) and can lead to UTIs as well as other things. FYI this holds true for socks too since "Athletes Foot" is pretty much a yeast infection of the foot. Same meds are used, etc. And of course this goes for boys too since they can get the same infections.

Personally, I would also incourage children to use underwear to keep poop-stains and pee-stains from garments. Children are not 100% about wiping from the day they use the toilet... And washing pants in HOT water and air really "takes the life out of them" faster than I can personally afford.
-It is my understanding that not wearing undies for many women has been helpful in controlling yeast. As far as Uti's this may be different, i can see your point with sanitary measures- although we've been pantifree for sometime and not once a problem.
momea's Avatar momea 03:03 AM 04-06-2005
in a word - pinworms

where i'm from if you sit in the dirt with nothin' on you'll be scratching in the night pretty soon after!
moondiapers's Avatar moondiapers 03:32 AM 04-06-2005
Originally Posted by momea
in a word - pinworms

where i'm from if you sit in the dirt with nothin' on you'll be scratching in the night pretty soon after!

And then if you hang out nekkid in your house you're whole family and everyone that visits will be exposed to pinworms and probably catch them....
farmer mama's Avatar farmer mama 03:41 AM 04-06-2005
Originally Posted by momea
in a word - pinworms

where i'm from if you sit in the dirt with nothin' on you'll be scratching in the night pretty soon after!


What? Pinworms live in the intestine and are spread via eggs through human to human contact (eggs laid around anus, and another person has to injest these eggs, strangely this happens very easily). I have never heard of getting them through soil. Pinworms and other worms have to be ingested, except for a few like hookworm which is usually gotten while barefoot (don't panic, it is usually in tropical environments), as you get it through the skin.

Anyhow, I am a fan of letting our bodies breathe, and we have never had any problems with UTIs.
liawbh's Avatar liawbh 04:48 AM 04-06-2005
Yes they are usually caught by ingesting, but they can get on fingers from a number of places. From KidsHealth
Contaminated fingers can carry pinworm eggs to many different surfaces, including: bed linens, towels, clothing (especially underwear and pajamas), toilets and bathroom fixtures, drinking glasses and eating utensils, toys, sandboxes, and food. Pinworm eggs are able to live on a surface for 2 to 3 weeks.
Also, there are a couple other ways to get them. From Dr Greene
Occasionally the story goes a little differently. Sometimes a child can inhale airborne eggs and become infected that way. Every now and then the eggs will hatch on the skin of the buttocks, and the immature larvae will crawl back through the anus, up into the rectum and eventually arrive in the colon. Also, the eggs can hatch on the skin of girls and the larvae crawl into the vagina instead of the rectum. This happens in up to 20% of girls with pinworms (Nelson's Textbook of Pediatrics, Saunders 1996). The vaginal pinworms usually die out with no outside help.

FullCream's Avatar FullCream 04:55 AM 04-08-2005
If I'm wearing a skirt or a dress, or trousers that will be washed after that wear, I go commando. I never wear undies to bed (used to for AF, but don't have to worry about that since the hysterectomy), even as a child (and I'm pretty sure that mum never did/has either). DD always wears undies during the day. Never at night.

Since I stopped wearing undies every day (in conjunction with some dietary modifications), I've stopped getting yeast infections

Whatever is comfortable for the child in my book.
cool_mom's Avatar cool_mom 08:21 PM 04-09-2005
Let's not forget that if a girl wears pants but no panties, then she might reveal a little "plumber's crack" when she sits down (LOL)
lauraess's Avatar lauraess 10:54 PM 04-10-2005
A little plumber's crack :
figure you're kiddin' cool_mom but anyway, Im thinkin when they're wearing the liitle jeans w/o their panties we should make sure they dont sit down :nana:
myjulybabes's Avatar myjulybabes 12:35 AM 04-11-2005
I have the opposite problem. Dd won't go without panties for anything. I'd really rather she slept without them at least. Like FullCream, I've found sleeping without underwear really cuts down on yeast infections. And in the "very minor problem, but slightly annoying anyway" category, she always ends up with her underwear hanging out her leotard at gymnastics. (the leo isn't cut THAT high, she just prefers to wear her panties a size too big). Do you suppose there's any good way to encourage her to go commando occasionally?

Now, back to the main question-- I think if the child isn't ending up with irritation from the fabric of their pants (I simply cannot go commando in jeans.......OUCH!) and not flashing the world, it's not a big deal to not wear underwear. I generally wash our underwear in warm water, not hot, and have not had any issues with infection or irritation, so I don't see why that would happen with the pants I also wash in warm water. If you really want them to wear underwear, maybe try buying them in a bigger size so they are nice and roomy, or maybe try boxers or the "boyshorts" style panties.
lauraess's Avatar lauraess 12:58 AM 04-11-2005
Myjulybabies: well, im sorry your little girl must always wear undies... lol..
Maybe if she see's mama 'free' and you tell her her bottom can 'breathe' better without she will follow your lead. Maybe you've tried that.
-you could try the stern-mama-who-doesnt-like-undies-all-the-time approach: "You will NOT wear undies to bed, with leggings, shorts, or leotards from now on." Then, maybe she will learn to like it.
loudmama's Avatar loudmama 01:49 AM 04-11-2005
My DD won't w/o underwear. Keep telling her that she doesn't need them for bed, but she HAS to wear them. She knows I don't wear underwear with my jammies!

Lucysmama's Avatar Lucysmama 12:47 AM 04-13-2005
I'm cool with dd wearing no panties unless we go to our very crowded neighborhood playground and she's in a skirt. It's just outside my comfort zone. I wouldn't judge a child or parent if I saw a kid with no panties. I'm not offended by the human body.
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