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I have a 3 1/2 yr old dd that has been completely potty trained/accident free for about two months. She's doing great, and will go without any reminder or anything. (I was beginning to doubt the day would ever come...) The problem now is that she wants to be extremely independent, and doesn't want any help wiping. But, she doesn't really know how to wipe, and when she gets up, some pee will drip on her underwear and she will freak out! Equally pleasant is the big messy stripe left on her undies after she poops. She ends up changing her panties 4-5 times a day, which equals 4-5 freak out sessions because there's pee on her panties. I've tried to show her how to wipe, and explain to her that she needs to get all the pee out of her vulva, but she doesn't seem to get it, and won't let me "help" her wipe. Any suggestions? I know this seems terribly trivial, but I really don't know what to do!

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I am curious about this too. I have a boy, so the pee isn't really an issue, but I have no idea about how to teach him to wipe after he poops. I just imagine him getting it all over his hands and there being a huge mess. Or maybe that's just the process that I have to let him go through, I dunno!

So I will be watching this thread to see if anyone has any suggestions.
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My dd sounds like yours! (Except my dd is now 8!) She trained before 2, was wiping by 3.5.However, she is a perfectionist,and was *very* careful about wiping. And I always told her that before she got off the pot, I would give the final OKay to get up!! It was a little gross for about 2 weeks, then she started getting less messy!

As for boys, since ds is my one and only, I am going with how my older sis has done it-wait till they are 4.5 before handing over the poop wiping.

Either way, you *have* to get the flushable wet toilet wipes-it makes it sooo much easier.

Good Luck!! :LOL

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My ds is 4 and he still won't wipe his own butt. He's "scared" of poop getting on his hands. Or at least that's what he tells me. I've finally convinced him that he needs to wipe first and then I will check it. That seems to be working so far...this week. Who knows what will happen next??
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You can try taking turns with her for wiping her butt. Show her how to hold the paper so she doesn't get poop on her hand. For the front, make sure her legs are apart when she wipes to get all the pee. My daughter is just turning 4, and she is starting to do a decent job, though I still wipe after her with a flushable wipe, or baby wipe, or dampened t.p. Children's arms may not be long enough to get underneath properly until they are older. DD has to lean over to one side to get under there. HTH!
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I've been wondering about this, too. My DD is just getting into toilet learning. She's so proud when she goes that she immediately hops off the potty without wiping, because she's so excited. :LOL

Without inviting flames (I know P&G isn't very popular here), I'm interested to try the new Pampers Kandoo flushable wipes for kids. I just saw them on the Pampers website, and about fell off my chair laughing at the animated frog scrubbing his bottom with these wipes! :LOL


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Target makes a generic flushable "toddler" the babycare section. VERY CHEAP! And pretty much the same thing as the more expensive ones.

Dd has the same problem....gets a drop of pee on her underwear and needs to change everything. Im still wiping poos......trying to get her to wipe herself after a pee (in the right direction) AND before she stands up.
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We tried the KanDoo wipes...they're awfully tiny. I'm hoping to find a better solution for flushable wipes.

I'm kind of in the same boat as most of you...have a boy so its easier but not sure when or how to get him to start wiping. I'm definitely afraid of the possible mess during the process.

Sooo...watching this thread with interest.
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I was about to post this same topic and BAM! there it is. I swear, you mamas read my mind too often. Are you all stalking me?

mama to beautiful Sequoia
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We're working on the wiping here too. DS turns 4 this month. I can't let him do it on his own yet because he not only wipes the wrong area so there is still poop left behind, he uses like half a roll of TP or once an entire package of target flushable wipes. Flushable wipes are no longer flushable if you try to flush that many at once so I have a close relationship with my plunger right now and am on constant patrol everytime he goes into the bathroom to see if he's pooping or peeing.

I do have some of the Kandoo wipes now : and they are working a little better since they are in a pop up container. I think the reason he was grabbing so many of the target flushable wipes was that he had trouble separating them with one hand. (he now refuses to use the seat insert so he is using the other hand to keep from falling into the potty) He wants to do it himself but then will come and ask for help 2 hours later when his "butt itches"

Hoping this phase passes quickly....

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my daughter's not wiping on her own yet (she turned 3 in december), but we are going through the process of teaching her. i was really squeamish at first, so i'd wipe, and then let her practice on "clean" surface. i finally realized as long as she washes her hands after, it won't hurt her to get a little messy. so now i let her have the first turn, and i follow with a wet wipe (not flushable cause an overflowing toilet is my worst nightmare). i used the montessori method of slowly showing her how i fold the paper using her legs as a "table", and wiping starting at her tummy moving toward the back.
she hasn't expressed any defiance in this area, so i'm not sure what i would do if she refused to let me help. i guess just hope that the itchy butt syndrome would cure itself eventually!
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So this may be mainstream, I don't know but this video worked for my dd. "Its Potty Time" with a bear on the cover.
ITs cute, and a bit silly, too.
Anyway- there is a part in the video where a girl is wiping and the song that is sung is "wipe wipe wipe yourself, always front to back, carefully carefully, now you have the knack." To the tune of row row row your boat...
My dd, does this and sings it,too.
anyone else try this?

Mama to 5 babies. UCer, too!
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Originally Posted by littletree
I was about to post this same topic and BAM! there it is. I swear, you mamas read my mind too often. Are you all stalking me?
Me too! My ds is about 2 months into being potty trained and he is Mr. independent about it. He will not let anyone help clean his bottom after going poopy. And of course he isn't that efficient at doing it himself. So daily we get screams do to a painful bottom. At that point he will let me clean him and add some cream but he doesn't seem to get the connection between cleaning at the time of pooping and waiting until it hurts. I'm going to try the flushable wipes and see if that help him with his efficiency.

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