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I just wanted to jump in and send thoughts your way. Also, I have a profound loss since I was a child, and have worn hearing aids. I've had repairs done (several surgeries as a child) and now hear enough to function okay without a hearing aid, (I now have about 90% hearing in my right ear and 50% in my left ear), but still have one for my left ear that helps a lot. Now that you know, regardingless of what the cause of the loss is, you will be amazed at the leaps and bounds she will make when she gets it fixed or gets a hearing aid. It literally is a whole new world. The tantrums will minimize, and you will be pleased. I know it is hard to get a diagnosis of anything for your child. But my mom is an audiologist and works to get people hearing everyday, and there is so much technology and advances out there in this arena that Violet should make mucho progress. From having been where Violet is now, a child that is frusturated as hell not being able to hear, try to look at this as a step forward and know that things only get better and with the right help she will be so much happier. Lots of positive thoughts,
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It's so hard to find out something is not right with our child. I'm so glad for you and for Violet that you trusted your intuition and had her hearing tested. I am a speech pathologist and agree with Jojo - her world will open up in amazing ways!

Still, learning she may have to have surgery is tough. I completely understand - my ds has had 7 surgeries. Ugh! But...also, I'm so thankful that surgery is available to help our little ones.

Your family is in my heart.


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well. now you know & will be able to concentrate on doing whatever it takes to maximize her hearing. someone said she was dx'ed w/ hearing loss in kindergarten- i would bet 50% of kids aren't discovered to have hearing loss till then. violet is SO far ahead of the game. she is very lucky to have such a good mama!!

love, jenny
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Jesse and family....
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I'm so sorry about violet's hearing loss.

But I do want to say one thing... I seem to always see little pieces on tv or read in different magazines about this new thing and that new thing for hearing loss.

I know about a couple months ago I watched GMA and the former Miss America who had profound hearing loss got some cochlea implants. She could hear for the first time.It was such a moving piece. I know it is not the same as Violet because I think she was for all intents and purposes deaf...but I guess my thought is..the breakthroughs in the hearing impaired or hearing loss field have seemed to really have progressed in the last ten years or so, my thought is that you are catching it fairly early..she is not in school yet...and this seems to be one area where medicine had moved technology quite a bit. This might be easier to repair than we know... I will send a very big prayer for that to be the case.


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Just wanted to jump in and offer up some resources. My oldest son has a moderate hearing loss in one ear, and mild in the other, he is very gifted and has started college classes recently . My next son Sam speech delayed - Central Auditory Proc. Disorder CAPD.
I suggest taking your child in to a different place asap if for a second evaluation and score, also bring in any other children you have at this time.

this site has great info on hearing tests and children-

this is a great book--
Not Deaf Enough: Raising a Child Who is Hard of Hearing by Patricia Ann Morgan Candlish

message board that is wonderful for networking with other parents to find info
On the homeschooling message board here MDC there are several of us mamas that have kids that either go to or have been through speech therapy and occupational services. I wish you the best as you start to sort this out, speech and hearing complications are actually pretty common, I encourage you to talk to other moms to help with the waiting between evaluations, also to compare &find services for your daughter

Mary mom to four wonderful kids
Brody 14, Sam 9, David 6 next week, and Vanna Joy 3 yrs
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I have been reading this thread. It is very near and dear to my heart. I will never forget the day that I took two very large heavy pots and banged them together while my 1st dd was looking the other way. It hurt my ears, yet she didn't flinch.

she had many ear infections between birth and 2 1/2 months old. This effected her hearing. She also had alot of debris in her ears from drainage and all. Once that was cleaned out, she was tested (by mama with the pans!) and the doctor.

She had a BSR hearing test and it came back with low tone hearing loss. She will be fine, but her hearing has affected her speach. She has had a Early Intervention specialist who has helped her with language and speech since she was 8 months old. She turns 3 in July, and then will not be qualified for EI due to her age. They will transition her to the school system.

She is doing fine, but needs all the extra help she can get. She will start special needs preschool in the fall. I have never sent a child to a preschool program at 3! My heart is breaking, but I know that she will aquire the language skills she needs in this program. The school has a hearing loss program for grades K and up. She will likely go to that once done with preschool.

I wanted to say something like, you'll be fine, or don't worry, but I know it will take some time for you to get used to the idea of your child having a hearing loss. I almost fainted when I realized my daughter had hearing loss.

But she has a very special light in her which guides her, and gives her an extra special place in this world.

Sending light to you and your daughter.

Vegetarian Hindu, mother to L,P and R. 
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I am so glad you found out what was wrong. Keep these things in mind:

1. Violet's mind is perfect, she can learn to do anything.

2. You really caught this early! Remeber how you were pissed at the emergency care person who said something. Be happy that they were kind ennough to say something.

3. Everyone has something they are not great at. We all have to work around our disabilities. Your daughter will be great at doing this because she has had to do this.
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Update! Update! Update!

See Violet's update here:

Trabot asked I post a link here--so here it is! Yea!
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I am crying. What a beautiful girl. How wonderful that she doesn't have to fight the world to understand anymore. How very exciting. i am so happy for all of you...
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My dd's name is Violet, too.

Glad everything is going better for your little Violet!

Married to my high school sweetheart. We have four awesome kids.
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Ohhhh...Indiegirl, your kiddo is havin' a rockin' good time now! I got tears in my eyes and chills when I read your story about her getting her hearing aids....That just rocks. What a wonderful experience for you to have watching those eyes light up! I wish I could've been a fly on your wall that night. I would have buzzed for joy!
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Indiegirl, I haven't read all of the posts, so maybe someone has suggested this to you already, but one strategy that you might offer Violet to help her communicate -- whether she has a speech delay or not, or a hearing issue or not -- is sign language.

My child is the same age as yours, actually, and is hearing, but we taught her some ASL right from the time she was 9 months old and it helped tremendously with being able to express herself.

In one of your posts, you referred to how frustrated poor Violet gets when she can't express what is bothering her -- and I got a feeling that to an extent, you feel "shut out" sometimes from her thoughts, like when you said you wondered if Violet thought things in a certain way, but just couldn't say them.

If there *is* a speech or hearing delay, the sign language will certainly not hurt -- and she might be very grateful that she now has a tool other than oral language to speak to you.

I hope I've not been clumsy in expressing my concern or my suggestion. I wish the best for you and your lovely girl.
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