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These are hilarious!

I don't have any of these stories yet with my DS, but I have to share one of my mom's stories. It was before I was born, and my mom had a friend bring her daughter over to play with my brother -- they were both 2 to 3. They went in my brother's room, and after a couple of minutes the moms went back to see what they were up to.

They found my brother sitting inside the top drawer of his dresser with the little girl standing right underneath! The drawer so easily could have fallen out, or the whole dresser could have toppled over. Of course both kids ended up fine and thought the whole thing was hysterical, but the moms just about had heart attacks when they saw it!

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my dd was probably barely two when she took a permanent marker to her room..... kitchen set, toys....
just the other day seh covered herself from head to toe in lotion.. i have a great picture....
i think my fav thing she did was to get into a cake i had made eating it with her face (no hands)... just this past christmas.... i have a great picture and wasnt upset at all as it was leftover.... not one that we were bringing somewhere..

when dd was one my ds was 3 and covered her with stamps from a halloween stamp he got from his Nene.. all over her face.... another good picture.

when dd was a baby ds would get into trouble while i nursed.. he colored on his bedroom wallls once and another time tore town the wallpaper border in teh hallway of my MOMS house....... another time i wokke up in the morning and heard him downstairs....he had taken out all the sprinkle containers and llckked the tops and then took the powdered donuts off the counter and brouight them to the living room to have a feast on my living room couch.. there was powdered sugar everywhere....
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OMG, I have sooo many. But teh worst story was back when my oldest was 2 and his lil bro was about 9 months old. Zane was potty training and had a tendency to poop in odd places. And I mean POOP IN ODD PLACES. Like, he would squat naked and poop in a toy dump truck. Don't ask me why. Well, he decided one day to make a deposit in his toy kitchen set. I was in teh shower and ther room is right next to teh bathroom so I was listening and was only in theer 5 minutes. I get out and.......smell.....poop. Ugh. I go into he room and find his brother has FOUND the poop and has smeared it all over every toy in the room, the walls, the baby gate, etc.....But that is not teh worst of it! The baby was sitting in the middle of teh room with poop all over him and was EATING it. OMG! I about puked. I screamed, ran in, grabbed him and tossed him in the tub. It was so vile and nasty. Ugh!
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Forgot another funny one, when Zane was the same age he found a box of pads and a box of tampons and he opened them all. He took apart all the tampons and had them all organized and individualized. And he had stuck all the pads up on the wall. He proclaimed they were "stickers" LOL
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These stories are so funny, I’m sitting here laughing until I’m crying! Ah! DD’s only 11 months, so no real messes yet -- but after reading this thread I think I’m gonna be in trouble!!

Pynki, your last picture is upside down! Did you do that on purpose?

Bwa ha ha ha ha!! You people and your children have made my day! *wiping away tears*

"Mama, thank you for my little brother!" DD 7/05 DS 6/09
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The worst thing DD ever did was take a crayon to the entire kitchen. --Garbage can, stove, fridge, dog table--every conceivable surface. I got a picture of it b/c it was so funny--she was so clearly pleased with herself.

The worst thing I ever did as a kid was dig holes in my mum's blueberry pies. My very favourite!:
She made 5 of them for my grandpa's birthday. He couldn't have cake b/c he was diabetic.
When she went upstairs to set her hair in curlers, I tried to sneak a flake off the crust...which get a bit bigger next time. Then bigger until it was a hole. Then another hole.
Then I moved onto the next pie. This went on and on until I stopped and realized what I had done. Then I tried to "fix" my boo boo by filling them in with paper towel.
I finally realized that I needed to come clean.
I grabbed my doll and went up to tell her. I said that "Suzy" my doll needed to tell her something.
Boy-what came next gave a new meaning to woop'in!
Needless to say, they needed to be served from the kitchen, rather from the table.
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All these poopy stories reminded me of the time I worked in a nursing home. We had one sweet little old lady who was totally bed bound. She couldn't walk or talk or feed herself. She was also in diapers. It was not uncommon at all to walk in her room and find that she had used the contents of her diaper to apply "Make-up" all over her face and up and down her arms. Lovely to behold, horrible to smell.


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My older dd seems to be the culprit in most stories like these.

When she was about one, she stripped herself naked and, climbed onto the counter, and poured nailpolish remover on herself in the bathroom. She then started to scream, "freezing potty!!" as her female parts were feeling really cold.

Then there was the time when I had her in the bathroom while I was taking a shower and she flushed my hairbrush down the toilet. I had to have a plumber get that out.

She also painted herself with dark burgundy lipstick that she found in my purse and scooped an entire jar of Cetaphil lotion out of the container and smeared it all over her body.

If I recall correctly, these all occurred btwn the ages of 10-16 months.
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