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embers's Avatar embers 07:01 PM 08-05-2006
i laid down a flattened cardboard box. I sat my son (3.5) down next to it. Turned cartoons off.

I filled two pots; one with dried egg noodles, and one with dried beans. Produced a few plastic cups, lids, a set of toy wheels, and some utencils.

Hours of not too messy fun.

This is awesome!

nwaddellr's Avatar nwaddellr 09:54 PM 08-06-2006
Lay down an old sheet next time - even easier clean-up since you can just pick up the corners and everything slides to the middle. Rice is fun to play with as well, and even smells good.
mimim's Avatar mimim 10:16 PM 08-06-2006
Sounds fun!

But be careful with dried beans, some are toxic when they are uncooked!