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happyday8598's Avatar happyday8598 11:35 PM 01-26-2002
Any experiences?

My New Year's Resolution was to learn to eat WELL with chopsticks, and eat as much as I can with them...

Doing well so far...

And Owen wants to get into it. He wants me to get him his own pair of chopsticks...


Have you taught your 3 year old-ish how to do this? I'm looking into getting those children ones that are connected up top to make it easier?? Know where I can get them??

I'm excited to do this!!


bookwormmama's Avatar bookwormmama 12:59 AM 01-27-2002
My dd knows how to do it, she learned by herself, cause i can't use them worth beans!! Dh told her how to hold them, vaguely, cause she is left handed and we're both right handed, go figure.
She has her own pair that she uses frequently. SIL took dd and cousin out to eat Japanese last week and Ellie (dd) said they had the chopsticks that are connected for kids to eat with. She said she didn't need em! Maybe try to get a pair at a chinese or japanese restaurant?

Good luck! I still can't figure out how to use them well!

Missgrl's Avatar Missgrl 03:11 AM 01-27-2002
tried.....failed....tried again.....failed.....gave up! LOL

I love eating with chopsticks too but I don't think i do it right b/c i'll start getting a hand cramp after awhile.

About the kid ones....can't you just use a rubberband at the top?
happyday8598's Avatar happyday8598 03:26 AM 01-27-2002

Look at these!!!


I'm trying to find some at another place for less expensive... the shipping is $5!!!

I'm hoping he gets the hang of it!!! I think it would be FABULOUS to see him eating with them!

rocketmom's Avatar rocketmom 08:31 AM 01-27-2002
Happyday8598 we have a pair of those chopsticks that are on ebay. I forget which animal we have. They are great, except they are as long or longer than adult/normal size chopsticks, so they can be hard for a little hand to use.

Another thing you can do (which is really inexpensive) is take the wrapper that is on the chopsticks and roll/fold it up (width wise not length wise) then put it between the chopsticks at the top and wrap a small rubberband around it forming a X pattern to keep the paper snug. It creates a great set of usable "squeeze and they open back up by themself" type of chopsticks. It works great! Dd1 has been using chopsticks that way since she was 2 1/2 or 3. She is quite good at them, she can pick up rice and peas! I must also add that my dh has been a Sushi chef (doesn't do it anymore for a living) for 13 years now. So when I was pg w/ dd2 (I craved sushi like there was no tomorrow) we went out alot to eat it or he made it at home so dd1 got alot of exposure to using chopsticks.

Good luck with your chopstick adventure!
Milo's Avatar Milo 04:28 PM 01-27-2002
My three year old would also love to learn how, and hasn't quite got it yet. My dad taught my sister and I how at about 4 or so, because we went wilderness backpacking every vacation, and once we could all use chopsticks, we only had to carry a sharp knife, a couple large spoons and a pancake turner in our "kitchen"
peacemama's Avatar peacemama 12:13 AM 01-29-2002
My dd uses "kid chopsticks" at Chinese and Japanese restaurants, and they are exactly how rocketmom describes them, with the rolled-up paper and rubber band. She can even eat noodles with them!
Alexander's Avatar Alexander 01:01 AM 01-29-2002
Well, I live in Japan, and I have never seen chop-sticks as per eBay. They look like something that would only be sold in the US for people that are not in the chopstick "culture".

Three year olds here are not expected to be able to be use chops sticks properly anyway. They scoop it up, and shuvel it in!

KaraBoo's Avatar KaraBoo 08:44 PM 01-31-2002
My three yr old has her own inventive way of eating with chopsticks. She spears tofu and veggies with them! and she sometimes uses one in each hand...whatever gets the food in her mouth the fastest is OK with her! LOL