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My step-daughter is approaching her 8th birthday...
Long story short, we rarely see her - maybe 15 times a year, at best. Never on Holidays. (Her/her mom's choice)

However, we're having a birthday "party" for her (very small - just DH's sibs and Mom) and I plan to make a homemade cake and some yummy (HEALTHY - VEGETARIAN) snacks.

Since last year, we've started paying for her to go to Gymnastics. They're kind of pricey ($120 a 10 week session - for one hour a week!) but that was what she really wanted, and we encourage the idea of her getting *some* physical activity.

We said we pay again this year - for the Summer session - for her birthday.

But, I feel bad - like she should have *something* to open at her birthday party, kwim? I just don't want to feed into the commercialism and materialism that already exists in her "home" life.

Any ideas?????? I know she wouldn't want a Waldorf doll. (As much as I'd love to make one for her). I'd like the gift to be lovely - meaningful, perhaps. But, not pricey or "brand name" because that's not what I support in this house.

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You could get her a kite, a science or magic kit, a gift certificate for a music store, a new pair of shoes or an outfit, hair accesories, a pretty clock (not digital), a piggy bank, a fill-it-in scrap book or a blank journal/diary, or a nice set of picture frames for her room.

How's that for brainstorming? :LOL
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How about a journal? And some pens? Inexpensive and encouarges writing, reflecting, etc... Warmly, Heather E

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not sure abput the age but check out groovy girls from the manhattan tpy company. the are the multi cultural un-barbie
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How about some craft supplies, either a kit or put together by yourself? Maybe some cool beading items?
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Check the They have wonderful wooden toys...bit expensive but well-made and very nice.
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I agree with the journal and pens idea, but also love to give kids that age crafty stuff, art supplies, science kits, etc.

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Since she is so into the gymnastics, would a picture or "how to" book on that subject work?

(I have a hard time with girl presents, I live in boy land around here!)

This is so sweet of you, and its nice for her to have a party with the relatives on her dad's side of her family.

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Maybe a new outfit to wear to her gymnastics class? I'm afraid I live in boy land too, so I'm not much help...

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At that age I really loved board games. (Actually I still do). Board games are great, they can be a great learning tool and encourage family time, I mean you can't play a board game by yourself.

There is a company called Ravensberger that makes really wonderful games. They look beautiful and they all teach you something. I just tried to find them online and was not successful but I can find them in independent toy stores in town. And I'm not the most experienced internet searcher so maybe you can find them out there.
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I agree that Ravensburger games are great! Also consider Aquarius or Fluxx; I bet she'd be pleased to get something that says "ages 8 and up" for her 8th birthday but I have enjoyed these games w/younger kids so there's no risk of them being too hard for her.

An inexpensive way to make a craft kit is to go to your local printing shop and ask for some scraps--the strips of paper they cut off when making things that are a non-standard size. Most will give you a big box for free or a nominal charge. Throw in a set of markers and some scissors and glue, and you're set!

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When I don't know what to get a kid, I usually buy books. Check out Chinaberry's website - they have wonderful books for all ages, and really detailed reviews of each. They also have some nice toys and craft kits.

Some books that come to mind (I used to teach eight-year-olds):

The American Girl books
The Boxcar children mysteries
The Magic School Bus series (if she likes science, or maybe even if she doesn't)
The Little House books (though there is some animal-killing and stereotypes of Native Americans)
Picture books geared towards older kids: Jumanji, Miss Rumphius, The Quiltmaker's Gift and so many others
A biography of a gymnast

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