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OK, I have been having some concerns about my son's size , not because he is unhealthy, but in comparison to other kids. We do not really go to doctors because I believe in natural and preventive medicine and we do not vax, so we have not been to the doc in about two years. He has no issues with food or eating or sickness or sleep. He plays and seems to be right where he should be with his playing, talking, etc.

But he weighs about 30 pounds and is just right now at about 36 inches in height. He will be 4 at the end of January. So, are there other petite children out there? Any concerns you think I should have? If not, then I am just looking for some peace of mind I guess.

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sounds like he's height/weight proportionate, just really small. My DD was 35 in. and 24 lb. at her 3yo. WCC and finally back on the charts she'd fallen off of by 1 yo.

Part of preventative medicine is well visits to a doc (allopathic or holistic) to monitor growth/development. If you're really concerned, take your son to a doctor and have them do a hormone/metabolic workup to see if anything's off (thyroid, growth hormones, nutrition-related stuff, etc. etc.) We did that about 6 mo. ago and everything turned out fine, DD is just petite. Not a terrible surprise.

Are there petite people in your family? If everyone on both sides are taller than average, I'd be more concerned than if you have a few short grandparents/aunts/uncles/parents.

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My daughter is about the same size as your son. She's 3.5 years old. I'd estimate her to be around 28 lbs and 35 inches. She is usually at the very bottom of the growths charts if she's on them at all. Her doctor is not concerned ( and she has plenty of them). She is just little. I'm only 5'3" and her dad is 5'10" so she's coming from a fairly petite family.

Has your son always been pretty small or has he suddenly seemed to slow his growth recently? Are you and his dad pretty small also?

He's probably just small, but if you are concerned then I would suggest seeking out a doctor's opinion. It doesn't even have to be an MD; find an OT or a naturopath if you're more comfortable with that.
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He doesn't sound that small, he is shorter than my dd (38inches, turned 4 in september), but he weighs more than her(27lbs)... Some kids are just meant to be small, and that's ok, if he is otherwise healthy, and he is still growing, I wouldn't worry about it.

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my 4 yr old son is a very similar size to yours...and I worried about it for ages...for no reason at all.
trust your instincts on this one, mama. if he's happy and thriving (and growing on a curve), then let his small stature become his source of greatest pride!!! small is beautiful.

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Thanks for all of the posts. They did make me feel better! I think he is OK. My husband and I are not short by any means, however, my husband is the tallest in his family. He is 5ft 11in but his mother is 5ft, his sisters are 5ft 1in, his brother is 5ft 7in, his father was 5ft 4in and his cousins and uncles in Europe are all shorter than 5ft 7in. I am thinking, and my heart tells me this, that ds2 is taking after that sid of the family and will just be small. My other son is taking after my side of the family and has always been tall, my brother and father are both over 6ft and I am 5ft 9 1/2in.

Thanks for listening!
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DS will be 5 in a couple of months. He's 37 inches and 33-34 lbs. He's also very active, a good eater, and very healthy. I think some kids are just small. Look at your child's overall health and that should ease any concerns you have.

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My ds will be 4 in March. He is about 33lbs and almost 40 inches. He's NEVER registered on a growth chart. He hates to eat... but what he does eat is good and healthy. I spent 2 and 1/2 years worrying about "fattening him up". but, truth be told, he's brighter than most kids his age and has no "exhaustion" issues during full time pre-school. So, I've stopped worrying.

My ds is a preemie. 4.6lbs at birth. My dh is a big guy. 6foot 5 and 220lbs. I'm a small person. 5 foot 2 and 140 lbs and come from a small family.

It's HARD having a smallish boy, isn't it? I feel like I have to explain to all my family why a 3 year old wears a 3T when "all the other 3 year olds where size 5"?!?!
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My sons are small too. I think it would be helpful for you if you have kept track all along to see that he is staying on his curve. Your son is below the growth curve on height but smallish on it for weight I think (just glancing at a growth curve I have here from an appt. this week). If he has always been below the curve on height and given his probable genetics I'd bet he has been, I wouldn't worry at all.

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My older son is petite, too. He will be four on Sunday and weighs in around 30lbs. I think he's 37 inches. I'll find out better figures at his appt next week. He is growing on his own curve, but it is hard to see him with other children his age towering over him. My dh is 6'4" and (largely due to mil, I think), feels the need to fatten ds1 up. It is a bit of a touchy subject with us. Dh seems to feel that feeding ds1 junk and coaxing him into eating more will make him bigger/taller/weigh more. I think it will just give him unhealthy eating habits. I wish ds1 didn't have issues with food, but I still think he eats about the same amount of food as his larger peers. He is very active and was never really sick at all until he started going to preschool. For what it's worth dh and I are both skinny people (I'm 5'7"). That doesn't account for the height of ds1, but I tend to think it plays a role in his weight.

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