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Caillou (PBS)
Sesame Street (PBS)
Carebears (DVD's)
Some of the winnie the pooh (shapes and sizes) (DVD's)
Curious George (PBS)
Little Bear
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Sensitive 3.5 year old here. Shows we can watch:

Pingu (though not the episode where Pinga is feeling left out and leaves without telling Pingu)
Blues Clues
Signing Times
My Neighbor Totoro
Kiki's Delivery Service (there is a scary part at the end of this one, so preview it first before showing it to your little one)
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (most of the other Pooh movies have been too scary)
Imax movies
Just about any nature film (Microcosmos, March of the Penguins)
Old movies, like Singing in the Rain. Pretty much musicals with lots of dancing.
Cooking shows (Racheal Ray in particular)

I know that she doesn't NEED movies, but sometimes I'd like to curl up with her to watch one. They're hard to find. Ah well! I'm sure all of these documentaries that she likes are doing me some good as well.
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Originally Posted by brewgirl View Post
Just about any nature film (Microcosmos, March of the Penguins)
Cooking shows (Racheal Ray in particular)
I don't know about some of these...I'm speaking as the mother of a boy who also would leave the room in the middle of Dora to hide. Many nature films have animal violence in them. I thought I had read that, "March of the Penguins", in particular, made lots of adults cry. I see a big red flag on the nature films and documentaries for the presence of violence.

And I would not let my son watch Mythbusters (even though he loves science) because they do some very disturbing things to Buster the crash-dummy. It sounds silly, but putting myself in a highly sensitive little boy's shoes, it would be nightmare-inducing.

I think that we all have different definitions of what constitutes "sensitive", but I feel like my son is waaaay down on the high end of it. And I get the impression that the OP's son is also.

I quoted the Rachel Ray show in there, because I'm . My 3 year old LOVES Rachel Ray. He really loves her 30 minute cooking show! But my 5 year old has zero interest in cooking shows.

Whoever recommended Calliou, that is extremely gentle. You have to learn to tune out his annoying whining voice, but if you can do that, it's an excellent show for highly sensitive children.
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Originally Posted by LeftField View Post
I think that we all have different definitions of what constitutes "sensitive", but I feel like my son is waaaay down on the high end of it. And I get the impression that the OP's son is also.
This is true for us, too. My ds is especially sensitive. I know that a lot of movies are just fine for many children, but I had to really preview anything after we got a Kermit movie "The Swamp Years." It has a scene in it where they were dissecting frogs - scalpels and all. I would have never guessed that a Muppet movie could be so scary!

Someone suggested older movies, like Shirley Temple. IMO, some of those aren't any better than more recent movies. I remember watching many Shirley Temple movies with issues of abandonment and being orphaned such as "The Little Princess" and "Heidi."

I just think it makes good sense to preview as much as you can to determine if the content is suitable for your particular sensitive child.

Laura - Mom to ds (10) and dd (7) "Time stands still best in moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life." Brian Andreas.

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i think i've already posted to this, but thought i would reply again with more detail...

dd1 is 6 now and has a wider range than she did when she was younger, but she's still very sensitive. when she was little she liked:

Max and Ruby
Peppa Pig (5 minute shorts on Cartoon Network)
Miss Spider (some had scary moments)
Blues Clues
Dora (ran away from swiper and the grumpy old troll)

now she likes:
Zula Patrol
Reading Rainbow (i screen these for content -- good show, but there are ones about childhoods growing up with war, etc. she especially likes the nature ones of these)
Between the Lions
Big Big World (well, I like it)
Magic Schoolbus (sometimes they're scary)

for movies, i think the first movie we showed her was Totoro and she liked it fine. i think she was about 5 then, though.

we tried to show her Piglet's Big Movie and she asked us to turn it off because it was too scary.

weirdly enough, they think Tom and Jerry is hilarious! it used to sometimes come on after Peppa and got recorded a time or two and they giggle and laugh uproariously while all these horrible (to me) violent cartoon things are going on. i really try to screen those. some of them are just way over the top for my sensibilities in regard to my kids. there's a few Tom and Jerry episodes that i let them watch that don't have as much violence, but more of the slap stick which is what they like i think. there's one called "Zoot Cat" that's _okay_ by me. still has a few "not nice" things, but a lot of dancing and stuff so i'll let them watch that when they need a T&J fix.

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I forgot to add Max & Ruby. They are very gentle IMO.

Lola , loving my DH, Mama to & we &
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we LOVE my neighbor totoro too! They have a newly dubbed versoin ( I think disney?) and an older version (fox). We prefer the first one (purchased the 2nd version and returned it). The children's voices in the original version is more expressive and sounds more age appropriate. The public libraries and blockbusters usually have the old version too! Hope you will enjoy it as much as we did
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My ds loves The Bellflower Bunnies from Feature Films for Families

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Wow thanks or all the great ideas! My son Likes Diego and Dora, and is not afraid of Swiper, but when an animal gets in trouble and yells, "Help!" or a big wind comes and blows the magic flute away, sometimes he will scream in fear. : A lot of what was mentioned he already watches sometimes on Noggin. He recently started to love to watch Oswald, and will sometimes watch Little Bear. I am thinking more along the lines of full length movies you see in movie theatres. Disney and Pixar movies and such. My ds loves music, so anything that has alot of good music would be nice to find. I have Thomas the Tank Engine on videos for him - he loves Thomas! I am thinking about the Cars movie - can anyone tell me if any character gets really upset or hurt or in bad trouble? If so, Cars would not be a good idea for him. :
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If it's the tension in the movie that bothers your son, then forget about feature length films. Because they have to have tension to have a plot, you know? My dd is almost seven and still won't watch any feature length film, which we respect. We were at her cousin's house when they were watching Cars, and she chose to go to another room to play. It's not violent, but there is tension and suspense.

She loves Tom and Jerry and anything Looney Tunes. I know they are considered violent because of all the falling anvils and whatnot, but see there is no tension in those films. Because after the anvil falls on the coyote's head, he just pops back up to try again.

I kinda miss watching movies with her too, but fortunately I also love the cartoons so we bond over an hour-long Tom and Jerry DVD rather than a feature film.
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My son is a year older and the same way. Barney was loved by him (although I would have not shown them to him ever except SIL got him hooked!). Kipper, Max & Ruby, Little Bear - those are the most mellow ones I have seen.

Megan Davidson, Labor & Postpartum Doula, Breastfeeding Counselor, Anthropologist, Mom to August (9) and Clay (4), Partner to Shawn.

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My almost 4yo son is sensitive to "bad guys" and tension on television thus we do very little of it. One thing that has worked for us is the scholastic videos which are "movies" made out of books. The "chicka chicka boom boom" movie is much better than the book, IMO. They only use the illustrations in the books and sometimes animate them, sometimes its identical to the book and its like you're turning the pages. This method also avoids all marketing and commercials. Sometimes we have the book s first and sometimes he begs for the books after he's seen the movie.
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barney, sesame street, little bear, berenstain bears, ....really any of the sing-a-long videos are not going to be too intense for your little guy...try wiggles ..kidsongs ...elmo, etc.

homeschooling mama to DD 10 & DS 7 blogging.jpg

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my 3.3 dd is SCARED of swiper
she likes winnie the pooh
the only disney i don't abhor
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Wow, this is amazing! Our 3-year-old DS is VERY sensitive. I didn't realize there are so many others like him (very reassuring!)

I thought for sure Barney would disturb him, but there's something about that dino he really likes - (I just recently discovered this.)

His other favorites are Winnie-the-Pooh (though there are a few scenes that upset him...

Our son also seems to enjoy Sesame Street.
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