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Fear of automatic-flush toilets

annettemarie's Avatar annettemarie (TS)
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03-28-2007 | Posts: 34,451
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My five-year-old has a horrific fear of automatic toilets. It's getting to be a bit of a problem at times. Is there some way to manually override/turn off the auto-flush feature? And yes, I'm really serious. She'll hold it or have an accident rather than risking it flushing on her before she's out of the stall. She sees that little red blinky light and just freaks out.
BlueStateMama's Avatar BlueStateMama
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I once heard the suggestion of bringing a post-it and putting it over the sensor. Never tried it myself, though

BoGiBoBo's Avatar BoGiBoBo
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ooo, I want to see any other suggestions! While my dd isn't necessarily totally freaked out by them, she really hates the loud noise of the automatic flushers. Holds her hands over her ears with a horrified look on her face.

Nature's Avatar Nature
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Usually what I do is put my foot over the sensor while she's going so that she can get up, get dressed, and I can help her out the door... then I let it go. She's further away from the noise so its not as startling as splashing your butt cheeks and scaring the crap out of you. (quite literally)

As a side note.. I don't like the sound of them either and cover the sensor with my hand so that I can get up and away from it before it goes off. As a child I was afraid of all public toilets because they are just SO loud.
kewb's Avatar kewb
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I used to put my hand over the sensor and leave it there until my child was done. Not the most comfortable position but it worked. Both of mine were terrified of the automatic flusher.
annettemarie's Avatar annettemarie (TS)
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Thank you!!! I had no idea I could do that. Poor little girl.
Snowdrift's Avatar Snowdrift
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I'm glad there's a way to stop them--I hope the post-it thing works. When I was pg somehow they always went off when I was still sitting down--something about the way I was leaning over, I guess--and always got splashed, which was pretty gross.
beckyand3littlemonsters's Avatar beckyand3littlemonsters
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Never heard of them :
my eldest dd is scared of the toilet flush and refuses to flush if she goes to the toilet and gets me to wait till she leeves the stall before i flush if i take her into a public toilet.

Cranberry's Avatar Cranberry
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My 7yo ds doesn't like them either. They are extremely loud!
peypeymama's Avatar peypeymama
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We had an incident once when she was first going without any pull-ups. I felt so horrible. DD refuses to go into that bathroom still and asks if there is a lever (not automatic) before going to any other public bathroom.
rubelin's Avatar rubelin
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you can just drape a piece of TP over the sensor. Works like a charm. Then you can make a big to-do over removing the TP and tossing it in when it flushes

I do this whenever the kids nad I all need to go, and wait until we're all done to flush. Otherwise it wastes too much water.

Just make sure your toddler doesn't pull off the paper halfway and freak himself out
TEAK's Mom's Avatar TEAK's Mom
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You mean I'm not the only mama covering those sensors to avoid a freak-out?! Somehow this reassures me.
annettemarie's Avatar annettemarie (TS)
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I just wish I had known about the TP over the sensor trick before we ran all over the mall looking for old-fashioned flush toilets!
mmace's Avatar mmace
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My little lady freaked out a few months back in Sears. She's so little it went off with her sitting there and scared her to death. She cried and cried - then warned everyone else she saw in Sears about the "scary potties"!

I'm another one that just covers it with my hand while she's on there now...
mammastar2's Avatar mammastar2
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Thanks for the tip!!!

I didn't know there were so many of us with the same problem out there...class action, anyone?
bobica's Avatar bobica
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dd has gotten progressively better about this in the past 6 months or so (she turns 4 tomorrow). she asks about every toilet we encounter out in the world, but it's gotten much better!
peachpie's Avatar peachpie
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I always thought those were some kind of conspiracy! For a while dd used to RUN out of the stall to try to beat the automatic flusher-- in airports, malls, etc. It was the worst because I usually had ds in a carrier, a diaper bag, dd and myself crammed into the stall... getting out of there and chasing after her was not easy!
Ambrose's Avatar Ambrose
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I thought it was a conspiracy to get ALL women out of the bathroom quicker!! (Cause we all know it takes us forever and we have to go in groups).
Earthy Mama's Avatar Earthy Mama
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dd2 is terrified of them as well! When she was 2-3, I had to sit behind her and kinda hold her so she would be comfortable enough to use the toilet. Then, she had to leave the stall before I let it flush. The freak-outs started because it went off once while she was still on it. I think their little bodies confuse the sensor and set it off prematurely.
Jimibell's Avatar Jimibell
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my dd also had that fear for a long time and still does (she's 5) but my dear dh came up with the TP idea about a year ago (I was really impressed with that!).

although I don't like them they're better than super-stinky toilets!
babygirl24's Avatar babygirl24
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Originally Posted by beckyand3littlemonsters View Post
Never heard of them :
my eldest dd is scared of the toilet flush and refuses to flush if she goes to the toilet and gets me to wait till she leeves the stall before i flush if i take her into a public toilet.
You don't have them where you live?
Irishmommy's Avatar Irishmommy
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My almost 7 year old makes me cover the sensor with my hand, or she won't use it.

We could start a tribe!
rubelin's Avatar rubelin
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wow I didn't realize so many people didn't know about the TP trick. I'm so glad I posted
Monie's Avatar Monie
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I used to use the post it notes for my older dd. (just carried a small pack in my purse) She's old enough now not to be scared of it anymore.

We haven't gotten to that point yet with little dd, but I will probably do the same thing for her.
Breathless Wonder's Avatar Breathless Wonder
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I just want to second the toilet paper trick. It works perfectly!
lil_stinkyfeet's Avatar lil_stinkyfeet
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My dd is deathly afraid of them too!
Yooper's Avatar Yooper
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*I* am deathly afraid of them I carry post-its..... TP works but sometimes falls off. I have no idea why, but no matter what, it always goes off when I am still wiping. And I am a pretty fast pottier. I think I just move the wrong way or something.
Maple Leaf Mama's Avatar Maple Leaf Mama
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I am so pissed right now!
I just got home from Ikea. Never peed there before.
Now that DD is potty learned-I have now had the Ikea auto flush potty experience!:

I didn't KNOW they were auto flush. Someone was pooping in the wheelchair stall, so I needed to squeeze into a regular stall and DD couldn't wait any longer for the pooper to finish.

We put the tp down on the seat, then put the fold up Dora potty seat down.
She took a few seconds to start peeing. Then was peeing happily when the &^^%&* thing flushed on her.
She started screaming and jumped off so fast the Dora seat fell into the toilet!:
I was afraid she was standing there peeing all over her jeans b/c she wasn't ready to finish.

I then obviously needed to clean the damn thing off and get DD dressed and get her hands washed as she was freaking out and kept trying to run for the door b/c she was so scared.
OMFG I was SOOO unimpressed! GAH!
Storm Bride's Avatar Storm Bride
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I'll remember the post-it trick. We just spent a week in Disney World and between the parks and the airports, dd was about terrified to use the toilet. If the one in our cabin hadn't been a manual flush, I think we'd have had accidents happening a lot. Even in the cabin, she'd come out and say, "you flush, mommy".
Pica's Avatar Pica
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OK how do you get the TP to stay over the sensor?

All the ones I see have the sensor (with the little black button to make it flush if the sensor doesn't work) embedded right in the wall above the toilet.

I guess I'll have to carry post -its. I've been covering it with my hand so far, but it gets a little tricky if DD needs help wiping!!

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