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mommycakes's Avatar mommycakes 07:55 PM 04-10-2007
I have an almost 3yo with a sliver in her finger that's really bothering her but I can't get it out and she won't tolerate my prodding for more than a second or two. We have a hot tub so we went for a soak, hoping it'd come out a bit. No luck. Any suggestions?


bryannastreasure's Avatar bryannastreasure 08:19 PM 04-10-2007
is it one of those tiny/can't see it ones? use scotch tape to peel it out.

if it is bigger, but you can't get a hold of it. try dabbing it with honey and putting on a bandaid. by tomorrow it should have worked its way out more.

show her the tweezers and have her pick up some beans or something with them. get another pair and pick up the sliver while she's distracted.

if you absolutely must get it out, brace her elbow straight and bend her wrist back, so she can't flinch. and go at it fast and sure. be ready with a You were so Brave! when it's out.

good luck and lots of hugs!
mommycakes's Avatar mommycakes 08:26 PM 04-10-2007
THANK YOU! I'll try the honey trick first. She'll go for that.
Lady Madonna's Avatar Lady Madonna 08:37 PM 04-10-2007
Try putting a piece of duct tape over it. Leave it a bit, then pull it off - should bring the sliver out with it.
g&a's Avatar g&a 08:49 PM 04-10-2007
soak the finger in salt water.
Luca'smum's Avatar Luca'smum 10:50 PM 04-10-2007
We remove slivers when our son is asleep with flashlight and tweezers. Otherwise there is no way he is letting us near them.
CarrieMF's Avatar CarrieMF 11:46 PM 04-10-2007
Originally Posted by Luca'smum View Post
We remove slivers when our son is asleep with flashlight and tweezers. Otherwise there is no way he is letting us near them.
We've done this.

Another thing to try is to have someone else do it like a neighbor. My dd had a sliver and wouldn't let me near her. It was at gymnastics and one of the other moms went up to her, took her foot & pulled it out. She had no problems with this other lady doing it, just me. It took her about 30 seconds to do it.
AutumnMama's Avatar AutumnMama 11:48 PM 04-10-2007
I've put a piece of banana peel over the sliver and taped it on overnight, works like a charm!
mommycakes's Avatar mommycakes 12:53 AM 04-11-2007
Good, I've got an arsenal now. I considered the neighbor lady earlier today and my dd was up to that--she wasn't home We currently have the honey + band aid treatment going on. I figured she could sleep with it on overnight and we'd see how it worked. I know honey is a natural antiseptic and very healing so if nothing else, it's going to keep the area clean. If it's not out by tomorrow evening, I'm going in with a flashlight and tweezers.

Thanks for all of your suggestions.
mommycakes's Avatar mommycakes 12:56 AM 04-11-2007
Originally Posted by AutumnMama View Post
I've put a piece of banana peel over the sliver and taped it on overnight, works like a charm!
Does it draw the sliver all the way out or closer to the surface? Either is good, just curious.

I read about "black drawing salve" too (purchased at a drugstore) but am not going to buy it if honey, banana peel or salt water will work just as well. I'm not even sure what it is anyway. Sounds creepy.
kalimay's Avatar kalimay 01:39 AM 04-11-2007
We have plywood floors and are always trying to get slivers out. I can't wait to try some of these ideas.
Well, I guess I can wait, but cool ideas. Thanks.
DebHibb's Avatar DebHibb 12:18 PM 04-13-2007
I know this is a day late or two, but I just had to get several slivers out of DS' toe the other day. Deep, big ones, under the skin. What helps a LOT, is having him take a bath first - i.e. get the skin nice and soft. Then I can pick at them with a pin and tweezers.

The other thing, is to make sure he isn't looking at me while I do it. I had him lie on his tummy, and he kept laughing that I was tickling his toes, when I was really getting the sliver out. When he watches me, he gets more freaked out by it, and notices the pain.
chrfath's Avatar chrfath 12:22 PM 04-13-2007
Our Dr. said just to leave them. Unless they are huge and start to get infected. DS had a couple when he was younger and they just went away.
Carolinamidwife's Avatar Carolinamidwife 07:06 PM 04-13-2007
We also leave them alone and they always work out in a few days. Much less traumatic than trying to remove them, both my kids go insane if you come at them with tweezers. I just make sure they keep the area clean and no bandaid on it.
AbbieB's Avatar AbbieB 10:29 PM 04-13-2007
I like to use the tweezers that come in a pocket knife. They are very small so they hide in your hand and they are really good a grabbing small splinters.

Hope your little one feels better soon.