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How much are you scheduling your child for this summer?

I know she'll be reading daily and she has a few work books to strengthen her spelling. I'm just trying to decide how many camps she needs to be in. She'll be in a 2 week summer camp (think outdoors, songs, horses, swimming etc). She also loves storms and weather so she has 2 one hour long classes signed up for as well. She will be going to a week long zoo camp too. I'm just debating how much more to add to that.

What are you doing to break up the summer for your kids?

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My DS is soccer mad so he has three seperate soccer camps in June, one at CU with the CU team and coaches, one at the Colorado Rapids with the players and coaches and one called the Art of Soccer. He also wants to do a volleyball camp later in the summer. DD will do one out door climbing camp, the volleyball camp and maybe a Spanish immersion camp (not booked yet). Other than that we spend most of our days hanging out at the local reservoir chilling.



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DD3.5 is doing 2 weeks of "camp" at her preschool. 3 1/2 days a week. She's also doing a week of vacation bible school with her brother.

DS7.5 is doing vacation bible school and a couple day camps at our local science center.

They'll both spend some time with their grandparents (at their homes).

We also do the summer reading program at the library and activities with our MOMS Club and playgroups. I also want to do summer journaling and letter writing--each week I'll have them pick someone to write to (and hopefully get mail back).

Other than that, it's pretty much do what you want in the summer. We relax on the "rules" and routines of the school year during them summer. I want them to remember their summers as magical. We'll catch lots of lightning bugs and throw lots of rocks into creeks .
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no schedule here at all - just typical summer - swimming, nature walks, bug catching, gardening, bike riding, outdoor arts & crafts, playdates at the park, trips to the ocean on the weekends...I can't wait! (my kids are 3 & 5)
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summer and schedule are opposites in my vocabulary. My 4 year old will just play and play and play this summer. No plans. She has the rest of her life to have her summers occupied. When weather is good, I see no reason to have plans other than play.
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My oldest (12 in June) will have a week of soccer camp and then just a summer of fun.

My daughter (10) will be going with my sister and her family to CA for a week in August.

My middle son (9) will be going to soccer camp with his brother for a week.

My youngest (5.5) doesn't even know what summer camps are b/c he has never been to one.

I see no reason to schedule anything in the summer. The boys are looking forward to soccer camp this week, but who knows what next week might bring. They have opted not to participate for the last two years, so we will see. We usually just do whatever we feel like doing each day. Lots of unplanned things happen in our house.

Rebecca wife of Megan...moms to six crazy kiddos! Seth (15), Madison (13), Zachary (12), Trevor (12), Alex (10), and Nicholas (9)
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We homeschool, so it's really a non-issue for us, but I don't think kids need that much scheduling. If my kids were in school for 9 months of the year, I would want summer to be free time for them. I think free time is something kids in general don't get enough of, so I would be reluctant to schedule more.
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I want to put them in swimming lessons which will be 9 days.

Other than that we have a wedding(it's here so no travel), my parents usually take them for 1 or 2 weeks and my brother wants to go camping in August.
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My kids are 2.25 and 3.5 and are not in a school program, so they have plenty of unstructured time even though they do participate in several classes.

In June, gymnastics ends.

In the summer we go to the pool almost every day.

My daughter is developing her strokes, and I may or may not have her in public lessons four days a week starting in June. I have to test out the fit --

My son will continue participating in a mixed age springboard diving class during the first part of the class, one day a week.

They just started capoeira, on Saturdays at 3:30.
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One year my dd went to a summer camp at our local YMCA. It was a really nice camp and they kept the kids busy with swimming, parks, field trips, etc. But the following year it was her choice to just go to her old babysitter and relax for the summer. She has not had the desire to go back to the Y either. I think after all the scheduled, structured time, she just wants to relax and not have so much busy time. We do have Vacation Bible School and will do the summer reading program at the library and there are two art class sessions at our local musuem that she may be interested in - but we will see.
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Ds's preschool has a "summer camp" that is 2 hours two days a week for a total of 8 weeks in mid-July through mid- August. I signed him up for some of those days, he loves preschool and I trust them, so it'll be a nice thing for both of us. Besides that, we'll be beachin' it or going to my friend's pool.
I may sign him up for swimming lessons this month to get him ready.
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DS has Vacation Bible School the first week he is out for summer break. It will be for about two hours every evening for a week. Until I go on maternity leave in mid-July, he will be attending my work's daycare most days while I work. He's currently playing tee-ball, but his season ends June 4. We're considering putting him back in Tae Kwon Do for the summer, but if we can find someone to give him private swim lessons, we're going to do that instead. My mom will also be taking him to the library for the summer reading program/storytime once a week.
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My 6yr. old DS will be doing t-ball in June and part of July, its twice a week. After that he's going to do a couple of 'zoo school' sessions (once a week for a few weeks), and at the end of the summer he has swimming lessons every day for 1 week. I'm not ready for him to go away to any type of camp. We'll still have plenty of free time to just play and get together with friends.

My little one (3yr. old) is going to do a couple of the zoo school sessions as well but I go with him, and also a couple of preschool park activities where I go with as well. We might do story time at the library too, but might wait on that until the fall.

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My girls are 7 & 5 and both are taking two weeks of science camp. Each week is 1/2 day (3 hrs). And those are the only scheduled camps. I like summer to be relaxing and relatively unscheduled. My kids like to stay up late, sleep in, read for hours, go to the pool or the lake to swim, go bike riding and hiking. Whatever seems best for that particular day. We also go camping a lot over the summer.
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Nothing at all except for taekwondo which he takes all year long. I don't want him over scheduled and want him to just relax and enjoy the summer. When I told his pre-K teacher she actually started clapping. So many kids on my sons class have no break-they go right from school 5 days a week to camp/tennis/t-ball/swimming etc 5 days a week. They don't get any down time.

Pardon me while I puke.gif

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We have lots of Family Activites this Summer: Disney World, the Aquarium, the New World of Coca Cola, Children's Museum and Stone Mountain as I am taking off work half the summer.

I haven't signed DS up for any type of summer camps/classes. He is with DH (WAHD) during the day and 2-3 days during the week, he and DH are out on "assignments" so if anything, he needs the downtown.
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Dd, who just turned 5 is in a language immersion pre-school that is full-time. 5 days a week, 7 hours a day. When she gets out of school, we call that summer break. We are going to sleep in, take picnics, go swimming, take walks, go for ice cream, practice reading (she started reading by phonics not long ago and is really excited), work on our sewing projects (and my mom, who lives with us is teaching dd to crochet and do needlepoint), and play, play, play. We are both looking forward to spending the whole summer together! No camps for us!
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DD who is 1 will continue doing -- whatever she feels like

DS, who will turn 4 this summer, will go to swim lessons once or twice a week in Jul and Aug (I really want to have him work on this for safety reasons) and really continue through the year until he gets more competent. He may also do one week of soccer camp and/or one week of Vacation Bible School in August, and that will be it.

June will be completely unscheduled-- we are taking a week of family vacation to a mountain/lake area. I plan on taking the kids somewhere fun every weekend and will try to get DH to go here and there with them a couple of times during the week, plus I will work with DS on his reading (he's able to do single word reading pretty well in Russian, our home language) and do simple other math and science related home projects and try to organize some for DH to do since he's not so good at making them up himself. DS will (hopefully) also continue to garden with me and we'll go down to the creek a lot and throw rocks.
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