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battymomma's Avatar battymomma 07:48 PM 03-03-2002
so three Saturdays ago DS started using the toilet and wearing underwear. the first day he wet through everything.
the next day he was his own master.
now he always uses the potty and hasn't had an "accident".
he wipes his bum and i double check. but that is not even where it is red.
it is red on the area where his bum doesn't touch the seat, on the inner cheeks...
he doesn't seem to mind at all, so i guess it doesn't hurt. and i put some moisturizing lotion on it every few days, as it seems dry too.
any ideas? hints??

saige's Avatar saige 08:14 PM 03-03-2002
I wish I could see what you mean! My daughter has a bit of a chapped bum since doing the potty thing too! I think maybe (this is my own little theory),that her bum isnt used to the harshness of toilet paper or something,I do the same moisturizing thing and it seems to have solved the problem for me but it is a bit of a mystery isnt it??
battymomma's Avatar battymomma 08:22 PM 03-03-2002
but it is weird b/c it is not red where the toilet paper touches it... and the air in our house isn't that dry...
Lori's Avatar Lori 07:57 AM 03-06-2002
The same thing happened to my daughter right after she started wearing panties all the time.I think her bottom was used to having that protected layer of a diaper and then when she would sit on the carpet and stuff without the diaper her bottom got irritated.It went away after a few weeks.
battymomma's Avatar battymomma 08:56 PM 03-06-2002
yes, it is starting to look better, not so harsh and hurting. also been putting some lotion on it, maybe just for me since he seems clueless and care-less about it!