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spirit4ever's Avatar spirit4ever 04:57 PM 08-28-2007
Ds was 5 in May and I'm just now making him wipe himself b/c he starts full day kindergarten this week!

hubris's Avatar hubris 06:17 PM 08-28-2007
DS1 seemed like he was ready to do more self-wiping shortly after he turned 4, so I started asking him to do the FIRST wipe and that I would finish. Then I'd ask him to do the first two wipes, and after a week or two we were up to him doing all the wiping and asking me to check, and very quickly we dropped the checks.

He's 4.5 now and only asks for help when it's a really messy poop, which is rare. We use regular paper TP, no wet wipes.

I also taught him to check the paper and keep wiping until the paper is clean. A couple of times this resulted in massive TP use and a clogged toilet, so I taught him to use smaller pieces and also asked him to flush in the middle if he had to use a lot of TP. So far, so good.
Nikki Christina's Avatar Nikki Christina 06:19 PM 08-28-2007
oldest PT'd about 2 months after her 3rd birthday & i wiped her maybe 3 months. but i always made her do it first. so 3 1/2 i quit.
never had problems, or dirty undies

youngest PT'd just a few months ago..right after 2nd b-day. shes not quite 2 1/2 & i dont see myself doing it much longer. i really dont do it much now..she goes all on her own & i dont realise unless i see poop in the toilet (she dosent flush) . she wipes good also..when i do wipe behind her shes always clean.
MtBikeLover's Avatar MtBikeLover 06:48 PM 08-28-2007
My son is 4.5 and has only wiped himself a few times. We do most of the wiping.
FancyPants's Avatar FancyPants 11:59 PM 08-28-2007
ds1- almost 4 by the time he didn't need help of some kind.

ds2 - does this himself since 3 (now 3.5) but really he is only so so at it, so I try to catch him from time to time and also I make sure he is washed properly at bathtime. We are also still working on flushing every time and washing hands well and consistently. With the flushing I think the toilet noise scares him a little bit.
Mariposa's Avatar Mariposa 04:43 AM 08-31-2007
i think abby was about 3 when she started wiping herself. she has always been very independent that way. she potty learned at 21 months completely (i never changed a poopy diaper after 17 months with her. ) and wanted to wipe herself way before i started letting her. no issues, so i kept letting her.
a-sorta-fairytale's Avatar a-sorta-fairytale 07:30 PM 08-31-2007
dd potty trained right before she turned 2. When she was almost 3 i was like "hey, you have been usuing the potty for a year why a i still wiping butt?" So we got flushable wet wipes for her to use. She is pretty good at it. We also use cloth wipes/tp so sometimes she will wet those and use them too. She is a bit lazy and sometimes will ask us to wipe her just because. I havent found skiddies in her undies yet.
peachweenie's Avatar peachweenie 09:23 PM 08-31-2007
I'm so glad this thread is here! My 4-year old son is starting kindergarten next week and he absolutely refuses to wipe himself. When we insist he do it on his own, he just lays on the ground with his dirty butt sticking up. It became a power struggle and we realized he's just going to have to WANT to do it himself. He never pooped once at his 3-hour a day preschool, but his day will be nearly 7 hours now. Thank you everyone for the reassurance and for the flushable wet wipes suggestions!
G's mommy's Avatar G's mommy 01:37 AM 09-01-2007
This makes me feel better... I thought we were running a little behind (no pun intended ), but maybe not! DS goes to preschool, too, and the teachers don't wipe them at school (unless there's a MAJOR issue), so I know he tries at school. But, we often have skid marks and (to quote a previous poster) "spicy butt" if he has gone at school. And he still requests help with wiping when we are at home, but he says he'll do it himself "when I'm five". We'll see.
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