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Dd names everything Sally.
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these are some creative kids! i'm lovin' reading all of these....

on the same note (but a little different), dd1 made up a whole family of imaginary people when she was about 2yrs old. she calls them the Creekbups & still talks about them to this day (she's 4 now so they've been around for a couple years). they are very tiny & their family ranges in size from 5 - 20 people. she carries them around in her pocket or in her curled up hands. she doesn't give them individual names...just calls them the Creekbups. they live in a tiny whole in the ceiling of the girls' bedroom & they sprout wings when they need to go home. she only talks about them once every week or so & a few times i thought she forgot about them....but nope! all of a sudden we'll get in the car & she'll say "wait! the Creekbups want to come!"

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I'm posting before I read.We have lots of "naked baby"and "baby"Also "Raspberry baby"-looks like it's mouth is pursed to blow a raspberry.Baby Maggie was the first one named,after 2 years of love from oldest ds and dd-we watched the Simpsons in those days.The second oldest doll is "The brown baby" self explanitory.None of our combined 12 baby dolls ever wear clothes.Sally is often used as a name of convenience.Oh, and we used to have the "Teeth baby".Now missing.

Dd1's tiny bears are her "lovies"

Ds1's bears are "Rattly bear",an unnamed puppy and an Elephant named Eli,but he got that when we were pregnant with #4 who turned out to be Eli,so elephant is now unnamed.

Dd2 has a rag doll named Sally.

I have my old Raggedy Anne.I added the "e" for family importance.I also had "baby in the cradle".That was her name.

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Fruitcake and Pinky.
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My boys both have dolls, my old Cabbage Patch dolls, that I named Skippy and FayFay when I was little, so they've kept their names.

The only other one is an ancient stuffed panda bear my oldest named Elvis. I have no idea where he even heard that name.
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My dd often comes up with names that sound slightly like words plucked out of recent conversation: the best recently, her babe Crabapplia! (hmm...what kind of tree were we passing!)
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We have...

A purple Build-A-Bear named Daphne
Another teddy bear named Love Bear
A doll named Blonda - but Blonda is also a name that's been assigned to other toys.
A dog named Duppy. When I said, "Oh, it's Duppy the Puppy!" dd said, "No mom, she's Duppy the DOG."

Her imaginary friend is a miniature, invisible, nocturnal zebra named Spot. Spot's sister is exactly the same, only her name is Lily.

Once when she was playing with some bath toys (squirting fish and frogs and such), she introduced them to me as "Sasha, Lana, Dahla, Ana, Misha, Tasha and Bob."
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Baby Brother
hmm....I'll have to ask her about some of the others...their names are variable
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5 yo dd has a doll named Sarah and several other dolls that don't have a name. She has given individual names to her rather large collection of Polly Pockets, some of which include Mary (as in had a little lamb), Alyson (our daycare provider), Dora, Belle, Cinderella, Kaitlyn (her friend), Lucy and I can't remember the rest. She has one boy who is just called "boy Polly Pocket" and gets to randomly be married to any one of the other polly pockets. She has two unidentified stuffed animals from IKEA (one white, one blue, they might be a mouse or something?) that she calls both Cutie, and she has a blue stuffed puppy called Fifa. All other stuffed animals are named for the animal they are. She has a whole family of imaginary friends named Audrey, Timothy, Alex and Shawna. The dad is Bob and I can't remember their mom's name.
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DD has a bunny named Hop, a lamb named Baa, and two baby dolls, Baby Mario and Baby Dear.
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