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orangecanoe's Avatar orangecanoe 10:14 PM 11-30-2007
I napped today--wooo hooo! Still tired though. Ah well. I did get good news though---found out my babysitter is available again--yay!

elsanne's Avatar elsanne 11:02 PM 11-30-2007
wooot that HeathFeath! Woot nap, woot babysitter! Woot rested mamas!
orangecanoe's Avatar orangecanoe 07:09 AM 12-01-2007
No one wants to join us for a 4am party?? :

Speaking of....C has her first little bday party for a school friend this afternoon. Still have to buy the present! :
TurboClaudia's Avatar TurboClaudia 08:54 AM 12-01-2007
i'll join for the 1-3am pacific time party... : or screamfest... whichever you prefer... :
TurboClaudia's Avatar TurboClaudia 09:00 AM 12-01-2007
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