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jenoline's Avatar jenoline 06:43 PM 12-10-2007
Here's my post in Arts & Crafts. If you have any thoughts on something super-simple my 6yo DD could make for her 6month old cousin I'd appreciate it.


mamabeca's Avatar mamabeca 09:30 PM 12-10-2007
If you have some wool felt, you can cut it out and have her sew it (I'd use a tapestry needle) together - shape of your choice - a star, teddy bear, heart, stocking, etc. Stuff it w/whatever you have on hand! Different texture/feel with different stuff.
zeldamomma's Avatar zeldamomma 10:36 PM 12-10-2007
My 5 and 7 year olds made felted balls for their little brother. You can find directions on the Martha Stewart website. It's easy, can be done in maybe a half hour, and the result is a nice, usable baby toy.