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My almost 4 yo seems to be sick (colds, fevers, etc.) all the time. This just started at the end of the summer. It seems like we are lucky to have a week without something "brewing". He is not in daycare or preschool, but we do go to the library and play dates regularly. He eats a healthy diet and takes his vitamins daily...what gives? Is this normal?

Our ND says 7 - 10 colds a year is "normal"...sounds like too much illness to me! ND also says that it isn't the number of times a child is sick that is important, but rather how well they recover. Any thoughts???
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My son was lucky to inherit my sturdy immune system. He will be 4 in less than a month and has probably had 4 or 5 colds in his life and two fevers. Always over it very quickly too.
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My ds started JK this Sept. He has been sick 3 or 4 times with fevers, cold symptoms, stuffy nose. But he seems to have a cold that is lingering. His pediatrician tells me that she spends a good portion of her day seeing this age group sick quite a bit.
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My DD is almost 4 and has had one cold and one tummy bug up until this month. We are pretty sure she is getting over pertussis right now. (going on week 4 with the cough, but the worst is over).

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My ds who is 4 and in preschool probably gets 2-3 colds a year. When he was in daycare, it was more like a cold a month. His little brother, ds2 who is nearly 2, has never been sick (now they're at home with me). It's amazing.
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My 5 year old gets sick (fever, puking) about 2 times a year. She gets a cold about 3 times a year, I'd say.

My 8 year old has the best immune system EVER. He hardly gets sick, even with his little sister breathing her sicky germs all over him. I'd say he gets sick maybe once a year.

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Our 3 year old comes down with something about every 6 weeks. She is in daycare 3x a week, and I know that contributes to it.It is better than last year, however, when it was every 3 weeks!

Ds got sick about every 2-3 months at age 3-4, and gets sick about 2x a year now.

To be fair, dd is very tactile and very oral. She just is into more stuff and so exposed to more germs. Ds is somewhat averse to touch and so I think he just doesn't get as many germs.

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My dd gets sick the week school starts and stays that way till school is out in the summer and of course she give it to me and ds who are sick a lot as well but not hardly as much as dd.

Before starting school 3 yrs ago she was the healthiest kid with asthma I have ever seen in my life. She was a year old before she got her first cold then she wasnt sick again until she was 2y.

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Usually not so often, but it seems a little more than his usual this winter. I'd say he probably gets sick sick, like fever sick maybe twice a year.
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My 4yo is in afternoon preschool 3x week. He seems healthier than most of the kids and has not had a cold or anything worse yet this school year (even when I got one). He does get a runny nose a couple times a year that will last for 1-2 days and about once a year he gets a fever for one night. He used to get sick a lot when he was in daycare until we started seeing a chiropractor. That is when we noticed a HUGE improvement in his overall health and immunity.

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Almost never. A cold or two per year, maybe a round of stomach virus.

I should add that the two older boys also attend preschool and classes at the Y, and the baby goes to the Y as well.

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I've also heard 7-10 as the norm, but it's not in our house. Both kids are hardly ever sick (and we are always out and about, with other kids, etc. and not at all big on handwashing or other methods of avoiding/killing germs). When they do get sick, it's generally a cold and they are stuffy but happy and doing everything normally one day, visibly uncomfortable the next (but still able to go out, play, eat, etc), and back to being normal the following day. Sometimes the cough will linger, but they get that from me.

I'd say maybe 2-3 colds a year here, and they last 2 or so days each. Same for DP and I except that they last longer.

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Since my DD started daycare and then preschool last February she has been sick about 10 times. Even better Mom and Dad seem to catch whatever she has. I have never been sick so often.
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My 10 yo and 7 yo are just recovering from a bad cold. This was the first time in over two years DS has been sick at all. For DD it is the second time this year, she has strep, a couple of months ago, but she hadn't been sick in over a year before that.

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My 4.5 year old is in school now so the frequency of sickness has increased. But, still it's only about 2 colds a year and one stomach thing. She rarely gets a fever or an illness that makes it so that she can't function though.

Me on the other hand, I seem to constantly have colds or the like. I am an expat and there are loads of germs here that are different to what I am used to so I get sick more than I ever did. My daughter was born here and doesn't seems to have any issues with this.
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Way too much. This year alone, 4 year old ds (turned 4 in October) had 4 or 5 bouts of strep/tonsilitis, too many ear infections to count (to give a guess.... probably 5-8), bronchitis once, no stomach viruses (crossing my fingers!), and many, MANY colds.

In the past 4 years there has been more colds than I can count, dozens of ear infections, 2 rounds of croup (at least 2), probably 8-10 rounds of tonsilitis/strep, and numerous "respiratory infections".

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Our homeopathist recommends Sambucol for Kids (there is one for Adults too). It has Elderberry extract, Echinacea and Propolis. It is specifically for congestion and cough and immune support. We take it at the first sign of sniffles and never really get sick. However, I have heard that asthmatics are cautioned against taking echinacea. I don't recall why specifically. I believe it is an allergenic herb for some people. Dh hasn't had any problem taking this and he had severe asthma for 20+ years. (His asthma and respiratory allergies have been basically cured by classical homeopathy though.)

We are all on classical homeopathy now; and ds doesn't even slow down more than for 24 hours, at most. And he is never sick for the 7-10 days like he was before we started homeopathy. He was sick 10 of 14 weeks his first winter! Also, we use large doses of Vit. C. I give ds 1000mg Vit. C twice a day. That is about a third an adult dose and he is about 1/3 my weight. We don't use Tylenol or Motrin which lengthen colds/flus. There was a study that showed anti-pyretics (fever reducers) lengthened the flu from 5.3 days to 8.6 days (in adults).

Basically, there are four times of the year that I focus on avoiding the high intensity germ exposures: just before school starts, right after everyone has gone on their "last vacation for the summer"; just after school starts in the fall; immediately after Thanksgiving; and immediately after the Christmas holidays until about February.

Facts about an URI or cold:
  • Most children will develop at least six to ten colds a year. This number increases for children who attend daycare.
  • Colds may occur less frequently after the age of 6.
  • Adolescents get colds about two to four times a year.

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