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jstar's Avatar jstar 06:41 PM 01-15-2008
i read the article. i feel pretty split on it. i tried to make a big effort to make some 'new mom' friends when i had isaac by doing a playgroup. and it was fun but it is totally over now. no deep, lasting friendships really. and my internet mama friends have become my REAL friends thankfully (claudia, beth and sarah) so i feel like YAY that is a real bonus to make some real connections through the computer with you ladies who i truly enjoy hanging out with. but as i've participated (sort of here and there) in the bigger portland gatherings i totally feel like i'm on the sidelines and it is hard to "fit in" and connect (which she captures pretty well in her article. that kind of feeling).

and then i have friends who don't have kids and now it is hard for me to even maintain those friendships because i can't go out and hang out at the drop of a hat. and that has been bumming me out lately.

anyhoot. the sorta homeless 19 year old had her baby this morning. and i kept telling C to tell her i have a carseat and clothes and blah blah. she called her from the hospital this morning and said i'm having a baby in an hour or so and i need a carseat! so i sent the seat and a big bag of newborn clothes and dr sears baby book and a note that said i have dipes and a swing etc. apparently she was stoked on the bag and had NO CLOTHES yet for baby boy. so i am feeling happy. she needs a bed of some sort if any of you pdx mamas know of one up for grabs. any type of bed...playard, cosleeper, basket. she can obviously cosleep for free though

orangecanoe's Avatar orangecanoe 11:07 PM 01-15-2008
Somehow I missed the day's worth of threads. And damn if the call-in sick hotline is closed for the day. I will however be calling 1800honey and ordering some for my iTeaPod this evening.

The girls' PT was kind enough to take a look at HJ today and gave me some good feedback and will take another peek next month to make sure he's staying on track. That was the good part re: babe --- a little while ago I hung up on the nurse from the GI's office. Yup. More on the blog for you cool kids who read there. or oy. or something .... I'm just : at the "advice" I was given.

C was such a cutie today. Naps coincided nicely and we finally got some one on one time and worked on her OT stuff....lacing cards, cutting, beads, etc. Also taught her how to use the microwave and she thought she was supah cool 'cooking' her own lunch. Vegan nun approved morningstar farms mini corn dogs at that! to vent freely elsewhere....

lisa---yay!!! for a normal CT!!! what a relief!
TurboClaudia's Avatar TurboClaudia 11:36 PM 01-15-2008
yay Lisa for normal CT scan!

heath: commented on the blog. good grief, indeed.

i think some of bill's electronics toys that he has left on the floor here in the office are going to die a slow, toddle induced banging death...

and where the eff is my frickin' car phone charger? my cr4p phone whose buttons are not working well anymore is losing charge in less than a day. i need a new phone. i'm trying to justify if i actually neeeeeeeed an iphone or if i should just get another regular ol' cell phone.

destructo children on the move... gotta go...

elsanne's Avatar elsanne 11:48 PM 01-15-2008
Meg, somehow I missed that about your hubby's promotion, and your hurting friend. *Insert appropriate and heartfelt comments about both here*

TC...hope you find that car charger soon. Get a new phone. Get an iphone if you want one.
Mama Faery's Avatar Mama Faery 12:40 AM 01-16-2008
You know, I JUST noticed the mood thing like, yesterday. I like it.
See, I LIKE smilies! Like this one: : That is SO totally adorable.

Anyway, yeah, Elsanne, I think it is so interesting that you mentioned the lovely Lisa's postings as being so special to you, because whenever YOU post (and this is not to diminish anyone ELSE'S posting, because you're all rad) I am hanging on to every word. For some reason, I want you to like, be my guru or something! Heehee.

So yeah! I just keep posting till someone tells me to shut up! And Meesa, yeah, jump on in! I have had the experiences Els has mentioned, it's hard for me to keep up, and that was why I took a break for a while, among other things.

I don't have a lot to say at the moment; I came on the computer to print out our LLL's sign-in sheet for tomorrow's meeting. Yep, we still go, even though Rowan weaned in May. I think I can still offer some sort of input, and these mamas, even though I only see most of them like once a month, are so entwined in my life now (like a certain MMF group here! ) that I can't imagine NOT going. And they are changing their meeting day/time so we ARE going to have to stop going as of next month. But I am still among the group of women, including leaders, that plans each meeting so I will still go to the meeting-before-the-meeting, so that makes me feel good. And I am still in charge of the sign-in-sheet! So tomorrow is the last meeting for Rowan and I. Kinda sad...

I think I should take a look at that book Megan mentioned...*sigh* I kinda feel at a loss as to how to deal with so much of Rowan's behavior lately. Apparently he was one crazy kiddo at the music class DH takes him to every Tuesday. Throwing the instruments, running around, leaving the room without DH...he had to be taken out of the room a couple of times, I guess. And I know I raise my voice way too much, and I don't want to be that type of mama. :
Part of it, I know, is stir-craziness because we've been in the house a lot lately; I wasn't feeling well this morning so we didn't go out. Yesterday it was super-yucky out and we only went to the house I nanny at in the afternoon.
So anyway, yeah, I need some ideas on how to talk to him in a way that he will listen...and not freak out because I'm telling him something he doesn't want to hear!

Alrighty, I am off, I had a rough evening, I had my yearly physical and um, the gyno part of that seriously messes me up (past trauma, all that) and I am just TIRED. I may head to bed early. Yup.

Have a good night, mamas! I may not be online much tomorrow, what with the LLL and work all day.
Much love to you all though!

elsanne's Avatar elsanne 01:12 AM 01-16-2008
Renee, that makes me feel REALLY GOOD!!! Thanks for the sweetness that is you. And the adulation, thanks for that too *ego beams*.

I have been wifeless for two days now, she's ill, poor dear. And you should SEE THIS HOUSE. Nothing like appreciating the wife when she's not around! Heavens. Oh shit, reminds me that there are towels in the washer from Sol's pukefest two days ago.
I worked all the live long day today and when I got home, truly it was as if a hurricane had taken every toy, shaken it out, and thrown it far from it's place. Any pieces to it scattered like seeds. Almost funny. Almost.

Renae, about Rowan's behavior: it is my policy to not comment on other kids' behavior much because indeed humans are so very different from one another and I cannot say, oh it's because of x, but I will say that when Sol sees a lot of TV she is a little brat. Something about it really does something to her brain and turns her into mutant child. I threaten her with no longer ever seeing tv because look what it does to her, I say, while she's whining and stomping her feet. Just look. We don't have tv here but for example, whenever we go anywhere else.
Jacqueline's Avatar Jacqueline 01:37 AM 01-16-2008
hey all,
i'm not staying too caught up here lately. We're leaving tomorrow morning for Phoenix! So, lots of stuff to do. Big ol' family gathering at my brother's. It should be fun and I'll have computer access at our hotel, so I also hope to get a little caught up with y'all.

Just wanted to say Hi to my great MM!

Renae-I haven't read all the posts today, but I also read Brain, Child and was wondering what y'all would think of that exact article, so I'm glad you posted it. Great magazine.

okay, gotta fix samwiches for the long drive!!!! Wish me luck.
nuggetsmom's Avatar nuggetsmom 01:58 AM 01-16-2008
I love Brain Child. I have read it since N was born.
mcsarahb's Avatar mcsarahb 03:15 AM 01-16-2008
Oh, Lisa, what amazingly wonderful news! I am so happy for you all! So what is the next step? Do they have any other ideas, or is it all just a moot point now? I am so happy for you guys, though, that that stressor is over.

jstar - hmmm, sorry, I don't have a bed of any type. Where did she deliver? I know Providence has a gr-r-r-r-eat social work department and often people I saw in clinic got huge bags full of baby gear (mostly high-quality, second-hand, donated stuff) and diapers, etc. Good luck with packing!

Hello, Jaqueline and nugget!

Brain, Child was started by a friend of my step-MIL. She got me a subscription my first year of mamahood but it lapsed. It is generally pretty good; I agree.

DH and I finally watched Knocked Up last night. I felt like I had to see it since it spoofs the kind of work I will be doing...holy crap, mostly hilarious, but some crazy-bizarre parts. The gyno scenes were pretty funneh, though, especially from my student perspective.

Must go to sleep - not enough of that in the past 4 days, and gotta get up and get Lily's hair cut. Wheee.

jstar's Avatar jstar 05:05 AM 01-16-2008
breather time from the whirlwind of packing. phew

i thought knocked up was pretty funny : and that girl delivered at adventist. i guess she'll be going to stay with her boyfriend's mom who is apparently a totally normal woman. so that is nice. i swear i shouldn't be so worried about this whole thing but it kind of boggles my mind. not in a good way

man it is COLD outside tonight :

i don't know anything about iphones. as in i wouldn't know if i was looking at one or not. but if everyone is raving about them they must be cool i need a new phone too. my charger is only half-working

i got waaay too little sleep last night and i should head to bed. but doug put a movie on which is kind of sucking me in. last night ebin had a party until midnight and then isaac woke up at 5:30 and wanted in my bed. then at 6:30 he wanted me to go in his bed with him. then he came back in my bed. then the alarm went off. you get the (sleepless) picture.
DucetteMama21842's Avatar DucetteMama21842 05:23 AM 01-16-2008
Here comes an all about me post.

Finished my history essay. Finished two chem exams. Finished anthro work. It was so hard this week playing catch up after all the boys were sick and I had to play doctor to everyone even in their usual sleeping hours (re: my study hours). But I'm just about done. ONe chem paper tomorrow and I'm caught up. Crazy crazy crazy. Next quarter I'm thinking I'm switchin to 3/4 time. That way I know FOR SURE I can handle my grades and kids. Two classes is easy... three is a constant struggle to maintain my gpa. At least with three kids it is. :

My in laws came to visit tonight.. it was the first time my FIL has seen Jasmine. He bought her a bouncy seat (which she loves- and for the 5 minutes of freedom to scarf some food down, I in turn love). Then he spoiled her with clothes and a special swaddling blanket. THANK YOU FIL! That girl will not sleep at night unless swaddled. And can I admit I cannot swaddle to save my life? TJ has to do it everytime. BTW...

TJ leaves for 3 days tomorrow on a business trip. I don't know what I'm going to do. I feel like I will lose it while he's gone. I'm embaressed to admit how intimidated I am to deal with three kids by myself when other people do it all the time. :

Sipping some yummy organic blueberry sparkling cider in a cheap flute and pretending I'm in the carribean with my toes in the sand and no homework.. no worries.. no stress...


Okay... back to reality.
elsanne's Avatar elsanne 10:42 AM 01-16-2008
Danile, your post makes me absolutely dizzy. I am amazed you are able to even tread water. You amaze me. I would be scared poopless about being home alone with 3, I remember the sensation with home alone with Amara (#2) as newborn...three, and needing to also do classwork...heavens to mercutroid. You do it with grace, lady. Coolness about the swaddling blankie, I swaddled Amara when she was first born for quite a while. So cute to have this packet-of-babe.

It's my 6 am morning post! I am loving this "give can't-sleep girl to daddy and get up and have my own time" . This is in lieu of meditating, which I should do, but would prefer to gawk at the computer screen instead.

Jstar, I feel like I missed something, packing for what? I just scrolled back through your most recent posts and I see you are leaving today. Where are you going? And yeah, one time I had traffic school and I was amazed at how much I learned in, and enjoyed, the obligatory class. The part that stayed with me most was how to set your rearview mirrors. Sorry to hear that Ebin's nighttimes are kind of sucking, as you may recall from Isaac's babyhood, phases come and go pretty quickly, so thistooshallpass...

I really like the idea of Brain, Child and need to check it out more thoroughly.

Jacquie have fun in Phoenix! It is so nice and warm there this time of year compared to where you live. Let us know how the drive goes, I'm sending you good energy for it.

I'm taking bellydance classes from a Tribal Elder woman, and REALLY enjoying being a student. She is a 66 y.o. woman who danced with Bal Anat in the 70s in the Bay Area (for us tribal gals, that is cause to bow and scrape--Bal Anat gave birth to the style of bellydance that is Tribal). She has long, grey hair that is thinning, many many wrinkles, can be crotchety, is an excellent musician and sublime dancer. She is a crone. I love her! She's visiting here in San Miguel for a couple months.

The owner of the house I manage is here in town. We had agreed that my salary ended as of Dec 07 and happily, when I put in my request for Last Paycheck (ack) he said we would talk when he got down here, and to continue working for him for the moment. I go to see the wizard, then, later today.
meesa143's Avatar meesa143 12:04 PM 01-16-2008
Claudia~get an iphone!

Danile~I would be nervous too. Even if he doesn't help out much, just knowing that dh is around helps me feel better. I'm sure you'll do great though.

Elsanne~I'm so jealous! I took bellydancing lessons for about a year before the kids came along. I miss it. Saige found one of my hip scarves the other day and I showed her how to put it on and shimmy.
Miss Juice's Avatar Miss Juice 12:50 PM 01-16-2008
and here's an "I'm totally overwhelmed because I haven't posted in too many pages" post

Lisa, OH THANK HEAVENS!! I can only imagine your relief. I am so, so glad for you and your family. It sounds like A did really well with it all, too.

Danile, it's a big thing but don't sweat it (ha, easy to say from my side of the screen, rigt?) Remember that the only things you *have* to do are feed the kids and keep them mostly clothed (depending on how warm your house is). Absolutely everything else can wait if need be. It's overwhelming and intimidating, but I think you'll be surprised how you just rise to it - and if things get crazy just come right on over here and fetch yourself a hug and some understanding : I've also been surprised, when faced with three kids and solo bedtime (or bathtime or dinnertime), how well they respond when I explain that things are a little different today and "mama needs extra help". If it's at all possible, make sure you have everything you need (food etc) on hand before he leaves, so you leaving with all three kids is totally optional.

Elsanne, that is how my house looks every. single. day. With a lot of effort, we manage to keep the common areas pretty safe to walk through And here's to you and your morning goddesshood!! My goal right now is to be up at 6am on weekdays so I can meditate for 20 minutes or so before the morning melee - so far I'm batting about 50% on the 6am thing, and zero on the meditation but 100 on the quiet coffee internet time. Hopefully one the wakeup routine is established (which would be easier if Ethan wasn't nursing all night long) I'll get the meditation thing happening. Baby steps, man. Baby steps.

Big for Heath and continued : :vibes: to HJ! And I can never get the sick hotline to work, I usually just call my MIL and ask, "Excuse me, is this the complaint department?" And she humors me and I maintain my remaining shred of sanity.

Renae, remember that you are an *awesome* mama :

And SOMEONE needs to get an iphone so I can hear in person how cool it is.
mamameg's Avatar mamameg 01:14 PM 01-16-2008
Warning: Pre Coffee Post. Anything could happen.

LISA! Soooooooo glad to hear the results were normal. So does that mean any and all issues are ruled out? Is there a next step or did this alleviate concern altogether.

Els.... heavens to mercutroid...

And Danile, I love how you just come in here and casually mention all this school work, caring for sick kids, just had a baby, FIL visiting, the list goes on.... and you seem cool as a cucumber. And don't feel bad about feeling any kind of way about being on your own with three kids. No matter how used to it some of us are (), it's never easy.

Meesa, good job on the jumping in the thread! But you gotta throw us some bones about yourself, girl. What are YOU doing today?

TC, the iphones are slick, but overpriced, IMO. And John goes on and on about how their security sux and they are easily hackable. Buuuuuuuut..... he's a little paranoid about that kind of thing, and I'm always like, "WHO would want to hack into YOUR phone?" : But I guess people don't need much reason these days, so I suppose it's a valid point. Something to consider. Not sure it outweighs the cool factor, tho.

Jess, where are you going? I missed that, too. So sweet of you to pass all that stuff on to New Homeless Mom. It is so hard to comprehend how people can live like that. Some people are a product of really bad circumstances, but when I lived in San Francisco, I used to meet young homeless people (I lived right on Haight St for a while and always lived in that district for the 10 yrs I was there) all the time who were more like drifters than anything else. Too much rebel rebel in them to commit to anything or even try to settle down. Glad to hear your quasi-friend is at least somewhere warm and under the care of someone normalish.

John is going to Seattle for the day today, but he'll be home late tonight. My mom is going to come over later and help me with the kids. A friend invited me to go see Juno with her tonight, but I feel a little bad about asking my mom to do that. I mean, there is a bit of a difference between coming over to help me with my kids and coming over to stay with my kids and do it all yourself while I go out.

Coffee's on!
mamameg's Avatar mamameg 01:17 PM 01-16-2008
Originally Posted by Miss Juice View Post
and zero on the meditation but 100 on the quiet coffee internet time.
Didn't you get the memo Juice? As of Jan 2008, quiet coffee at the computer qualifies as mediation. So you're all good.
mamameg's Avatar mamameg 01:19 PM 01-16-2008
How could I forget Heather???? DUDE! I read your post oy late last night and I was freaking seething on your behalf. Inexcusable and ridiculous. I'm so, so sorry you are not getting better advice. But what to do? Anyone else you can seek out for help? Argh!
orangecanoe's Avatar orangecanoe 01:46 PM 01-16-2008
The kids were up at the a$$ crack of dawn, so they got an early lunch and are napping now before PT. Shh...don't tell them it's not even 11.

Thanks for the support on the : issues. I will not let his rollercoaster eating drive me batty. Going to try to touch base w/ another LC I know.

Meditation? How does one begin other than the obvious of just yk like sitting quietly.

/end allaboume
TurboClaudia's Avatar TurboClaudia 02:08 PM 01-16-2008
Originally Posted by mamameg View Post
TC, the iphones are slick, but overpriced, IMO. And John goes on and on about how their security sux and they are easily hackable. Buuuuuuuut..... he's a little paranoid about that kind of thing, and I'm always like, "WHO would want to hack into YOUR phone?" : But I guess people don't need much reason these days, so I suppose it's a valid point. Something to consider. Not sure it outweighs the cool factor, tho.
that's funny that you say that (security sux and easily hackable) because bill is usually like that about stuff, too. must be the prettiness factor and the potential ease of use for the non-technical person (me) and the ever fascinating apple user interface (UI, in geek speak). so, john going to seattle? hmmm... wonder if he and bill should play the name game...??? do you know...??? i will delete this later, but bill works on software security and content protection stuff and has for the past decade or so. holy crap, he's like getting old, too. a decade of such specific geek work.

ok, squeaking toddler must mean done with breakfast but dad's not paying attention to me...



eta: jstar is headed to cali with the littles to visit fam.
mamameg's Avatar mamameg 02:14 PM 01-16-2008
I totally thought that about John and Bill when you mentioned he had worked in Seattle on Rhapsody stuff. Is Bill on Facebook?
TurboClaudia's Avatar TurboClaudia 02:31 PM 01-16-2008
i was coming to edit my post to say they should play the do you know ___ at Real? game, not just seattle in general, since it's huge, and well, umm... we don't live there.

and bill corrected me: he worked on a project with Real, not actually on Rhapsody, but he worked with a bunch of software developers up there, and some marketing guys, too, i think...

and i don't think he's on facebook, but i will confirm.

back to my coffee... back to your coffee...

TurboClaudia's Avatar TurboClaudia 02:35 PM 01-16-2008
he's not on facebook but he is on linked in ("exclusively a professional network"). that would be bill's lovable arrogance coming through.
meesa143's Avatar meesa143 03:21 PM 01-16-2008
What am I doing today? Right now I'm in one of the dr's offices pak(pumping at the keyboard). I'm a vet tech, and my boss has decided that he doesn't need to hire someone right away and that I'll be ok by myself on wed mornings. I am using this as an excuse to sit down for a minute. I have picked up my kid's cold and I'm wondering if I have bronchitis. I should have called in, but can't. I'm hoping the kids will nap at the same time when I get home so I can rest. Sorry about the rant...gotta go
DucetteMama21842's Avatar DucetteMama21842 03:56 PM 01-16-2008
Hope Jacquie's trip is going fantabulous!

TC- You crack me up the way you talk about Bill and his personality. It makes me imagine you guys as a hilarious team to hang out with...

Meesa- I don't want to hear you apologize for ranting... dontcha know that's half my posts? Until you pass that up... no apologies.. LOL. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Hope the day goes quick for you and you get some rest. And did I tell you I really LOVE the name Kade? Good choice mama.

Thanks to all you fine ladies for your support. *Crossing my fingers that my sanity remains intact*
A&L+1's Avatar A&L+1 04:40 PM 01-16-2008
iPhone. I don't have one, but really love the one that my coworker and SIL has. Beautiful interface, easy to use, lovely internet and email and calendar. I don't see a downside quite frankly beyond the price and service provider. I have CREDO mobile and don't want to switch. I probably will sometime soonish though since my BIL works for iTunes and gets a discount.

The CT scan is the end of it with regards to Annabel and hydrocephalus. The only symptom she has is big head/little body. As far as we can tell this is just her growth pattern and there is no reason to think that there are other issues. I like her ped even though she is more conservative/allopathic than I would expect to like, if that makes sense. If we have more scares that prove to be nothing though I might want to look for someone less trigger happy, y’know? It is hard to know what to do because it is good to have someone with vigilance and I only feel like the CT scan was unnecessary in hindsight.

Aw, shucks, Elsanne. I feel like I rarely post anything other than grammatically incorrect half formed thoughts. If you like that, you should hear some of the stuff I say to each of you in my mind that never make it to the keyboard. I would be at 5000 posts if I could post with just my mental efforts.

I get up at 5:30a to start the day so the idea of getting up early to meditate is kind of scary. The girls are up at 6:00, we eat breakfast, and then they are at daycare by 7:00 so I can start work at 7:30. Once I am here I try to resist the coffee but by 8 I am downing a cup or two most days.

Alas, I should work. At my job. Which is not MDC.

to all
mcsarahb's Avatar mcsarahb 05:19 PM 01-16-2008
Thanks for filling us in, Lisa. There is a fine balance between trigger-happy and vigilant, I agree. I walk the line all the time as a student, and often get it wrong in hindsight. But that's life.

Heather - I read your story oy and I thinking of you. It's hard when you want answers and specific help and the provider does not GET IT. Arrgh. While I am one of those people that does NOT think it absolutely necessary for a midwife to have had children herself, I sure am glad I have because it helps me empathize and really CARE about people when they call with questions about things that I've experienced myself - either about me or my kid. My infant not eating = SCARY! Would I tell someone to just wait for 2 days and see what happens? No. Not sure what I would do, but I'm not a pediatric provider.

Lily hair cut, check. Dishwasher loaded, check. DH working on crock-pot dinner, check. Now off to my real "job" today: gotta write up and send the scheduling midwife the student call schedule, learn and write up 10 Spanish phrases for a class assignment, input all my clinic visits from clinic on Monday into the portfolio program, write a 1-page summary on dysuria, write a few paragraphs on the risks of induction for an ongoing research project, then clean the house. All before 3, when the nanny leaves. A glimpse into the life of Sarah!

fiddlefern's Avatar fiddlefern 05:56 PM 01-16-2008
way behind on mmf during my luxurious L.A. vacation (, but trying to catch up. pausing mid read to say, I too worry a bit about dh's ability to deal with fevers too. And, wouldn't you know it, L has a fever. I took the only working thermometer with me. Dh truly understands the importance of the hydration (he is just as good as me at getting L to take his 16 oz minimum per day), and dh is truly worried about ending up in the ER on IV fluids like we did before the tube. However, he doesn't have quite as many tricks up his sleeve when L is sick, and he just sucks at checking kiddos frequently for temp and responding with blankets off/ clothes off, etc. (he called worried about the fever, but had put L to bed with a comforter. )

I called this am and fever seems down. Dh did a good job making and serving jello, and is heading out to the store to get popsickles and a thermometer. Must. trust. dh.

Also, meg awesome and very mature response to step-mom sitch.

HF, milk flows better when one is relaxed, but how can one relax when kid isn't eating well? I have been down this road too, and it sucks.

DucetteMama21842's Avatar DucetteMama21842 08:03 PM 01-16-2008
Originally Posted by mcsarahb View Post
write a few paragraphs on the risks of induction for an ongoing research project, then clean the house. All before 3, when the nanny leaves. A glimpse into the life of Sarah!

I know it's kinda late... but have you checked out the CIMS report on induction and all it's very techniques and the risks associated with them? VERY interesting.. and could help. If you haven't checked it out already. Coalition to Improve Maternity Services. CIMS. Let me know!
KKmama's Avatar KKmama 08:55 PM 01-16-2008
YEA! on the scan results. (Whew!)

Heath, I just want you to know I'm sending warm fuzzies *your* way, getting your eatin' butt in gear vibes toward HJ, and a big ol' crusty to any health care providers who are clueless. UG.

Jess, major for you on coming through for the new mama.

Jacquie, that drive would be fun, except for the doing it with kids part. : Which route are you going? We went to Chaco Canyon around this time of year with my dad and step-mother when T was 2 (over Wolf Creek Pass, IIRC). It was beautiful...

Danile, I totally bow down to you for your studentness. Having 3 kids (incl. a newborn) is a BIG thing. Being a student is a BIG thing. Doing both? BIG BIG. Sorry you're going to have to deal with TJ being gone. All I can say is: 3 kids = cut yourself some slack.

Jello and popsicles are *GREAT* for fevers ("liquid in a form picky kids will accept"). Big for Husb of Fern.

Renae, I have to say, I've really enjoyed your return.

Hola to everyone else... I won't mention everyone today. :

I think I've mentioned that we're in another purge cycle at home. We're about 3/4 of the way through the toys. Ug. What a PITA. But, oh, how *good* it feels.... The :in me really hates all the virgin plastic that comes our way (thank you, grandparents). I feel better when I can pass it on (donate or whatever), I feel awful when the kids break things, lose parts, whatever and we have a big piece of plastic TRASH. But I *do* feel better when it's gone, trash or otherwise. I'm especially happy about culling a bunch of battery-op stuff for donation. The upside to grandparents being so (overly) generous is that by this point, we have a good (ie too big) collection of toys and we can get rid of a bunch with absolutely no pain. (okay, I'll stop, I'm feeling a little nutty talking about this)
elsanne's Avatar elsanne 09:52 PM 01-16-2008
Originally Posted by KKmama View Post
(okay, I'll stop, I'm feeling a little nutty talking about this)

: too funny!

I have done a drive from Prescott, Arizona, where I used to live, to Denver, Colorado, that was really beautiful. Everywhere around there is GORGEOUS. Moab, Grand Canyon, Canyon De Chelly....oh the memories of pre-chillern, when life was easy and road trips fun....
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